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The Best Freeware Games Of All Time

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This thread has now been taken over by me. Thanks Beret for the original thread! Suggestions for other sites are welcome.




Here is a list of sites with free flash games that are (usually) of high quality:

Kongregate is a games site that anybody can contribute to. That might suggest that it mostly houses crappy flash remakes of popular games, but that's far from true! It has many high quality games. It also has a badge system whereby you can gain points by completing certain challenges and always has a list of top games.

Armorgames is a site that houses only games from themselves. Most games from them can be found on Kongregate but there are a lot of high-quality games on here as well.


My knowledge of good flash game sites out there is limited to this so please send in some more if you know them!


A list of free games that are downloadable:

Steam has a huge library of games, and a fairly big list of free games. Since Steam doesn't just publish any old game, you can be sure that most of them are pretty high-quality.

MMORPG.com is great for (you guessed it) MMORPGs. The page linked to above is really nice because you can search for specific features, such as the existence of PvP, for example, or you can search by genre.

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What are the system reqs. for Cube 1?


Don't know, but considering they got it to run on a PDA they can't be very high.


Actually, with a little looking, I just found them:


absolute minimum spec: p200 with tnt2/v3 (15-20 fps @640 depending on map)

reccommended spec: p500 with gf1/radeon or better (50-60 fps on most maps)

ideal spec: 1ghz and gf3/radeon8500 or better (fluent in all cases)

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im downloading that cube 2 game, it looks pretty sweet, does it support online play?



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i tried to play Cube 2, but it kept saying there was a command problem or something, so i just installed it, but i might try cube 1...



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Savage: The Battle for Newerth.


Official Site: http://www.s2games.com/savage/index.php?page=savageindex


Download At: http://databox.topcities.com/

Note: The link for the SEP download on this page is wrong, please use this: http://www.notforidiots.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=413


Aside from that the page is excellent.


It's an RTSFPS, meaning it combines first person shooting and real time startegy. Two or three teams fight against each other, each with one commander who buys new untis, upgrades, buildings, etc. He plays as RTS , then the soldiers play as FPS. It's amazing and the community is very nice. Here are some screenies:









More Screensots: http://www.s2games.com/savage/screenshots/index.php

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You should add Rakion. That's a pretty good free game.

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I"m downloading Cube 2 it looks like a good game i hope it comes with a map modeler.

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Can I suggest a game?








(made before Bungie went to the dark side 0_o)

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Aaah, Savage, that's one darn good game I missed. I'll add it, and maybe a few

others, in a bit.




Eight new games added to main post.


You should add Rakion. That's a pretty good free game.


I would, because it looks good, but it is a MMO. Something like that would be better placed in its own separate thread.


And Little Fighter ... hmm, I've never tried it, but I do hear it's popular (I've never been a fan of the anime style in games). I'm gonna have a look at it and see if it should be added.

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I play soldat all the time, with as much devotion as runescape. If you would like to play against me, my name is "Cushion".


This is very good for you to do this guide.

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America's Army


this is a combat simulator, arguably the most realistic modern combat game out there, it has amazing graphics, and i would definately pay to play this game, it is a recruitment tool for the u.s army. but its an extremely fun game. this is an online only game.




Before you play you must complete ingame training.


First is basic training:



here you fire your M16 rifle downrange, with extremely realistic kickback and ROF (rate of fire) and at times your weapon may jam. you get a few clips to practice on the targets, after your practise you get 40 rounds to hit 23/40 rounds to be a marksman and qualify to use a M16a2 rifle, and if you get 30/40 targets you are a sharpshooter and can take the qualifications for the sniper rifles: m24 and m82.



Obstacle course:


here is where you must crawl, jump and climb up obstacles to finish in a required time, its not as easy as it looks.


U.S. weapons:


Here is where you get to try out the other weapons available to the U.S. army soldier, the M249 Saw, this shoots ALOT of bullets in a SHORT time, and has a 200 round clip, and the m16 with a mounted M203 grenade launcher, it goes BOOM. also you get to use the M67 Fragmentation Grenade it explodes throwing fragments of metal, through the air, killing anyone within a short radius of the explosions (And wounding anyone who can basically see it with their bare eyes)


Shoot house:


This is basically QCB training (close quarters battle) where you must fire at targets that move quickly into sight, with diffrent colours identifying if its a friend or foe, if you fire at a friend, you fail the course.


Now that you have completed Basic training, you can play on:


172nd Infantry division maps:


Urban assault


mountain pass SE

mountain pass

Bridge SE

Bridge crossing


(SE are generally diffrent versions of the map that are bigger)


10th Mountian division maps:


River Basin

Insurgent camp

HQ raid

Collapsed tunnel



Airborne school:


250' tower:


they drop you off this tower with a parachute!

learn to properly land without bodily harm.


Live jump:


They make you jump off a plane at night, and you must steer the parachute and land in a circle marked by chalk to qualify.


Now you can play 82nd airborne maps:


FLS Assault

JRCT Farm Raid


Ranger school maps:


Mountain ambush

Swamp raid


75th ranger regiment maps:



Radio Tower

Weapons Cashe

Weapons Cashe SE

Woodland outpost


SF maps:


Note: you cannot play in any SF positions only in the IF positions, you are local population that are armed with AK-74s, rpk. rpgs. VSS...


SF Arctic


SF Courtyard

SF Extraction

SF Hospital

SF Oasis


SF Recom

SF Sandstorm

SF Taiga

SF village


Advanced marksmanship training:

For the m24 you must Fire and hit one white silhouette an an extreme distance (800M)

you get 20 rounds to familiarize yourself with the weapons.


For the M82 you must destroy on unexploded bomb in a feild at around 1 km away

you get 10 rounds to familiarize yourself.


Medic training:


You complete Airway management, Control bleeding, and treat shock courses.


For these courses you are taugh a lesson from a nurse, then you have to awnser a multiple anwser awnser test. you are given an array of questions on each courses and each questions you have 4 questions to choose from you must pick eh correct awnser, you get it wrong, you cannot become a medic and heal wounded teammates on the feild.


Next is field training:


Here 3 people are wounded, you must identify their injuries, then accordingly treat them.

After you complete the training, you can now request medic class and heal wounded teammates.


Special Forces Training:




this is where you are taught situational awateness. and the weapons, vehicles and aircraft used in combat.


at the end you must complete a test. you must score 11/15 to pass.


SF E and E


This is the hardest training yet and not many complete due to difficulty.


Escape and Evade, you are dropped by helo into the woods, and must reach the extraction point without being seen by the guards, there are stationary and roaming, you are only equipped with binoculars.


you can now play


SF exclusive maps:


Pipeline SF

SF Blizzard

SF Dockside

SF Water Treatment.


and you are now a green beret Special forces sodier, with acess to new costomizable weapons.


Heres a screenshot to get you into the game. this game is FREE. you do not have to pay!




There is so much more to this game, theres tons of maps and weapons to be explored and used.



Complete objectives and eliminate OPFOR, objectives may be extracting a VIP or identifing weapons. or extracting information and documents.


in doing this you get score, and by getting score you increase your honor lvl you start off at 10 honor, kill teammates or civilians you will lose score.


both teams are have insertions that are opposite or random, you both need to complete the objectives and eliminate opfor, its you versus other people. Your enemies are wearing ski masks and coats, and use AK 47s. but to your enemies, you are wearing ski masks and coats, the only way you can use ak 47 weapons is to kill opfor and take their weapon. but to your opfor you picked up a M16. you both are U.S army, but to Team A team B looks like terrorists, and to team B Team A looks like terrorists.


Recommended maps:


----------SF Hospital:




Escourt a VIP to the extraction point, and prevent any harm.




Kill the Vip at all cost.


Warning: this game is not like counter strike AT ALL, it is not an arcade shooter.





-------------SF Extraction




Get to the Bus in the middle of the map (A bomb has exploded on the bus) and retreive important documents and extract.




-------------75th ranger regiment Weapons cache SE




Identify 3 weapon Caches spread out in buildings occupied by terrorists




Defend 3 Weapon Cashes from identification.


----------------- 10th mountain division Insurgent camp


takes place at night




Eliminate Opfor and do not allow access to computers located inside the camp




Gain access to the camp and use computers to access important imformation.


For more informations:





Heres me:





Honor 37


I have completed all training and my favourite m4 loadout is:





Acog x4 scope




M68 Aimpoint


and M4QD supressor



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Hey, America's Army. Another one I missed. It's a great game, although I never really got into it. I've heard enough about it to know it's good, though.


I'll add it later, I need to sleep.

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