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Bank Tabs & More!


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I've created a fake image of a bank to help illustrate my suggestion. There are a few parts to my suggestion.

1. More bank tabs, fairly obvious. I don't like the limitation on bank tabs. Even if you have to pay to get more, I would seriously appreciate extra tabs to categorise items more.

2. Labelling and renaming tabs. Being able to quickly and easily label tabs into categories would be a nice touch.

3. Being able to have specific tabs, for instance a junk tab. More often than not I have to spend extra time organising. If I could mark items as junk that would be fairly handy. I kind of want this to work with looting as well, so when you pick up items that you eventually bank, you can mark them as spam before they even go in.

4. I think you could expand on the junk folder and have preset folders for food, questing etc. But I understand that you could just have extra tabs and define them yourself, which is the most important thing.




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I also wish you could store an item in more than one tab. For example, I like to have a tab full of all my melee gear, and I like to have a tab for rares/quest items/etc. Items like Lucky Saradomin Godsword, Kyzaj, etc, I would like to have in both tabs. Quest items that have practical use in the game, but are also necessary for future quests I'd like to have show up in both tabs as well. 

I definitely agree more tabs is a good idea

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I completely agree, I want to be able to create a tab for questing where it doesn't need my entire inventory. I've been doing that alot following guides for big quests. I'll buy everything I could possibly need all in one go and store it in one tab. (Which is becoming extremely difficult with the lack of tabs to keep everything else organised). Here is a demonstration of what it might look like with two stacks in a bank.


Gives you the ability to merge multiple stacks if you've created them.

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