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If you're interested in some advice, make sure you don't eat up to full when you're in a fight. It seems counter productive to not want to heal yourself, but if you keep eating you're losing opportunities to hit the other person. You also want to make sure you get a good combination of ranged hits before you whip out your 2H. Make sure you watch a video on YouTube about timing shortbow to 2H switches. The first time you pulled it out in the second fight it was right after the tick reset, so you had to wait the entire 4.2 seconds for it to hit, which is almost double the speed your shortbow hits at. Then you hit a 17 and ate at half health instead of hitting the enemy once more - possibly another high hit like that would have killed him! If you're at half health you don't need to eat (and again, that's nerve-wracking at first!)

When switching from ranged to melee time it so instead of shooting another arrow, you click on your sword, and that's your "instant" 2H switch! Once you hit one time with your 2H, put it away! It's too easy to heal in the 4.2 seconds between 2H hits you'll never get a kill only relying on its big hits. Basically, range until 3/4 health, switch to 2H, immediately switch back to ranged. If you keep them on the defensive you eat less, and you get a lot more kills. 

Nice first video! There's only room for improvement! You got this!

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