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Problems with the forums

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I've experienced multiple issues with the forums. At first it had been impossible for me for MONTHS to post a recruitment topic in clan central. After clicking the 'post' button it would send me to a website that told me I had no permission to do that. Now I managed to post the topic, but I had to triple post to get all the information added. I didn't do this intentionally and I hope a mod can merge the topic without striking me for the triple post. I tried to contact/Pm a moderator but then it gave me the same error message. I've also seen error messages today saying I had been IP banned on the entire Salmoneus website, but apparently that bug is fixed now. Just wanted to let you all know and hopefully you can fix it.


The topic can be found here:

I cannot find a Bump button either under "follow'

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Yeah there are major issues with the forums right now but most of us are unable to fix it. Even I as a moderator get a "you have no permission to do this" message all of the time.

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