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Upgrade: Report your bugs

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If you're getting bugs and problems with the recent upgrade, report your bugs here.

This way we can see what's already been noted.



  • Sending personal messages seem slow.
  • Missing image files across the forum, displayed as squares.
  • Mobile version was showing asian symbols when loading pages and for certain buttons like notifications
  • Blog notifications not showing up, but might just be my settings have changed.
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I guess the only one I still see is the squares, which you mentioned a fix for here: 


Sal did mention in the announcement there are background processes running, so maybe this will fix itself thing 24-48 hours as those processes end?


Edit: Just found another issue. Usually you can type emoticons be name (i.e. ":"aware":") but if you type that now (without the quotation marks of course) it comes up as :aware: 


Of course you can find it in the emoticon tab like usual, under its normal name, but you can't shorthand it yourself anymore. Maybe that already falls into something you said about BBCode though!


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7 hours ago, Fatalysm said:


  • Mobile version was showing asian symbols when loading pages and for certain buttons like notification.

Well it's not Asian anymore if that's any help. Just a bunch of place holder symbols everywhere. I've also noticed that the Sal's Realm Runescape news bot  ( our most active user) has stopped posting updates.


The quotations over at the mobile version is insane BTW. That's a screen shot of the "Last Person to post here" thread. I mean, it's s fine for several replies but it really piles up after a while.


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