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Fansite Questions

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In your opinion, what could a fansite do to take you away from a wiki?

Which fansites/wiki's/reddit/socials are you currently using or used to use in regards to RuneScape?

If you could go to your perfect Runescape site, what would it have on there, how would you use it?

Is there anything you don't get from the RS wiki, anything you wish that they had?

Are you more likely to use discord over a forum, do you currently use Discord?

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Genuinely, there is precious little a fansite could do.

I want to discuss topics and have input? Well, I find Reddit to be superior, because it removes the blight of egocentrism, as everyone is anonymous and unrecognisable. If I want to see a guide on how to do things, I would much rather watch something through Youtube or a VOD so I can actually see how to execute game mechanics, timing, layout and such. If I want facts, numbers and information, well that is what a wiki is for. If I want a community to chat with, I would much rather have a discord server or something similar.

A fansite combines most of these into one, but there are a few major detriments to it:


  1. It is extremely high maintenance to stay competitive.
  2. It is an old and outdated form of information transfer. People do not take the time to read written guides anymore.
  3. It is slower than using discord/reddit, and often less informative than both, plus the wiki.
  4. Running a fansite for an immature population is a major pain at multiple levels.
  5. Fansites are usually an extremely poor source of information at higher levels of gameplay. For every skilled player, there's a "Hurr durr, dis mah advuce, I r 1337" wannabe, dilluting the discussion.


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It's a great question. I see where it's leading, but I agree with Yuan, I think the era of forums has long since passed and there is no going back. That might sound defeatist until we look at why forums were replaced in the first place. 

One of the big reasons reddit is so popular is because it entirely changes how to carry a conversation with other members. You don't have to sift through heaps of comments to follow a thread. In a forum, if someone brings up an interesting point, others will quote that comment and continue the conversation down the thread chain. In a smaller community this isn't an issue, but if you're starting a side conversation in a main topic you're going to have other people commenting as well which is going to break up established quote chains. It gets hard to follow. 

On reddit, you don't have any issue with this. Spam/low quality/off topic posts simply don't gain visibility. If someone is trolling your conversation thread it just gets hidden a couple minutes later by a slew of downvotes. This way, you can carry on a conversation with multiple people in a singular thread and not have to search 5-6 pages to see everyone's responses. 

Forums are also not optimized for speed. If you wanted to browse other players' achievements in the olden days you'd go to Forums>The Screenshot Place>Achievements and only then would you be able to browse posts on this topic (which adds additional clicks to open the post and open the images if they're not embedded). It's nice and organized, but it's not quick. And you can argue it's too specialized. People like variety, so if they get tired of seeing posts about hitting 99s and want to hear about the latest RS update, now they have to start again at the main forum menu and find where that post might be hidden. Reddit fixes all of that, and the posts you see are arguably more interesting to you, because they've been upvoted by others who vetted them and found them interesting first. When clicking a topic in a forum you don't know what you're going to get, so sometimes you sift through dozens of low-effort posts before you find a topic you'd like to participate in. 

So, for content, reddit is vastly superior to any community forum. 

And for discussion, I agree with Yuan above. Discord is just quicker. People like things quick. Instant messaging on Discord will always beat slow posts on a forum. There's a reason people prefer messenger, WhatsApp, etc over standard SMS texts. Texts are no longer as quick as the other options, so they're becoming obsolete in today's youth. (Which sounds ridiculous to say, since I always thought texts were incredibly fast, but that's the way of the world). 

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