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Sals is alive on OSRS and discord! (RS3 clan is there as well)

We recently just passed 225 members in our OSRS clan with 10-20 online during peak hours.

Feel free to reach out if you're interested in joining or joining the discord!! 

You're free to stop by if you just want to see some old faces as well! We got a a lot of lurkers!

Sal's Realm Discord Invite link.






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34 minutes ago, Adam? said:

I have the winter graphics setting on because it is whimsical

So we’re ice fishing? You could have told me so I at least had the opportunity to dress appropriate. Look at what you’re wearing

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Forums are back, thanks Sal!!!

Sals OSRS has just passed 250 clan chat member as well as the 300 mark on Wise Old Man tracker for people that identify with Sal's OSRS clan. (Includes people that guest in clan chat)

We host weekly events and giveaways often.

Sal's OSRS community is alive and well and still growing!



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Live log of Sal's OSRS clan events (if someone with the Runelite plugin is online!)
Remembered Common Sense set up something similar for the release of Oldschool Runescape here. this one's live with some cool plugin shenanigans going on in the background

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