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A Scientific Look Into [ Click here to read more.. ]

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The study of user activity here at Salmoneus' Realm of Runescape (henceforth referred to as The Realm in this study.) has been a major point of focus for the previous decade - at the time of this writing, since 2009 forwards. Many theories and solutions have been presented but there has been no solid scientific studies performed to precisely explain why and how the decline of The Realm occurred. This paper will strive to identify and blame a single user.


Figure 0.1: Sal's Realm of Runescape Official Google Analytics Data

The Rest of The Post
I believe my scientific study speaks entirely for itself, but I would accept any thoughts and criticisms towards my analysis. I spent quite some time collecting data points (1: Guitarguy joining, and 2: Guitarguy using a pony avatar.) and fitting it to the trends of activity here at the realm. 

I am not putting this forward with any suggestions or thoughts, merely a completely objective point of view. I would appreciate any solutions or actions to be taken following this study. 

Hugs and Kisses,

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This is a very interesting study. I agree we should wait for reproducibility of the study, but this confirms the suspicions I have been having.

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A More Scientific Look into A Scientific Look Into... [ Click here to read more.. ]


The predominant view within the scientific community holds that the decline in the Sal's Realm of RuneScape forum's activity from 2009 to the present is attributable to Guitarguy's adoption of a pony avatar.[1] However, this view has recently fallen under scrutiny as experts in the field question the scientific rigor behind the study on which it was based.[2] Our investigation uncovered an alternative explanation for the phenomenon of Sal's Realm's decline in activity.


We conducted a statistical analysis using Google Trends data and examined major events in Sal's Realm history to determine what might have contributed to the forum's decline in activity. We took a screenshot of the Google page and edited it in Photoshop, but Photoshop was too hard so we used MS Paint.


See Figure 1 (Figure 1).


Figure 1: Figure 1.


It appears that Zooey's entrance into the forums precipitated the forum's decline.

Some may question the internal validity of attributing the forum's decline in activity to a single member's entrance. However, these people are wrong.


Our research suggests that, contrary to popular belief, the decline in activity on the Sal's Realm of RuneScape forums is attributable entirely to the entrance and subsequent undesired existence of the member Zooey.


  1. Zooey et al. A Scientific Look Into [ Click here to read more.. ]: Sal's Realm of RuneScape Forums. https://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/topic/368443-a-scientific-look-into-click-here-to-read-more/ Accessed November 2019.
  2. Guitarguy et al. November 3rd, 2019 Status Update: Sal's Realm of RuneScape Forums. https://runescape.salmoneus.net/forums/profile/59235-guitarguy/?status=6480&type=status Accessed November 2019.

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I both majored and minored in statistics before attaining my masters in biostatistics and econometrics. Within the past three months I defended my thesis as a doctoral candidate in the field of theoretical bioinformatics (and while doing so I minored, again, in elementary statistics). 

It is with this esteemed mind that I have looked over the two studies shared above. Both of these observational studies demonstrate a rigorous compliance to the scientific method. They also adhere to the scientific principle by producing quality data analysis with high degrees of validity, and a null hypothesis that is firmly not rejected. 

In short, I'm amazed that The Realm has produced two researchers with such esteem as yourselves. However, I'm now at a quandary. Before me lie two sets of impeccable data, but they contradict each other. It really opens up the possibility that a third variable, unbeknownst to any of these researchers,  is somehow producing an error in the data.

I'll be following closely. 

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A Much More Scientific Look into A More Scientific Look into A Scientific Look Into... [ Click here to read more.. ]


A number of highly impressive social scientists were consulted with the focus on two studies conducted in the fall of 2019[1]. The goal of these scientists was set into motion after both studies were scrutinized over many nights. This study will delve to the true answer of the real question:


"Why did Guitarguy kill The Realm?"

The second study in question sidestepped the original issue entirely[2] and failed in numerous aspects of the scientific method, as well as utilizing a common method: intentional ignorance[3]. As our first study proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Guitarguy did in fact kill the realm, we focus on the why in this white paper.

Key words: Adoption probability, Guitarguy, Salmoneus, The Realm, Sal's TMZ, Yelo did nothing wrong, Adoption probability

1. Introduction and Getting Up To Speed

Following the original study[1], we can see with empirical data that Fiddleman's presence was in fact the sole contributor and cause of the downfall of The Realm. The bias found in the second study, conducted by the perpetrator in question himself. It is a foundation of modern society that unfair biases are never allowed, ever. Therefore, the study conducted by Fiddleman himself has been thrown out. At this point, we can conduct the real meaningful studies.

2. Key Factors Underlying Adoption Decision: Theoretical Foundations and Operationalization

We review relevant social network theories that point to several key factors underlying a social entity’s adoption decision, and then propose ways to operationalize these factors with social network data.

3. Why Did he Do It?

Analysing why exactly Guitarman ruthlessly slaughtered The Realm took many hours of intensive research and inner questioning by the scientists conducting the study. This methodology was forced to stay in the realm of science, as often the question of 'why' leads to the introduction of both morality and judgment of character. We ensured this did not happen, because Guitarman is a smooth criminal. This gave our team enough information to confirm that his motivations lay behind the TV show My Little Pony[3]. There are a number of episodes that specifically give instructions to kill institutions of friendly conversation and happiness. We conclude that Guitarman's association with ponies[5] in fact precipitated and motivated his merciless slaughter of The Realm.


[1] https://runescape .salmoneus.net/forums/topic/368443-a-scientific-look-into-click-here-to-read-more/?tab=comments#comment-4168758


[2] Begging the Question

[3] Ad Hominem

[4] See [5]

[5] See [4]

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A scientific research based on the combination of multiple past research projects on, the subject of Sal's realm


if we combine all that data from the multiple scientific studies held on the subject of the decline of Sal's Realm we can easily conclude that Sal's realm started to decline when it's user base became old enough to actually know how to actually run a scientific study

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