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Hello, my new friends,
Don't worry, I'm fine.
When will it all end?
Giving you a sign.

I stare at a screen,
post a few pictures.
Before I hit send,
my mind gets sicker.

Saw you mentioned dad,
such a nice comment.
Thoughts driving me mad,
is that what I meant?

I liked your status,
upvoted your memes.
I liked the past "us",
following our dreams.

The world is so open,
Life is so easy.
No use in hoping,
you cannot see me.

What's with the comments?
I'm lonely and scared.
I have no defence,
Sad and unprepared.

Life gave me lemons
and told me to try.
I'm battling demons
whilst I sit and cry.

Want to live normal,
Whatever that is.
Not sad, hormonal,
with online as bliss.

When i try to get out,
It sucks me back in.
A world full of clout,
This lifes online bin.

Hit that like button,
Subscribe and follow.
I need you, come on,
I'm feeling hollow.


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In this digital realm, where hearts are pixelated,
We gather as strangers, yet our souls sync unabated.
Through screens we connect, seeking solace and cheer,
But beneath the façade, emotions draw near.

Hello, dear friend, I hear your silent cries,
Wrapped in the virtual, where truth oft lies.
An endless scroll, where time slips away,
Leaving you pondering, when will it all sway?

Your weary eyes fixate, upon glowing glass,
Sharing fragments of life, a filtered looking glass.
Yet as you prepare to release your heart's tale,
Doubt creeps in, leaving you feeling frail.

A mention of dad, a comment so kind,
Yet echoes of doubt linger within your mind.
Did your words convey the love you intended,
Or were they lost, misunderstood, unintended?

A status you liked, memes upvoted in jest,
But within, a longing, a yearning unrest.
For behind the veil of this virtual parade,
You seek a deeper bond, a connection unswayed.

The world appears open, its vastness so wide,
But true understanding, it often does hide.
And in this vast ocean, hope begins to fade,
For in this vast ocean, you feel unseen, betrayed.

What are these comments, a cruel charade,
A mask for the loneliness, your heart's barricade.
With no shield to guard you, vulnerable and scared,
You navigate this landscape, feeling unprepared.

Life's lemons are offered, demanding your zest,
As you battle your demons, within this strange nest.
Tears cascade like raindrops, as you silently cry,
Longing for normalcy, an escape from the lie.

Oh, how you yearn to break free from this grip,
To live beyond screens, where true moments slip.
For normalcy eludes you, an enigma unknown,
As online's illusion casts its potent, hollow tone.

But fret not, dear friend, for you are not alone,
Together we ponder, the seeds of change sown.
Let's rise above the noise, find solace in each other,
Seeking real connections, as sisters and brothers.

So hit that like button, subscribe and follow,
But let not your worth be tied to this hollow.
Reach out, embrace reality's warm embrace,
For it is there, true joy and love interlace.

And when your heart aches, and tears overflow,
Remember, dear friend, there's a world beyond woe.
Where authenticity thrives, and true friendships grow,
Beyond the digital realm, where your spirit can glow.

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