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Word Unscrambler Game...Figuring Out The Statements

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Posted (edited)

Hey everyone! So I am very new to the Java language, and I am trying to figure out how to design and implement a word unscrambler game that reads a word from a text file, scrambles it, and allows the user to switch the character indexes as they please...Here is my code.

01 import java.util.*
02 import java.io.*
04 public class Unscrambler
05 {
06     //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
07     // This program reads a random word from a file created separately called words.txt that
08     // has been provided. The program then scrambles the word by swapping random letters a
09     // random number of times. The scrambled word is displayed with character indexes on top.
10     // The user selects 1 to swap a pair of letters, 2 to print the word unscrambled and quit,
11     // and 3 to simply quit. When the word is scrambled correctly, the computer congratulates
12     // the user, repeats the unscrambled word, and the number of steps it took to solve. An
13     // error message appears if invalid indexes are input by the user.
14     //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
16     public static void main (String[] args) throws IOException
17     {
18         //Setting Up Variables and Scanners wordsia to read from User and words.txt
19         String words;
20         Scanner fileScan, wordsScan, optionScan;
21         int option;
22         boolean done = false;
23         Random generator = new Random();
25         fileScan = new Scanner (new File("words.txt"));
26         words = filescan.nextLine(generator.nextInt(22);
27         optionScan = new Scanner (System.in);
29         while (!done)
30         {
31             //Menu
32             System.out.prinln ("Welcome Computational Unscrambling!");
33             //read from User
34             option = optionScan.nextInt(3) + 1;
36             if (option == 1)
37             {
38                 //Allow user to switch letters between index;
39                 //If User unscrambles word, done == true;
40             }
41             else
42             {
43                 if (option == 2)
44                 {
45                     //Print the unscrambled word and quit
46                 }
47             }
48             else
49             {
50                 if (option == 3)
51                 {
52                     //Just quit the program
53                 }
54             }
55         }
56     }
57 }  

Basically, I think I have the structure set up....but I don't know how to scramble the actual words...I know I should use the random generator to switch the characters but I don't really have any clues as to what else to do. I included the comments to enhance readability. If anyone could offer some suggestions that would be appreciated.Thanks, everyone!

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