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Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder Boxing Blunder

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I don't know how many of you are boxing fans but recent events have left me perturbed to put it lightly. For those who don't know the situation, it starts with the undefeated Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury was coming back from a kind of retirement. He had previously defeated Vladimir Klitschko on November 27th 2015 to become the heavyweight champion gaining the WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO and Ring Magazine belts and lineal championship.

Since that fight he got into numerous amounts of trouble, ballooning in weight, taking drugs and partying. Something he would later attribute to mental health and depression.

In the time that followed Anthony Joshua climbed the ranks of the professional game. Securing himself the titles which had been vacated and obtained by other fighters. To this day, Anthony Joshua holds the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO belts, although he did briefly lose them to Andy Ruiz Jr.

The last part of the puzzle for Anthony Joshua is the WBC belt. Now, it should be said that boxing isn't all about belts and there's a discussion to be made that having so many belts is just preposterous but that's a different conversation altogether.

Speaking about the WBC belt, that belt was held by Deontay Wilder. Wilder is regarded by many as one of the most powerful puncher's in boxing history. Wilder held the WBC belt from 2015 until 2020, losing in a rematch to Tyson Fury.

At this moment in time, Anthony Joshua is yet to fight either Wilder or Fury. The latter two have had a fight in 2018 which ended officially as a draw, although popular opinion is that Tyson won the fight. The rematch saw Tyson brutalize Wilder to a TKO finish in the 7th round when Wilder's corner threw the towel in.

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury signed for a trilogy of fights. The popular opinion at the time was that Deontay wouldn't sign the rematch clause because of the beating he took in the second fight, however, Wilder did sign the rematch clause.

Then disaster struck. COVID-19 put everything on hold as we know. By October 2020, Wilder's rematch clause expired. Tyson Fury's promoters decided it was time to move on and arrange another fight. Wilder's team decided to pursue legal action.

In the meantime, Anthony Joshua defended his titles against Kubrat Pulev and anticipation was building for a possible bout between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. With both men holding the belts this would mean unification, something that hasn't been done since 1999 by Lennox Lewis when he fought Evander Holyfield.

After 5 months of back and forth between the two parties, the fight for Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua was signed, they were in a contractual agreement to fight. The fight that fans wanted to see looked unstoppable.

Yet Wilder's legal pursuit of arbitration was still in the background and as of the 17th of May, he won the arbitration. The arbiter ordered that the third fight must happen by September 15th 2021. This decision comes two months after Fury and Joshua signed for their bout in August.

In a record time (in my opinion), it took only until the 24th of May to sign the trilogy fight. That's only one week since the arbitration was resolved, compare that to the 5 months it took for Fury and Joshua to sign.

Anthony Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn made remarks that I'm going to loosely quote here. Going on to say that he doesn't think Fury's team ever wanted the Joshua fight. How does a fight get signed so quickly? Also being promised that the arbitration wasn't going to succeed.

Now Anthony Joshua is likely to fight mandatory challenger Oleksandr Usyk.

So that's where we are now.


Does Deontay Wilder deserve his trilogy fight, it was in the original contract?

Should Bob Arum and Eddie Hearn not have signed pursued a new fight?

We can assume Wilder's fight with Fury will not make anywhere near the same amount as he would fighting Joshua, should Tyson have vacated his belt/paid Wilder off?

It's come to light that the trilogy fight could have been called off in December, but it wasn't. Was there foul play by Fury's side to sabotage the Joshua fight?

I don't know all the answers but I know that boxing is nothing without the fans. In my opinion, this damages the credibility of Tyson Fury. This is unfortunate because by all accounts he is the booking favourite.

I believe it was very smart on Wilder's part to wait it out and get the fight. I don't like his tactics and I don't particularly want to see a third fight, but I can't argue that he didn't deserve the fight. For me, if he comes out and shows a different fight and potentially wins, I will be very happy but if he gets flattened by Fury again I will be annoyed that the pair of them have wasted our time.

Right now, I want to see Anthony Joshua fighting either man. The only person we haven't seen beat is Fury, so the build-up was obvious. We have the best versus the best. Then we have this fight with Wilder vs Joshua which never happened because of Wilder.

Here's what I want to see happen in the next fights.

Fury wins against Wilder

Joshua wins against Usyk

Joshua and Fury re-sign contracts.

Then we get some fighting between Ruiz, Wilder, Usyk and Dillian Whyte. Somewhere further down that list Joe Joyce.

What do y'all think?

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Gotta make it easier to read... :aware:

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