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Sal's Discord and other chats

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If you're looking for a place to connect with new players or reconnect with older community members, stop by the Sal's Realm Discord at THIS LINK. We have many old and new members of the community on this Discord, and not all are here on the forum. On the discord, we not only coordinate in-game events, we also stream them through the platform. If you are keen on showing off your singing voice, we have three voice chats ("Falador Park" "Varrock Square" and "Ardougne Tavern").

If you're looking for active in-game chats on RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape, visit the following--

RuneScape 3 -- the "Sals Realm" clan chat

The official RuneScape 3 Sal's Realm clan chat.

How to Join

  1. Click the community icon on the interface: image.png.ddc48c86cd456c6f23eb948f21f03b6d.png
  2. Click the clan chat list icon: image.png.63d0343ac15837d23aeb9b60fb372e9b.png
  3. You should now see a list. On the bottom right, click the green dot (in between the orange and red dots).
  4. Click the speech bubble with a plus sign then type in "Sals Realm."
  5. You should now find yourself in the clan chat! From here, you can stay as a guest or ask for an invitation. If you are a guest, you will need to place three forward slashes ("///") to send your message to the chat. If you are a member of the clan, you only need two.

Old School RuneScape -- the "Sals Realm" chat

There's also an Old School clan chat. Special thanks to Heb0 for providing these instructions:

You can join by navigating to the chats tab, then searching under the clans subtab for "Sals Realm". This will let you join the chat as a guest. You can join the clan one of two ways:

1. Ask a current member to turn "Invite Applications" on in the clan. If nobody is online, you can PM me or a deputy owner on discord. This is a world-specific action, so you will have to hop to their world or they to yours. You can then request to join via the clan settings menu, and they can then approve your application

2. Meet a current member on their world. They can use their clan banner on you to invite you to the clan. You must have "Accept Aid" on for this to work.

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