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Less of a game and more of a social experiment! As anybody who has frequented this forum for a few years should know, this forum’s activity is nowhere near the volume of activity it had back in the day. My discussion for the limited modern day Sal’s user: What might Sal’s Realm be talking about these days in the midst of all the social/political advances and, on a less serious note, general discord within the web, brought upon inevitably by all the time togetherness and false community? In other words, if this forum had as many weekly visitors and topic posts as it did in 2009ish, what would the slammers be discussing today, in either a major or lesser manner? Personally I think Runescape memes (ultimately nullifying game fakes and funny screenshots) and liberal banter would occupy most of Sal’s forums. Remember folks, if you don’t speculate on nonexistent, potential modern day excessive activity and you’re a Sal’s vet, you’re simply proving my point! :beret:


...Unless you are a vet and you simply read this to indulge your boredom, in which case I could have probably said that you’re simply proving *our* point :unsure:

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I wasn't really active around 2009 but in 2005-07 it was a lot of twelve-year-olds, so that would probably affect things. So people talking about middle school I guess. People complaining about not being able to play RS mobile because they don't have smart phones? I'm bad at this game.

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I'm 18 years old with 18 years of experience

so my profound well educated estimation would be that sal's would be whining about the need to add a battle royal mode to runescape (possibly with horses)

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