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Burgh de rott Rebuild


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Please note, the initial idea is not mine, it comes from Starwarsfrk9 on the official runescape forums, here's the quick find code 185-186-460-65998179.



I was thinking that Burgh de rott could use some aid work to get it to be a decent town. As a possible post quest activity/miniquest, the player could assist with rebuilding to help bring support to the people of this town after the reign of terror from the vampires subsided due to the truce between the humans and vampires that the player brought in the River of Blood quest. 

As far as who would give out such a task to the player, I was thinking that either Veliaf Hurtz, leader of Myreque or King Roald of Varrock would be the person to task you with this. I could definitely see Veliaf requesting the player to assist these people since his group has been fighting to better the lives of people within Morytania, which can now bear fruit after this truce. On the other hand, King Roald could try to broker appeal/favor in the eyes of commoners to strengthen his image by requesting to have the player provide aid in his name. Between the two, I personally favor making Veliaf the one to request aid from the player.

I've always wanted to give more aid to these downtrodden people and hope to be able to do something to improve their way of life.

As for some of the content of this rebuild, I was of course thinking of construction and possibly some crafting and smithing as the player builds using their knowledge of said skills. 

Outside of that, I was considering having the player help teach some knowledge/skills to the people to allow them to take on new jobs within the town. Those citizens would ask for you to teach them practical skills they could use to better the town and/or use to make profit for themselves. Such as someone wishing to learn about smithing, which could have a smithy (anvil and furnace) built for them in one of the destroyed houses. 

Someone could wish to learn about combat to start up a town's guard to protect the citizens from possible threats, such as shades from the neighboring town, and to provide a new sense of open safety to the citizens now that the threat of vampires has seemingly halted. 

And maybe someone who has an ambition to become a great fisherman so that they can set up shop down by the pier to the south and fish sharks from the nearby fishing spots.

Lastly, as just a fun little thing, how about having an election for the town to decide on a mayor, since to my knowledge there isn't such a leader outside of previously relying on the Myreque to aid/lead them. This isn't really something too pertinent to the rework per say, but I thought it would be a interesting/good thing to do for the town's sake. This election could be a set up thing where the player just has to go around and collect each npc set in stone vote, or it could allow for the player to have some sway in the matter with some citizens and allow for a slight choice between maybe 2 or 3 potential candidates of the town.


Here is my response, interested on your opinions on the actual idea and of course, if you think another myreque questline would be good?

So here's my idea for how this could happen, i've created a quest.

Deception of The Myreque

You investigate the town of Burgh De Rott to find the trapdoor covered in congealed blood. The town is running as normal, the villagers you helped with repairs comment on your good deed but think that the red paint is a tad excessive. In horror your character responds that you haven't painted anything.

You investigate each building that you patched and note that each building is has an arrow of blood. Figuring out that that the blood arrows triangulate your position you end up inside one of the houses, abandoned and pick up a note that's been nailed to the wall. It reads "{Username), it is with great misfortune I write this note. Vanescula has to be stopped, we have little time. - Veliaf"

You go back to the trapdoor in Burgh De Rott and examine it. It's just blood, why won't it shift. Perhaps you need something in particular. Grabbing the sunspear from your adventures killing Lord Drakan, you pierce the blood and what as it bubbles away into the floor, leaving the trapdoor free to use.

You travel down the trapdoor and see a very unusual sight. The bones of Lord Drakan soaked in blood over the top of a satanic ring, sitting on the table is a book which you pick up and read. It's called "Evermore: Journey beyond". The book references being able to banish and bring back creatures through blood magic.

It all clicks into place for you now. Veliaf needs Drakan back to defeat Vanescula. Perhaps he left a note in the chest nearby? You investigate the chest and notice that it's locked. Using your sunspear, you pierce the lock, here the latch open and watch as the sunspear disintegrates in front of your eyes. You remark that what you just did was "a terrible idea".


If you want me to carry on, let me know, I have the whole quest idea in my head. Be warned, things are not as they first appear!

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