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Unsure if anyone remembers me - browsing briefly I recognized a few names from a long time ago, although activity seems (understandably) low. 

A random Youtube video brought me down a RuneScape rabbit-hole, and reminiscing about all the good times and friends from this forum. I think I spent more time here in the late 2000's than just about anywhere, and look back at very fondly. 

If anyone from the old days happens to read this, I hope all is well and thanks for your friendship in a time I really needed it.


Edit: Dragon Sal Z to this day remains the only anime I have ever watched.

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Hey, it's venom. Good to see you dude, been quite a long time. I think you were the only reason I visited #populus as often as I did.

was talking about fini's leaks the other day, fun memories

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