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Looking for help on how to best spend money to get more



Hi all,


Context of OSRS. I received 35m in cash from a friend and am wondering how to best use it to make sure I always have money in the future.

Here are my stats:



Middling stats, I don't want to spend 35m on a 99 and not be able to use that 99 to get it all back. I did spend about 3m on a whip and dragon armor and have lent out a godsword so I have 28m left to spend on something. Any ideas what skill I can spend it on to ensure easier moneymaking in the future?

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When he has an honest answer, please answer him or, if you have no clue, make the effort to give him a good answer, or do not post at all. :wink: 


NK17, the traditional answer tends to be this: If you could invest 28 million gold on a skill, that makes you rich for the rest of your RuneScape career, everyone would do it and make said skill/method less profitable. As an example: The more high level RuneCrafters, the more supply, the lowered prices on Runes.

There are some moneymaking methods that tend to be eternal: Covering the always-extreme supply for certain goods, such as raw material gathering, to killing monsters of various strengths for rare drops, and then finally playing the market by investing large sums of money to earn larger sums of money.

Of these, gathering raw materials is the cheapest but will require constant work. It is profitable, but you are basically slaving away so other people reap the benefits. 

Killing things is dangerous and has a factor of loss involved, but it is generally a hell of a lot more profitable than gathering raw materials. It might, however, require personal skill, more knowledge, high combat stats and a group in certain cases.


Playing the economy market requires knowledge, patience and a starting quota of gold. Basically buy things for cheap, then buy for a higher price. The concept is simple, and while you need to keep track of the market often, it is probably the method that requires the least amount of "work", but it does require you to be patient, make the right choices and not panic.

If I were you, I'd take those 28 million and either invest in the economy if you know how, or simply to seriously work on your core combat stats and focus on killing things for loot. The downside there is... the highest reward drops usually requires stats way above yours, so you would have to seriously work on combat for a while. 

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If you can merch it long Yuan said then go for it. But I would hold onto that money until maybe your stats get a little higher, then think about what you'll need for bossing (like a blowpipe or something). Top gear for that will most likely just decrease in price.

Do slayer for now IMO.

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