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And, We're Back!

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Hey all,

As you may have noticed, Sal's went offline last month. Our server crashed after years of being unmaintained (😳) and we had some data corruption. Unfortunately, backups of the server and data broke at some point... which would have made the process so much easier! I was eventually able to recover the community data, but needed to rebuild the server, essentially from scratch. Apparently a lot changes in 6 years for web servers, so a lot of banging-head-against-keyboard ensued until I was finally able to get things into a good state. And... here we are! Apologies for the delay in getting things back up and running. Let me know if you have any questions!

Sal :santa:

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Yay!! Thank you for your help! 

It looks like the RuneScape News autobot is working again too. Seeing your name and then "A Farewell to our Forums" (regarding the RuneScape forums) gave me a near heart attack. 

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14 minutes ago, _Charblaze said:

Wow u guys r still here?

Of course! We have a pretty big active clan on OSRS, 300+ members and RS3 is still chugging along! The discord is extremely active. Long live Sals. Long may we game!

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