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Banned for Gold farming


Hi all,

Began re-playing runescape a few days ago after a number of years of not logging on. I spent a while getting used to all the changes and new places. I spent most of the Double XP weekend doing various skilling picking up where I left off. I repurchased membership as I wanted to start re-training my combat stats train against member monsters. I tried to log in a couple of days ago and I got a message that I have been permanently banned for gold farming. I have no idea where this has come from as I spend my entire time since rejoining training. The only thing I can think of is I purchased two runescape bonds which I sold on the GE. I used this money to buy robes for training magic. I assume this is not gold farming because why would they allow them be traded otherwise? I have no way of appealing this ban either as every option on their website seems to bring you to a dead end. This is really frustrating as I purchased my veteran cape and I was excited to recommence playing a game filled with memories from my childhood. Has anyone any suggestions or a way this can be reviewed?

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RuneScape --> Account Bans

If you are blocked from checking your Account Status, there is precious little you can do other than privately contacting JaGEx and ask them about specifics. Either way, no one here can help you at that point.

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Something that you might be able to discern is whether or not it's an account ban or an IP address ban. Also since you mentioned you've been inactive, are you the only one with access to the account or could your account be compromised? If you contact Jagex and could verify that you are the account holder and you offer them information such as your broadband provider current and previous and your IP address they might be able to look into your account.

The easiest answer would be to start a fresh account. Whilst it's frustrating to have lost your progress, the fun and enjoyment comes from the game and not the cape. I recently started an old school account under the name Fatalysm and I have 7 stats at level 60, a couple that are getting close to that as well. My plan is to level everything to 60 and then start questing which is something I really enjoy from the game.

I also have an RS3 account called Fatalysm with greater stats and a significant amount of the quests already completed. But RS3 doesn't hold the same charm and in my opinion it's been butchered by microtransactions and cosmetics. If you do end up playing again, feel free to add me, I'm usually skilling but I'm not bad at flipping and stuff either. I'm in no way an expert on RuneScape anymore but I'll always lend a hand.

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