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Juice brand for better health

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None! Even the pulpiest orange juice is nearly 0% fiber, which is the main component of actual oranges that makes them healthy. Orange juice being a "healthy" drink is pure marketing.

Here's a nice video on the topic:


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I feel like the only way to get the best fruit juice is to juice it yourself. The problem is, fruit already contains a huge amount of natural sugar. Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C, which can be beneficial. Most orange juices in the UK are marketed as 100% pure orange juice, which is true, but I like to think about... To keep fruit fresh, a lot of fruit will be frozen, stored, thawed and sold (so that we get fruit all year round).

Everything can be beneficial in moderation. I'm a little biased on natural sugars because I found out that my body processes sugars into fats extremely well. So sugar sensitivity leans me away from taking in a lot of sugar, even though it's natural. Stay away from preservatives and added sugars, and outside of orange juice, don't go looking at the smoothies, my god, the smoothies.

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