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CoolMenuce - Come Check Out My f2p Pure

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Check Out the photo for my stats.


I started off training magic to 25

Then range to 20

Then I got 40 range

Then I did vampire slayer and waterfall quest

trained more and got 40 attack 40 strength

Then I got 60 strength.


I don't know if I should raise strength to 70 or 80 and leave range at 44 or raise it to 50 then pk.

Or just keep strength at 60 and train range to 60.


Any Ideas?


I'm going for f2p. But I use members to train


OSBuddy Guest - Guest [CoolMenuce] 11_27_2017 12_45_46 PM.png

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I'm late to the party, but I'll answer anyway. 

Both have their pros and cons; it's a matter of personal preference. 

Strength pure: 

  • You don't have to train ranged
  • Needs high str to be effective (I recommend 75+, but higher is better)
  • Might want 13 or 31 prayer after 80 str
  • Easier to pk with
  • Only good against other pures (or no arm fights)
  • Slightly lower hp, which lowers your combat level


  • You have to train both ranged and strength
  • Is good at lower levels
  • 1 prayer is recommended
  • Faster battles with more complex moves (more fun, but takes some training)
  • Can kill people with defence
  • Slightly higher hp, which can raise your combat level

I prefer range+2h, becaus it gives me a chance against mains. I also enjoy the technical fights more than just exchanging melee hits. 

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