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King Mic

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22 hours ago, Sobend said:

Micael Fatia back in the clan scene?!!?

I am. For now at least, unless I get terribly bored or something happens irl draining all my time and motivation to play. :tongue:

18 hours ago, Shooter585 said:

Micael Fatia are you in di right now?  Because if you said that and recorded it that would be a better recruitment vid for me.

Yes I am. I've been accepted as an applicant recently. Looking to have some fun, but got involved in beef already. Geez. Seems some moronic DK leader wants to crash me because I may have... 'slightly' embarrassed him in a dumb argument he started. And now he's in full obsession state. :laugh:

And Damage Inc just got into a crash war versus RoT. Or rather, RoT declared a dumb crash war over stupid reasons. :facepalm:

All in all, a great first week.

If you meet the requirements it'd be neat to have you! Though there's so much crashing shizzle in the clan world nowadays that I'm not sure you'd find it enjoyable. :slanty:

12 hours ago, Kesthetic said:

Damn, I actually didn't realise how many people play old school, I thought it would be similar to RS3. All those clips honestly look really fun.

Yeah, and we all consider the clan world is pretty much dead now. Imagine this times 100 and you'd get an idea of what clanning was like some years ago.

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