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Tempest vs Revenant | CWA 3-0

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Tempest -vs- Revenant


With high opts CWA in vogue, we've been really eager to prove our quality against top opponents in the arena. After a tight win against AF a week and a half ago, we were fully expecting Rev to come with their full might in a knockout fight. 


We lucked out and the turnout was almost identical from both sides, and once the challenge was made, we entered the portal focused on putting forward our best performance yet.


Round 1

The start was hotly contested with the lead flipping back and forth a few times. We ended up having some great tanks in the middle of the round, while David picked off some piles that were standing right beside us, allowing us to build a slender gap. With a small lead of only two or three, it remained a closely contested battle until the numbers lowered, and we pulled away with Rev leaving CC.


Round 2

This round worked a little more in our favour, with insane tanks from the likes of epa, Honour Clan, Wonder Woman -- including a full map drag from dickballs when it was still close -- we were able to able to chisel away a numbers advantage early on and build the gap for a strong ending number finish.



This round started with our buttchecks clenched, as Rev opened up a 4-5 kill advantage early doors. We thought all hope may be lost, but insane calling from David picking off rangers and mages that were standing one or two tiles out of the clump resulted in a lot of 1-ticks mid round. We ended up having two people tank too far north so would like to apologize for that. Regardless, we opened up a gap and managed to win quite comfortably in the end.



Thank you to Rev who are the most stern challenge we get to face. Despite what the numbers look like in the screenies, the rounds were extremely competitive. Hope to have more fights like this because they make both sides better.



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