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Blue Squr

Ipb 2.2

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I think Sal said that we will wait until 2.2 is officially released. It would be best to not have any bugs that can't be fixed. ^_^

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Also the Beta will not work after October 15th ^_^

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Well I have the beta version of it installed on the server to try it out right now, and so far it seems really cool (but a lot of it is also very similar to IPB 2.1). I won't be upgrading this forum because of the fact that they highly suggest against trying to upgrade to the beta, plus the fact that it won't work after October 15. We'll probably wait awhile after it's stable befor upgrading, because I suspect that many of our mods/hacks are going to be incompatible, several of which are pretty important to us. :P


We'll just have to wait and see. ^_^

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I agree with you Salmoneus. We should wait for a nice stable version before we install the new one. I really like the new one and it looks really nice, espically the admin cp.

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I think when the solid version comes out it will be pretty wicked, look at all the updates!


Personal Profile Portal

Invision Power Board 2.2.0 has a totally redesigned portal page with the following features:

Friends list - manage your friends for easier PMing, to see if your friends are currently online and display your friends on your profile

Profile comments - allow visitors to leave comments on your profile. You can set to moderate all new comments before they're shown.

Recent visitors - recent visitors are shown on your profile.

Your content - show your recent posts / blog entries / gallery uploads on your profile

Personal statement - add a short bio for others to read

Member rating - rate other members

Set your gender

Easy access to edit your location, age and IM details


Note that you can optionally switch back to the old "classic" profile view in the ACP.


New Text Editor

New Style

The text editors, both standard and rich text (WYSIWYG) have been completely rewritten to make them more intuitive and faster to load. Clutter has been reduced with the new dynamic menus.



You can now switch between the rich text editor and the standard editor without the need to reload the page or visit your User Control Panel.


New Attachment System

Upload without the reload

IPB 2.2 has a new attachment system that enables one to upload attachments without having to reload the post screen. The new attachment area is directly below the text editor.


New Style

The attachment system has had a complete overhaul and is now styled along side the new text editor


Monthly Directories

IPB now saves uploads in a monthly folder, making FTP directory listings much easier.



The new system is extensible via the attachments plug-in system. There is now one central attachments repository and plug in modules define space allowance and rendering options.


New Thumbnail Design

Attached image thumbnail previews now have information above and below the thumbnail offering original file size and original dimensions.


Inline message system

Invision Power Board has an on-the-fly message system to confirm actions taken place. This is an important new part to the user interface especially when using ajax when it's not always apparent that an action has taken place.


Help & Support Tab

In IPB 2.2 you will notice a new Help & Support tab. This tab adds some convenient methods for obtaining assistance, or troubleshooting Invision Power Board. We'll take a look at the links found on this tab below.


Submit Support Ticket - This section will open a window to your client area (Note: you must be logged in to access your client area - you may login when prompted after clicking on this link) so that you can view, update, and respond to your support tickets, as well as add a new request for support, or a request for an upgrade.


IPB Knowledgebase - This section will open a window allowing you access to our hosted knowledgebase containing many helpful articles on Invision Power Board and it's various settings and features. This section is updated constantly as more information becomes available, so be sure to check back often for new answers to common questions.


IPS Beyond - Resource Center - This section opens a window to our official resource site IPS Beyond, where you can download additional skins and modifications for Invision Power Board, as well as obtain customer-to-customer assistance for any issues you may experience.


Contact IPS - This section provides our contact information and hours of operation.


Feature Suggestions - If you have a suggestion for a new feature, or a way to enhance an existing feature, feel free to submit a new topic in our Feature Suggestions forum. This section provides you quick access to do so. Note that you must be logged into our company forums to submit a new feature suggestion topic.


Bug Report - If you think you have found a bug with Invision Power Board please feel free to report it in this section to our bug tracker so that one of our developers can verify and correct the issue in a future release. Note that you must be logged into our company forums to submit a bug report.


System Overview - This section gives you a quick overview of your IPB installation and your server details, in the event you need to obtain this information or our technical support staff requests it from you.


The System Overview can show you the PHP Version (and server API), the MySQL version, the server software, the current server load, the total physical memory installed, the total available memory installed, and the current processes running (using shell exec - if this function is disabled, the information available will be limited). The information should be available on most *Nix installations, and Windows 2K and up.


Version Checker - You can verify all of your IPB files are up to date by clicking on this link - any files that are out of date will be displayed in red so you are made aware of the version mismatch. You can then upload those files fresh from your IPB download package if you wish.


Database Checker - This tool will verify your database schema matches IPB's defined database schema. If you get a MySQL error indicating a table or column is missing, this tool will help you determine what table or column is missing, as well as provide you a means to correct the issue.


Database Index Checker - Database indexes help your database engine in determining how to find the data IPB requests of it. This tool will verify none are missing to ensure the most optimized processing of your data.


File Permissions Checker - Certain files need to be set to have Read/Write access so that IPB can rebuild them when necessary. This tool will verify all of your files that need to have Read/Write access are writeable.


Whitespace Checker - Whitespace are spaces or newlines at the beginning or end of your php pages before the <?php or after the ?> tags in your files. Whitespace causes various odd effects, and if any is found you should open the files and remove it. This tool will check your files for you and alert you to any files that have whitespace.


Unauthorized File Checker - Checks for suspicious .php files in writeable directories


Also there is alot more here:


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Yeah I can't wait either. Plus like IPB 2.0.x all the bug fixes are supported now. IPB 2.1.x and it's bug fixes patch and other stuff will probably be supported for like up to year i think.


I plan to start rewriting some of the small mods I use for my board. like / me command and some other stuff. IPB 2.2 is really cool it has that myspace style to it with friends thing and comment thing.


I also started to rewrite the Moderator Center which I found was messed to begin with :mellow: I got a long week ahead of me

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