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Opinions on Forums vs. Social Media

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Forums have taken a big hit in the past ten+ years, and most of the reason why is because of the rise of "social media"--Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Have you acclimated yourself to these new platforms, and do you still prefer forums?

I know I might be preaching to the choir, but social media does not compare with forums.  Forums are easy to use and seem to bring like-minded people together. 

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I generally avoid social media, I have an old Facebook account I log into a couple times a month and I have some familiarity with Reddit.  Personally I think it is easier to have complex discussions and be a part of a community on forums, though social media is superior for reading headlines and obtaining small bits of knowledge.  The atmosphere on those is pretty toxic as well, though that might be more a result of the times than the format.  I might just be an old-timer though.  I have heard people say that other forms of social media are superior to forums in every way.

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