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Lunar Diplomacy Quest Guide - Almost Complete


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Lunar Diplomacy

Authored by Dissentor

Special thanks to simple013 for answering my questions and providing some pictures.

Special thanks to Simple013, Neo Avatars, Barbeque for proofreading help.

Special thanks to Mz84096 for the Lunar ceremonial outfit stats screenshot.


Start: Begin by speaking to Lokar Searunner on the docks of Relleka.

Skills: Level 61 Crafting, Level 40 Defence, Level 49 Firemaking, Level 5 Herblore, Level 65 Magic, Level 60 Mining, Level 55 Woodcutting

Quests: The Fremennik Trials, Lost City, Rune Mysteries, and Shilo Village.

What You Need: Tinderbox, 1 guam leaf, 1 marrentill leaf, Suqah ground tooth, pestle and mortar, air, fire, water, earth talismans/tiaras, Dramen Staff, Hammer, Spade, Woodcutting Axe

Optional Items: Rune armor, good melee weapon, Ring of Dueling, Teleport runes for Camelot, Falador, Varrock, and Lumbridge, Superheat Item runes

Quest-Obtainable Items: Seal of Passage, Emerald Lens, Bullseye Lantern, Empty Vial, Suqah tooth, Suqah hide, A special tiara, magic kindling, Bronze Axe



Getting Started


Speak to Lokar Searunner on the docks of Relleka. He is standing near Jarvald, the man who takes you to Waterbirth Island. If you're having trouble finding him, consult the following map.




If you decide to take the yellow path, first teleport to Camelot. Then follow the yellow, yes yellow, path to the docks in Relekka. If you decide to take the cyan path, your house must be located in Relekka. Teleport to your house and then follow the cyan path to the docks. If you decide to take the red path, you must have at least started the A Fairy Tale Part 2: Cure a Queen quest. Use the fairy rings to teleport to the start of the red path by using the AJR combination. Then proceed to the docks following the red path.


Attempt to start a conversation with Lokar and he will assume that you're an outerlander. He brusquely tells you to stop wasting his time. After some momentary indignation at being called an outerlander, the two of you will strike up a pleasant conversation about why Lokar, Scourge of the Northern Seas, has been away from these parts for so long. Apparently, the Fremmenik life had grown a bit too slow and tedious for Lokar.




Very soon after, you start to realize that Lokar really, really seems to dislike and loathe the Fremmeniks. He offers you the chance to visit the Moon Clan, a group of very powerful mages. However, their centuries-long feud with the Fremmeniks and their powerful magics do not bode well for your chances of visiting them - as soon as they see you, they'll be able to read your mind, realize that you're a Fremmenik at heart, turn you inside out, and leave you for the birds. Lokar has an idea as to how to grant you immunity from an up close and personal viewing of what your intestines look like.




sealofpassage.gif According to Lokar, anybody who bears a seal of passage is probably not someone that's worth causing bodily harm to because they are either a diplomatic envoy or connected to some very powerful people. For your own sake, and your stomach's chances of staying in one piece, he'd better be right. If you have faith in his assertions, tell him so.




The Seal of Passage


Take a short walk over to the Fremmenik Hall and speak with Brundt the Chieftain. Tell him you plan to try to put a stop to the hostilities between the Fremmeniks and the Moon Clan.




Brundt will explain that the reason why the Fremmeniks hold a strong hatred for the Moon Clan is because of their usage of magic, and more so, their unwillingness to share their knowledge of it. He grants you a Seal of Passage that is wearable in the amulet slot.


Return to where the impatient Lokar cannot wait to leave Relekka. He'll be delighted once you inform him that you have your seal of passage and give you a stern warning about using cliched pirate speak. Once you are ready, he'll take you to Pirate Cove.




Pirates' Cove


Climb up two sets of ladders and cross a gangplank and you'll run into Captain Bentley, who is pacing around on the deck of his warship, the Lady Zay, formerly owned by some poor bloke who had moored it at the Karamjan shipyards. The ship was originally designed along with others for a wee little gnome who had his mind set on world domination and the destruction of the human race *coughgloughcough*. What a shame.


After greeting the Cap'n, you'll learn that Bentley has a much different opinion of Lokar as compared to Lokar's own self-image...




.... and that the parrot seems to think even less of Lokar while being able to express it more bluntly.




However, fortunately for you, the Captain still acquiesces to your wishes to travel to Lunar Isle since he and his crew were headed back there anyways. They are prepared to set sail as soon as all their loot has been loaded on the ship. In the meanwhile, Captain Bentley offers to answer any questions that you may have like a true gentleman...ly pirate. He explains that the Moon Clan are very hospitable people, but they just aren't too welcoming of strangers. This made Captain Bentley and his crew wary of touching down on the isle, but when they sent a landing party, they were welcomed.




He proceeds to tell you about how his crew and the Moon Clan made a few trades before they set off for the vast ocean again, as well as some... insight... into how pirates like to think of themselves.




Captain Bentley even goes so far as to admit that his original intentions were to rob the Moon Clan!




However, he is quick to explain why he and his crew abandoned that idea. First off, the Moon Clan village is surrounded by monsters that could compromise their escape attempt. The second and more important reason is the Moon Clan's amazing powers of magic, including the ability to read minds as described to you by Lokar. Had Bentley and his crew entered the village with any thoughts of looting and piratin' in their minds, the Moon Clan would immediately sense it and slaughter the pirates.


Setting Sail!


When you're ready to leave Pirates' Cove for Lunar Isle, tell the Captain so. He will give the order to push off, but there will be a slight problem.




You wind up sailing in circles around Pirates' Cove! When asked, the Captain has no idea as to why this is happening and dubs the problem as very strange. Talk to him again...




... and he will suggest that you speak to Jack, who is an "old sea-dog with a brown pirate's hat", according to the Captain. Jack can be found at the rear of the ship, one floor below deck.




After affirming that Jack is indeed the navigator, the two of you have a jawing match over the fact that the ship is doing laps around the cove chasing it's stern. Since you're not getting very far with the navigator, go back to the top of the deck to speak with the Captain again. Suggest to the Captain that it may be Jack's fault and then offer to speak to the navigator once more, this time in the name of the Captain. Allow yourself the chance to bellow at the parrot for repeatedly calling you a stowaway and then return to where the navigator is located below decks. Of course, as expected, the conversation doesn't go very well. After Jack accuses you of being a stowaway once more, you take to making false claims of friendship with the Captain.




Waaaaay back, eh? Wonder what you would consider a 10 year relationship to be. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

aaaaaay back?


You're so engulfed in raving about your "long standing friendship" with the captain that you make a fatal error that Jack picks up on.




You try to explain that it's a nickname that only very close friends of Brentley are allowed to use, but Jack retorts that he's known the Captain for 20 years and has never heard him ask to be referred to as anything else besides Captain Brentley. BURN. You respond by unashamedly bluffing...




After bandying some more insults at each other, Jack finally arrives at a conclusion that would explain why the ship is orbiting the cove.




Given your very convenient appearance aboard the Lady Zay, Jack suspects that you are the source of this jinx. He mentions that this is not the first time a jinx has occurred. When you inquire as to what happened the first time, he speaks of what pirates do to those who are carrying a jinx aboard their ship.




The Hunt for Red Oc... The Jinx


Jack suggests that you ask around to see who or what might be the cause of this jinx, if only for the sake of your own self preservation. The Captain suggests you do the same, the First Mate accuses you of being the jinx and threatens that you'd better find the cause because killing someone really ruins his day, and the rest of the crew seems to be completely ignorant about any kind of a jinx that might be on the ship. The cook fervently believes that a jinx is some sort of evil foreign vegetable.


Eventually, you'll start to make some headway if you talk to Eagle-Eye Shultz, who can be found one deck at the bow of the ship with a looking glass.




Report this to the Captain and, once again, he suggests that you interrogate the crew to try to find out who offended the Moon Clan and brought this jinx upon the Lady Zay.


It seems as if the cook, Beefy Burns, knows a little more than he originally let out.




According to Beefy, there was a large feast on Lunar Isle that everybody attended besides him, due to his paranoia regarding food that wasn't cooked by him. When you ask him for some details about the feast in the hopes of a crew member in a lie, he scoffs and asks how he would be able to describe a feast that he never attended in a rhetorical manner. Seems as if you'll have to get your answers elsewhere.


Without anywhere to look, always turn to the lookout! His special attention to detail comes in extremely handy at a time like this.




emeraldlens.gif It would've been nicer if Shultz gave you twenty partyhat sets, but since that won't happen, telling you everything that happened at the feast so that you can weed out the jinx and finally reach Lunar Isle will have to do. According to Shultz, everybody headed on to the island to take advantage of shore leave and to take part in a huge feast with the Moon Clan. The pirates had a table to themselves where they were served food and wine all evening long. Besides Beefy, who stayed aboard the Lady Zay, and the Captain, who was dining with the big Moon Clan honchos, everybody else was at that table. After the meal was finished, Tommy Two-Time, who is located one level below the deck, busted out his old fiddle and they danced gaily and merrily around until the sun came up the next morning, at which they all made their way back to the ship and lifted anchor.


A few of the crew members claim that the Captain wasn't at the feast, but that's probably because they were too stoned to remember that the captain wasn't sitting with them. Your first real lead comes from Lecherous Lee, who is standing on the lookout platform closest to the stern of the ship (south end).




Climb down the ladder to the deck of the ship and confront the first mate Davey-boy based on one witness' allegations.




Davey-boy continues to insist that he has absolutely no idea in Gielenor as to what you're rambling about... until he remembers that he went to go check on the rigging sometime during the festival. When you grill him about why he didn't tell you this earlier, he remarks that he simply didn't remember since it's not normal routine for him to be checking the rigging.




Aha! The cabin boy! According to the first mate, the cabin boy wasn't anywhere to be found all night long. Go back to where you first spoke with Lee to find the cabin boy. At first, the boy is quite reluctant to fess up, but he's much more willing cooperate after you threaten him.




The cabin boy's confession proves that girls can be quite evil. One such girl tricked the cabin boy into believing that if he drew five symbols throughout the ship, he would gain control of the entire ship!




Feeling deep remorse about what he has done, the cabin boy pleads that you spare his life and skip the part where you're supposed to inform the Captain about everything that you have learned. He also imparts to you the following information.



  1. One was up on a wall.
  2. One was on a container.
  3. One was on a box of some sort.
  4. One was on a support.
  5. The last one was on something that is big and metallic.

The Five Symbols


emeraldlantern.gif At this point, the boy gives you an emerald lens and a bullseye lantern. Use them with each other and then use a tinderbox on the resultant emerald lantern.

  1. The one on the wall can be found in the first mate's cabin on the deck. Enter the cabin and use your emerald lantern on a wallchart that is located on the eastern half of the northern wall.
  2. The one on the container can be found on the only accessible chest on the hull (ground) of the boat after you enter the lowest level of the ship (the one with the cook).
  3. The one on a box can be found on a tall crate in the food storage area adjacent to the cook.
  4. The one on a support can be found in the lowest level of the ship, just like the last two symbols. There are two supports in the lowest level. The symbol can be found on the one closer to the galley (where the cook is).
  5. The one on a large metallic object... well, what's large, metallic, and can be found on a pirate warship? Why, the cannons of course! The fifth and last symbol is on the east cannon on the lookout platform closest to the stern of the ship (south end) where the cabin boy and Lee are located.

After you find a symbol, you will be presented with two choices.




Choose the "Rub Away" option to wipe out the boy's misdeeds. After you wipe out all five of the symbols, you will get the following message.




Arriving on Moonclan Island


After removing all five of the symbols, talk to the Captain again. He will order the crew to set sail for Moonclan Island, and you will arrive there successfully this time.




Go down two sets of ladders to reach the ground. As soon as you've got your feet on solid earth, head north up the incline and then west into the town gates. You'll see a short clip of what the town looks like.




Let yourself soak in the wonders of this new location. If you were wondering how these Moonclan Island inhabitants can read minds, here's the answer.




Your seal of passage is very important to you while on Lunar island. If you want to return to the island after leaving, Lokar won't let you on to his boat if you don't have the seal. If it's in your bank, you'll be instructed to retrieve it first. If you don't have it, you're told that Brundt will provide you with a new one. While on the island, if you talk to any of the Moon Clan without wearing the seal or having it in your inventory, you'll be promptly whisked back to Relekka. This can be beneficial to you later on when attempting to smith your own Lunar helm, which is explained later in more detail.


If you ask around, you'll find out where the Oneiromancer is located, because she's nowhere to be found in the town.




moonclanmanual.gif Your next agenda to patching relations between the Moon Clan and Relleka is to talk to the Oneiromancer. Head back to the base of the ladder where you first set foot on Moonclan Island. From there, you should walk in a south by southeast direction to reach the Oneiromancer. Follow the white line in the mini maps shown below. Beware, there are level 111 monsters named Suqahs that roam the island. They use melee attacks, are capable of casting water wave and ice barrage (doesn't hit very high and only freezes for a second or two), and will aggressively engage you in combat.




If you have followed the white line in a southeastern direction, you will wind up before the glowing brightness of the Astral Altar and the stunning beauty of the Oneiromancer.




Speak to her and explain that you're trying to put an end to the fighting between the Moon Clan and Relekka. You tell her that the Fremmniks are wary and fearful of the Moon Clan because of their magical secrets that they won't share with the Fremmniks. She responds with wisdom.




She inquires as to what you plan to do to end the long feud between the two groups, and you respond by saying that you were kind of looking towards her for advice. After a little discussion, she comes up with a suitable plan.




To understand the ways of the Moon Clan, you will need to take part in a ritual. The Oneiromancer suggests that you go speak to Baba Yaga in her chicken house to learn how to make a potion of waking sleep. The chicken house can be found in a fenced off area of the town. The entrance to the area is located just north of the bank.


The Potion of Waking Sleep


As you approach Baba's chicken house, you'll learn that it quite literally is a chicken house. It even has a name, Berty.




Choose the "Go-inside House" option after right clicking the house and you'll wind up inside it. Baba Yaga will tell you the necessary ingredients for the potion of waking sleep and hand you a special empty vial as well.




emptyvial.gif If you hadn't already realized it, the suqahs that dot the surrounding land aren't there for scenery. You're going to have to literally knock their teeth out for this potion, preferably with more than just your fists. There are several ways to figuratively punch their daylights out, but first, you have to locate them again. Head back towards the Oneiromancer, but stop once you reach the bridges. This is the prime spot to get yourself a Suqah tooth. The suqahs here do not use magic attacks of any sort, but I wouldn't underestimate their ability to cut you open with those blades they're brandishing. If you plan to face them toe to claw, runite armor or better is suggested. For food, lobsters or higher are a good idea to have with you.




If you don't fancy getting smacked around by a level 111, you can use the bridges to your advantage. Bring a ranged attack of some sort, be it range, mage, or a halberd. Attack a suqah, run on to the bridge, and continue to attack it. However, do understand that their area of interest is not very high. If you do not get them in the position similar to the ones shown below, the suqah will lose interest in getting brutally killed and walk off.




You can also kill them from a distance where the color of the ground changes as you approach the Astral Altar, as it appears they are unwilling to approach it. However, this isn't as great of a spot as the bridges because whenever somebody runs past on their way to craft Astral runes, the suqah attacks them and then walks away from you. Re-acquiring your target could result in you learning the sharpness of their meat cleavers from first hand experience.




Kill them until one of them drops a suqah tooth. Also be sure to kill at least four and pick up the hide that they drop because you'll need it later. The suqahs also drop unidentified herbs that are either guam leaf or marrentill, the two herbs you need for this potion. Use a pestle and mortar on the suqah tooth. Then fill the empty vial that you received from Baba Yaga up with water. There is a sink in a residence to the west of the bank in town that you can use for that purpose. After the vial is filled with water, use a guam and a marrentill herb on vial of water. The order that you add the two herbs in doesn't matter. Once the herbs are in, use the ground tooth on the vial and you'll have a potion of waking sleep.


You'll need to take this potion to the Oneiromancer. She'll take it from you for safe keeping and tell you that you need a Lunar staff, and some Lunar clothes afterwards.




Getting a Lunar Staff


There are a few ways that you could go about obtaining a Lunar staff. One that I won't describe is walking to every single altar since someone with level 65 magic would probably take advantage of the fact that they could teleport. Because of that fact, I'll only go over two methods: teleporting around and using the runecrafting Abyss.


It is imperative that you go to the Air Altar first, the Fire Altar second, the Water Altar third, and the Earth Altar last. If you do not follow this order, you'll receive a game message instructing you to go to the next altar in line.


lunarstaff.gif If you don't want to risk getting PKed, you don't have to. Make sure that you have an air talisman or tiara and your Dramen staff with you, and then teleport to Falador. If you don't know where the Air Altar is, consult the Runecrafting guide. Enter the ruins and use your Dramen staff on the altar. This will give you a Lunar Staff Ptr 1. Then teleport to Al Kharid using a Ring of Dueling or however else you want to teleport there and enter the Fire ruins with a fire talisman/tiara. Use your Lunar Staff Ptr 1 on the altar and you'll get a Lunar Staff Ptr 2. Repeat this process with the Water and Earth altars, respectively, and you'll have your very own Lunar staff. You can use a Lunar staff to access Zanaris, so don't worry about replacing your Dramen staff if you don't have extras.


If you don't have the talismans or tiaras, have completed the Zamorak Mage mini-quest, and don't mind the dangers of the Wilderness, use the Abyss. Use an Amulet of Glory (4) to teleport to Edgeville. Go north into the Wilderness until you run into the Mage of Zamorak around level 5 wilderness. Enter the abyss, finagle your way into the inner ring, and enter the Air Altar. Refer to the Abyss guide if you're still confused. After you've done your thing with the staff and the altar, use the Amulet of Glory to return to Edgeville and repeat for the Fire, Water, and Earth altars.




Make your way back to the Oneiromancer by going to Lokar, asking to be taken back to the Lady Zay, talking to Captain Brentley, asking to go to Lunar Isle, and then running past the suqahs to get to the Astral Altar. Speak to the Oneiromancer and she will hold your Lunar staff for you. She informs you that you'll need a Lunar outfit and that there are eight pieces in total. How to obtain them will be detailed for your convenience in the following order: helm, cape, amulet, torso, gloves, boots, trousers, and ring.


The Emper... Lunarian's New Clothes


lunarore.gif For the helm, you need a Lunar ore. Make sure that you have a pickaxe with you before you continue reading. Go back to the ladder where you disembarked the ship from, but instead of heading into town, go north instead. Follow the shoreline northwest past some suqahs and climb down a ladder that is marked with a (!) dungeon sign on your mini map. Inside this dungeon, you can mine gold, silver, pure essence, and gems. However, the reason why you're there is to get some Lunar ore. Head south and then take the first right turn west. There you can find some stalagamites that are mineable.




lunarbar.gif Unfortunately, there are no furnaces or anvils on Lunar Isle. The fastest way to make a Lunar helm is by casting Superheat Item on the Lunar ore to turn it into a Lunar bar, then teleport to Camelot and walk to Seers' Village. Walk to the Elemental Workshop where you can find some anvils. With a hammer in your inventory, use the Lunar bar on the anvil and answer yes, you would like to make a Lunar helm. Alternatively, you could store your seal of passage in the bank and talk to a member of the Moon Clan, causing you to be teleported to Relekka in disgrace. Relekka has an anvil and a furnace that you can use to smelt the ore and smith the helm. If you have successfully followed the guide to this point, you'll have your very own Lunar helm that you can wear!


Now it's time to get that Lunar cape. Go through the steps to get yourself back on Lunar Isle. Head to the northwestern section of the town where you'll find Pauline Polaris. Talk to her and you'll mention that you need ceremonial clothing and she'll tell you that she has a cape, but wonders why she should just hand it over to a stranger like you. Too bad for you that she doesn't think "You're a kind and compassionate person" is an acceptable answer. However, she is willing to part with the cape if you can demonstrate some... big surprise... insight. In her case, demonstrating insight means guessing her name, which, at first, seems like an all too easy task. Well, you know what they say - if it's too good to be true, it most likely is. This situation is no exception. It turns out that Pauline Polaris is just an alias that she uses for simplicity. You beg for a clue, and she relents.




Compare the clues to the four choices she gives you and the answer should be quite apparent and obvious.




Funny name, eh? You seem to think so, but you shut your trap after "Pauline" asks you if you want the cape or not. Two out of eight parts obtained.


The third piece of the outfit you need to get is the amulet. Talk to Meteora about the amulet that's resting on her head. After you convince her that there's actually an amulet on her head, she'll explain that it's a replacement for her lucky amulet. Ask her what happened and she'll explain.




Yeehaw! Time to go suqah hunting again! Use your favorite method to flay the skin off the suqah's backs until you get an item named "A special tiara". Find Meteora again and say hello. It seems as if Meteora has taken some lessons in rapping while you were off spanking suqahs. She greets you with a "Yo yo yo!" No really, I'm not kidding. Offer to trade tiaras and you'll get a Lunar amulet. Five more to go.


suqahhide.gif The next four out of five pieces will be obtained at the same time. Remember those four Suqah hides you were told to keep? This is where they're needed. Take them and 400 gp out and bring them to the clothes store just south of the bank. Talk to Rimae Sirsalis about the ceremonial clothes and she'll tell you that all she can do to help you is by tanning suqah hides. Noting your befuddled state, she explains that suqah hides are used to make the torso, gloves, boots, and trousers. As a matter of fact, the remains of a suqah are put to a lot of uses by the Moon Clan. Because of this, the Moon Clan teach the suqahs magic so that they may defend themselves, hence their ability to cast water wave and ice barrage. So the next time you get beat up by a suqah's magic, think silent thoughts of hatred at the Moon Clan. Although that might not be such a great idea considering the fact that they can read your mind and present you with a one way ticket to your respawn spot minus most of your items.


Now you should have all of the eight pieces minus the ring. If you're missing other pieces besides the ring, read back to see what you've missed.


For the ring, the Oneiromancer suggests that you speak to Selene. She can be found west of the bank wearing a yellow, wide-brimmed hat. She informs you that a Lunar ring may be buried somewhere on the island by her grandfather who has since passed away.




A nicely written clue, but the route that it prescribes happens to involve running a suqah gauntlet. Instead, make like you're going to visit the Oneiromancer, but instead of turning east after crossing the bridge, turn west and cross another bridge. From there, head west and just a touch north until you run into a "bloom of blue", in layman's terms, blue flowers! Stand over them and dig for the ring.




IQ (Icky Quizzy) Testing Time


Soakedkindling.gif Visit the Oneiromancer once again. You will hand her each piece of the lunar outfit one by one. When she realizes that you have all the pieces, she'll return them all to you along with your potion of waking sleep. The Oneiromancer will also present you with magic kindling taken from the first magic tree in existence. Equip all eight pieces of the ceremonial get up as well as your Lunar staff. You might want to have a woodcutting axe, some food to fight a level 78 if you need it, and an agility potion; however, those are just recommendations and are not absolutely required. Go to the Ceremonial Brazier, which can be found if you travel west down the street between the bank and the suqah hide tanner until you run into a large building.




Use the waking sleep potion on the kindling, use your tinderbox on the brazier, and then use the freshly soaked kindling on the brazier to be transported into the land of your dreams. You'll enter your own mind flat on your stomach and then stagger up to a standing position.




If you ever want to return to reality, read your autobiography titled "My life" that's floating on the pedestal in the center of your dreams. It will ask you if you're sure.




It asks for your confirmation because, if you leave, you'll need to re-visit the Oneiromancer for another waking sleep potion and magic kindling... and that's a trip that you probably wouldn't be all too pleased to make now that you're so closed to completing the quest. Logging out in your dreams has the same effect as reading about your life.




Then the screen whites out and you find yourself next to the brazier again.




To avoid multiple trips to the Oneiromancer should you have to log out frequently, use the potion on the kindling promptly after receiving both from the Oneiromancer, drop the soaked kindling, and repeat for as many times as you think you'll need to log out.


There are six tests that you must pass before you can move on to the final encounter. They are, in clockwise order starting from the east, The Race is On, Communicating in Numbers, Anything You Can Do, A Game of Chance, Where am I?, and Chop, Chop, Chop Away. Below you may find a quick reference that shows you which platform will take you to which test when you step upon it.




The tests will be described in detail in the order that they were first listed.


The Race is On, Bring Out the Olympian in You


To get there, step on the eastern most platform, as shown in the quick reference map. You will be propelled like a projectile onto another area of your dreams.




Talk to the Ethereal Expert and you will be abruptly challenged to a foot race. Sounds simple enough, after all, how hard could running be?




Hmm, no sweat... until you look at the stark difference between the left and the right routes. They are stacked so heavily in the house's favor that even a card shark in Vegas would be proud.




You attempt to protest this unfairness, but the Expert simply states that life just isn't fair. Life's imperfect, and you have to play with the hand that you're dealt, to use another card game cliche. Accept the inevitable and set up at the starting line.


If you brought an agility potion, you could either choose to drink a dose before taking your marks or after the Expert says go - it's up to you. You can't drink it during the time after you take your marks and before the race actually starts. Set your move speed to run and take off as soon as the race starts. It turns out to be a deja vu experience if you have heard of the Hare and the Tortoise fable by Aesop. The Expert, thinking that he's got a guaranteed win based on the fact that you have the much longer path and hurdles to hurdle, casually ambles down his straight course at a relaxed pace. When you get to a hurdle, attempt to jump over it. The higher your agility level, the more like you will succeed. If you fail to leap over the hurdle, you will be zapped by an electric current, end up behind the hurdle, and take eight damage.




If you do succeed, it will look like you summoned some exotic mental powers to cause yourself to hover over the hurdle.




Run to the end after passing all the hurdles and you will exuberantly announce your victory while the Expert laments and wonders how the heck he managed to lose. You will be automatically transported back to the main island of your dreams. Speak to the Ethereal Man and regale him with what you have learned. If you try to pass another test without first speaking to the Ethereal man...




... that's what you'll see.




... persevere, try hard, continue writing this guide without constant soda breaks, etcetera etcetera... you'll go far in life. Time to speak some code.


Communicating in Numbers, CIA Operative Guide 101


Move in a clockwise direction and step on the fuschia-colored platform. You will find yourself on an island with floating numbers from zero to nine.




Speak to the Ethereal Numerator and then make a puzzled face while saying, "Come again?"




Try your best to ignore the random numbers that appear in the middle of his sentences. If you're having trouble comprehending him, all it says is that you're required to solve five number patterns. Hope you got enough practice in kindergarten and first grade.


The Numerator will give you a string of numbers. Your job is to figure out the pattern, and then apply the pattern by pressing the next two numbers in the pattern.




The pattern in the above example is plus zero, plus one, plus zero, plus one, and so on and so forth. Press the next two numbers in the pattern to solve it. In this case, the answer is three and four. If you are incorrect in either number, you will be informed of that fact and given another pattern. Since you don't have to be successful five times in a row, if you get one that you can't figure out, you can randomly guess. If you're wrong, you'll get a new pattern. If you're right, so much the better. It seems that the patterns get easier if you fail more often.


Once you have proven your mastery in patterns, the Numerator will say so in his cryptic-yet-not-so-cryptic tongue.




Report back to the Ethereal Man, explain what you have learned from the Numerator, and the Man will assent to your views.




If you are moving in a clockwise direction, it's time to get groovy.


Anything You Can Do (I can do better...)


Move to the turquoise platform and allow it to transport you to an island that resembles a sixteenth note. Speak to the Ethereal Mimic and you'll receive some enthusiastic instructions from an enthusiastic mime.




Talk to the Mimic and he will perform an emote, which you must copy. The Mimic will only use generic emotes that everybody has straight from Tutorial Island. If you copy him correctly, he will disappear and appear on another part of the musical island. If you mess up...




If you don't remember what emote the Mimic used, talk to him again and he'll repeat it.




Continue to mime the Mimic until he commends you on the ability to interpret body language.




As with the last two tests, once you've passed them, tell the Ethereal Man what you have learned so far.




A Game of Chance, Not Really


Continue on to the lime green platform and you'll find yourself on an island with six die. Speak to the Ethereal Fluke and he will explain the next mental test.




According to the Fluke, it's a game of chance, but he mentions that you might be able to discern a pattern. In other words, the test really has nothing to do with chance, only your knowledge of how to add single digit numbers. Oh great, more arithmetic.




The Ethereal Fluke will call out a number. You will need to roll the six die on the island until the sum of all six numbers matches the Fluke's number. Each dice will alternate between two numbers every time you roll it. Below is a map of the island that shows each dice along with what two numbers can be displayed on that dice.




When all six die add up to the Fluke's number, the Fluke will congratulate you and give you another number.




There are five numbers in all. In case you forget what the number is, it is clearly displayed in your chatbox.




When you have completed all five numbers, the Ethereal Fluke will commend you on a job well done and impart a piece of wisdom to you before bidding farewell.




Visit the Ethereal Man like you always do after completing a test and relate your experiences.




Where am I?, I Miss Mommy!


Get on the gray platform and you'll find yourself on small strip of floating material. There is a similar strip connected to the one you are on by a 4 by 8 grid of dream puffs.




Talk to the Ethereal Guide and you will be given your fifth test.




Sounds easy enough, right? Hopefully, you will have learned that there's always a catch. This test is no exception. All the dream puffs look exactly alike, but most of them will fall out from under you if you try to rest on them. If this happens, you will be transported back to the starting strip of floating material.




To get to the other side, you will have to navigate the dream puffs by taking a specific route that is unique to you. You can move from dream puff to dream puff in any one of the four cardinal directions. However, you will never have to go backwards towards your starting position. For those of you who have completed the Underground Pass quest, this will bring back fond or not-so-fond memories of The Puzzle section. Refer to the Underground Pass quest guide for further reference.




Unless you have photographic memory, it would be a good idea to use a piece of paper and a pencil to mark the correct route so far so that you won't forget when you land on a bogus dream puff. Once you get to the other side, you will be transported back to the main island. As before, your mind is now larger from your newly gained insight.




Chop, Chop, Chop Away, And Then There Were Six


For the final test out of the six, step on the purple platform. You will wind up on an island with two sets of four strange trees. In the middle of the island, two log piles can be found. Speak to yet another member of the Ethereal family, the Ethereal Perceptive and he will explain the test.




This is what you need a woodcutting axe for. If you don't have one, the Perceptive will provide you with a bronze axe. Simple test really, all you need to do is chop faster that the Perceptive. Since he deposits his logs two at a time, you can easily beat him by chopping down all four trees before depositing the logs at the log pile.




A helpful text indicator in your chatbox can assist you in keeping track of how many logs have been deposited by each side so far.




You'll have passed the sixth test if and when you have deposited 20 logs at the log pile before the Ethereal Perceptive. As with the first five tests, there's always a lesson to be learned.




Congratu... no, you wish. Still a little bit left to go. Suck it up and keep on going.


The Final Showdown


Speak to the Ethereal Man for the second to last time and he will give you instructions on what needs to be done to complete your mission in Dreamland.




The rest of the guide can be found on page 45 since I hit the image limit maximum again. I will be proofreading for errors, adding in tidbits, and making the guide look nice tomorrow.

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Chubacca, I don't need help right now, but thanks for the offer. However, if I need any help, I'll be sure to ask you! :huh:

Dangit :P i wanna help thou >.< well ill make my own guide for now. In notepad :P

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Im making the quest, I am almost done. I make it in word then paste it into the forum. I have 72 crafting on my other account. YES I AM ALMOST DONE.Close this

how bout not, wat if yer lying. notepad? did u just get that from my post?

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Im making the quest, I am almost done. I make it in word then paste it into the forum. I have 72 crafting on my other account. YES I AM ALMOST DONE.Close this

I dare you to try to write a better guide than me. >.<


I think it should just be just a selection from the current 3 guides in process (dissentor's, mine, and Magic star's)

I don't quite understand you.

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Wow, four people doing the same guide?


I think it should just be just a selection from the current 3 guides in process (dissentor's, mine, and Magic star's)

but im the only one who has all the requirements >.<

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Wow, four people doing the same guide?


I think it should just be just a selection from the current 3 guides in process (dissentor's, mine, and Magic star's)

but im the only one who has all the requirements :huh:


Dissentor meets all the reqs, I will meet all the reqs in the next few hours >.<

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Wow, four people doing the same guide?


I think it should just be just a selection from the current 3 guides in process (dissentor's, mine, and Magic star's)

but im the only one who has all the requirements :huh:


Dissentor meets all the reqs, I will meet all the reqs in the next few hours >.<

ill be at the end of the quest by the time u get 61 craftin
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Okay, really now. That's quite enough.


ill be at the end of the quest by the time u get 61 craftin

Chubacca, it's always quality over speed. Always.


If you have something to comment on about my guide, please feel free to post. Any more debating over who's guide will be accepted and I'll report you for spam. All four of us can write our guides and at the end, we'll see whose is better. It's as simple as that.

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hey wen u get to the symbols part, i can help u there, i got 3 out of 5 symbols. i stop doin guide cause my comp froze and i didnt save my guide.



a required item is a tinderbox

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I know you're all going to call me a jerk for doing this, but the next person who posts anything in this thread that is not related to my guide is going to be reported. >.<


I don't spam your guides, and you show the same courtesy towards me, sound fair?

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srry dissentor, anyways, do u need help finidng the symbols. cause i see that where u are. Cause i found them all.


the first one was on a wall chart on the third floor


h/oill get some pics.

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srry dissentor, anyways, do u need help finidng the symbols. cause i see that where u are. Cause i found them all.


the first one was on a wall chart on the third floor


h/oill get some pics.

Don't worry, I've got it covered, I'm processing the pictures now. Thanks for the offer though. :cute:

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