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Mission Statement

Tempest caters towards those that are mature and non-toxic. Those who are interested in a simple & streamlined clan structure; a clan that prioritizes having fun without the mundane in-game commitment that clans have historically required. We aim to make all our events fun -- memorable activities that can be attended during leisure time. While we pride ourselves on executing strong in-game performances, we also provide excellent training to integrate people into Tempest, even if your past clanning experience is minimal. Tempest strives to create a strong and welcoming community that can be engaged at all hours of the day, both in and out of the game on teamspeak, discord, and the most active forums in Runescape. We strongly advocate that an active and healthy community is the backbone to long-term success and overall enjoyment of the game.




Our primary focus in-game is both F2P Wilderness / CWA / PVP as well as P2P trips to supplement our PvP activity. We host a variety of PVM & skilling competitions against other communities and internally. Additionally, we have a large group always willing to boss or help guide your account progress with innovative methods. Our community is OldSchool Runescape based. Even so, many of our members play a variety of games making Tempest a source of well-rounded entertainment.




@Leader - True 2k8

Officer - Venenatis | David

~Wise Ass - The End | Gochance1 | Brian/Ghjjf | Slaughter17/Vanuckle

Captain - Tika191

Privileged - Wee Man | Ashley



Find Us

Forums - https://tempest-rs.net/

Discord - https://discord.com/invite/23qY2XH

Twitter - https://twitter.com/TempestOSRS/

Homeworld: 420




Applicant Requirements:

115+ Combat
94 Range OR Mage
Desert Treasure (Annakarl & Ghorrock Teleports)
Required Gear
One Referral from Staff

Member Requirements:

120+ Combat
96 Range OR Mage



Tempest Futures

Tempest Futures is a sub-branch assigned directly under the main clan Tempest. Our aim is to provide a welcoming environment for newcomers who may have less experience in the war scene, or for those who don't yet meet our main clan's combat requirements. Tempest Futures has a "hands-on" approach. If you do not meet the higher stat requirements of Tempest, you are a low-leveled vet returning to the game after a long hiatus, or you are wholly new to the scene in general, Tempest Futures is the place to start.

Futures Requirements:

105+ Combat
85 Range OR Mage
Required Gear






Made up of a lot of Old Sal's Clanners.

Come check it out guys.

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