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Bans and Rate Limiting


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Hey, I already made a status update about this and spoke with Yuan, I’m aware he’s aware and Sal’s busy and probably married with children but I figured I’d post this here just for future reference for everyone 

People get banned (Micael Fatia recently, me just now, me in 2018, a few others) with a Cloudflare 1006 response which is a rate limiting challenge/managed challenge configuration, like “user 1 clicked a button too quickly, do X in response” and the X action is configured to be a flat ban from what I can tell.

I’m posting from my phone - I got banned on my home IPv4 address, but if I was on my phone, like Mic was, those have IPv6 addresses which are globally unique. Can’t do much then, your phone is perma-banned from sal’s, you need a new phone, or cloudflare has a massive outage/reset

My situation: I was uploading 180kb file of Adam for a status update and the site hung, so I closed out my browser and waited 30 seconds or so, opened a new window and tried to do the same action, then ban l

I 1000% get rate limiting, we do it at my job so we never get hit. I just think there might be a 1-hour-of-effort-fix somewhere in there if Sal’s still up to it. I totally get not being, 20 years into hosting a site

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For reference, if it’s a computing issue e.g. you’re paying $50/mo for a single VM driving Sal’s and it couldn’t handle me trying to upload a file several times within the rate limiting rule, locked up and there’s no way to just block the request from the shard’s compute power — I’ll 100% chip in $25 a month or whatever to help out. I would love to do that, you’ve been doing a huge thing for forever (and I don’t think direct donations would garner any attention, unless?) and I’ve been learning distributed networking at scale for cheap.

I’m working on boring elliptic curve SSL crypto TLS1/1.3 (I guess) for my home network to open up my 80/443 ports. I’ve been relearning c and heap memory stuff hooking up a bunch of $2 esp8266s on my wifi - they’re just blasting udp packets about temperature and light levels, but I have this “cool” websocket protocol I’ve been working on that links up those arduinos and anyone on localserver via tcp socket

Edit: Honestly - I’ll spend my own time to help fix the rate limiting problem in any possible way - static screenshots of the cloudflare config and me debugging, asking my startup’s infrastructure guy, going through stackoverflow. I promise I have no ill will here, I know there was a lot going behind the scenes. It would be a great learning experience for me.

I don’t know how much ad revenue you get from old school but the oldschool game is still very active 10 years from launch and the old ~100k members come back sometimes. The wiki probably stole the limelight of guides, but it has no community. Bob has the “Sal’s Realm” discord running with a ~hundred daily active users. They run masses. Adam sucks, he does nothing. Please remove him.

My GitHub activity, we’re a Django/Redis/react shop running on AWS lambdas/ec2s/elasticsearch. I think sal’s is php/nginx? I admit I’m young but I would love to help if there’s an inkling there in Sal’s head. 

much love otherwise, sayonnayayara posting from my phone is painful

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