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99 Archaeology!!!!!1

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Today I got 99 in the latest skill, Archaeology!!
I would never have gotten this skill past level 60 or so without the coronavirus.  So ty!!!!
Here's a picture of me getting level 2 Archaeology from WAAAYYY back on March 30.  Try not to get too nostalgic.
And here's the video, in case you thought I got Guitarguy to fake the pictures for me. 


(it's unlisted because that's the only way I can prevent it from going viral.)

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Oh my goodness! :laugh::laugh: Look! :holiday: Sobend got 99 Archaeology, the best :flower: of all :fish: the new skills! :biggrin::thumbs: What do you know, :whistle: Chaoss didn't know :wacko::eater: this skill existed :facepalm: until now! :bleh: C'mon Chaoss, :ninja::rich: you're on the most active :camel:, most descriptive :biggrin::laugh: and frequently-visited :blush::toothbrush:update forum for Runescape :tv: - you should know this stuff by now! :starwars:I bet you didn't know :lolsmack::biggrin2:  they came out with :happy::box::happy: Sailing too! Sobend has 99 :cool::cool2: in that too! :bigpresent: The next skill is about raising ponies. :cry::cry: Sobend said he won't get 99 :jester: in that. :yay::laughroll: That would be weird. :slanty: I can't believe :beret::ohmy: it though! Sobend got another 99! :pirate::eyebrows::flower: He's growing up :fixed: so fast, next thing you know he'll have a max cap- :lies::drive: wait, he has one?? :blink::facepalm::ohmy:

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CONGRATS! ps im back

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