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Welcome to the new sal's realm


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I've taken to calling it "Realm of Runescape".

As you will know, a couple of years ago I made this, to evoke more of a feeling of the classic website, which for nostalgia reasons and the popularity of the site, everyone loved.

It never got finished, and as I sat there watching The Matrix for the 478th time three years into the future, I decided I wanted to revisit that design and have some fun. Perhaps along the way, I could make something compatible with Wordpress, I did briefly consider my Runescape site but at the same time, trying to find the people to help and create something from scratch would be a logistical nightmare. I'm very intrigued about SEO and social media and getting pages ranked highly. Perhaps at some stage, it's something I'll look at addressing.

So here is the continuation of that work in progress.

As you can see it's got a whole new logo, that's taken inspiration from the classic Runescape logo as well as "Sal's Realm of" in the top banner of the old website. The menu navigation is a direct inspiration from the current and previous RuneScape website itself using a stone motif and using a horizontal block to span the width of the page. The breadcrumbs feature the home teleport icon because it's quaint and fun. The colours of the new design are taken almost entirely from the old design which mostly centres on blue, grey and hints of golds yellows.

I'm quite interested in finishing this one. It would be nice to complete a websites design for once, and also I feel like the community deserves the refresh even if the website never updates again, which is most likely the outcome.


Design work





Making it real

So to make it super exciting, I've paid for domains and just started seeing if i could make it happen with WordPress, Divi and wpforo. 

http://www.realmofrunescape.com/ Here is what it looks like if you can't be arsed to click or it's not displaying properly for you.


Old web version


another old version




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looks good, reminds me kind of what tip.it used to be like

depressing that the wikipedia and subreddit removes any traffic; I'd be shocked if there's over a hundred real visitors a month. positing ideas, there could be content like Sal's old screenshots and notes from people who donated - i.e. content not reproducible or relevant anywhere else that gave the site personality.

a dynamic background would be kinda cool, imagining something like this ((((((never finished it i suck)))))

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Cheers everyone, i've been working on a secret project.



Just to show it next to the original


I think if i decide to pursue that kind of page, i want to make it the same width as the main website, so i'll have to adjust the website background from Old School Runescape.


EDIT: (edited it to match the size of the main website 1080px)




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So as you can see, I was editing phpbb3 to make the forum style cohesive with the rest of the website. However, I ran into a lot of problems editing the base prosilver theme. Don't know why I thought that was a good idea. As you can see it looks pretty good though.



However, problems occurred, so like I was supposed to, I started editing a child theme. and it's been pretty smooth sailing so far. Here is my progress on the forums. Notice the runescape blue esque forum buttons? If you want to see it live it's on realmofrunescape.com/community ... Otherwise it's here. I've spent more time styling the actual forum and I'm trying to work smarter and create something that would be easier to update.




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16 hours ago, Sobend said:

How long would this take to implement?

I honestly don't have a solid answer for you.

I think if we had 3-4 people porting content from here to there and I carried on finessing the look and feel you're probably looking at a month or two.

If we were editing this website to match that style, depending on the CMS and coding, maybe a little bit longer.

Realistically speaking, the design and interface element of WordPress and Divi together is really simple. So it's just a monotonous task of bringing guides and things over.

One aspect of the website I really like is that I have a PhpBB/WordPress bridge. So when you create an account, it's the same account you use across the whole site. No faffing about with crazy logins for different areas of the website. The frontend is the same as the backend.

Edit: Also, depends on the forum aspect of thing to. Importing data isn't too hard, but this community is far more feature rich than phpbb. So to fully transfer, it would be better to have a fully registered and paid for license of invision community with the blogs etc.

To give you another idea of design/development time. Making the old-school page took me roughly 3-4 hours maximum.



Second edit:

If you visit the site, ive ported the all fired up guide over quickly to see how it might look.


Third edit:





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Sobend, please don't get mad at me, I'm bumping my own topic :biggrin:.

I've been messing around with embeddings video into guides as well as updating the look of the old-school page and some interesting developments in the way of wordpress / phpbb integration.






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  • 4 months later...

Just a quick little bump to let everyone know that I cancelled the domain and hosting because this topic didn't go anywhere.

I feel like maybe this is me coming to terms with the fact that forums and fan-sites have died out to the wiki.

If anyone ever wants to start up a gaming website with me, I'm interested to see how far we could take it, but I don't know that runescape is ever going to be game that dominates it. Such a shame really.

Probably the last time I ever do a re-design for sal's realm just because it's become a little old-hat at this point.

Love y'all.

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These designs are really nice, and you did a great job modernizing the iconic Sal's Realm look.  I wish there was a will to implement your designs.  I'm also not sure if our Runescape community wants to contribute the substantive knowledge necessary to have a useful fansite.

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