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Hunter Skill Guide -complete

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Hunter Skill Guide

Special Thanks: Neo Avatars, Mac, Blondeguy32, Terminator, Kebkin. , Mrcsupertrain, Anywher3, ßarbeque, Simple013, Jbui8000, Seraph, Dragins0, Collinross, ♥ εи опз кау ♥ , and fry.




To start off the Hunter Skill, go to either Nardah or Yanille, and head towards the hunter shop. Aleck runs the shop in Yanille where you will also find Leon who will sell you a Hunters Crossbow for 1,300gp. To make the Bolts for the Crossbow you will need Kebbit Bolts made from Kebbit Spikes and Long Kebbit Spikes. The Hunters Crossbow requires 50+ Ranging to wield and gives a range bonus of +55. The Hunters Crossbow also fires faster then normal crossbows, but in turn cannot hold enchanted bolts or spikes. To make 6 Kebbit Bolts you need to give Leon 1 Kebbit Spike and 20gp, or 1 Long Spike and 40gp for 6 Long Kebbit Bolts. At 32 Fletching you can fletch Kebbit Bolts by using a Chisel on Kebbit Spikes, at 42 Fletching you can fletch Long Tipped Kebbit Bolts by using a Chisel on Long Spikes.


Advisory to begin hunting is to go to Yanille first because it's closest to the first creatures you can hunt.




Butterfly Net - 24gp

Butterfly Jar - 1gp

Magic Box - 720gp

Noose Wand - 4gp

Bird Snare - 6gp

Box Trap - 38gp

Teasing Stick - 60gp

Unlit Torch - 4gp

Rabbit Snare - 18gp


Hunting Abilities Overall

Level - Tracking Abilities

1 - Polar Kebbits

1 - Crimson Swifts

1 - Lay 1 trap at a time

1 - Set a bird trap

1 - Use a noose wand

1 - Polar Kebbit Clothing

1 - Common Kebbit fur Clothing

3 - Common Kebbits

4 - Feldip Weasel Clothing

5 - Golden Warblers

7 - Feldip Weasels

9 - Copper Longtails

10 - Desert Devil Fur Clothing

11 - Cerulean Twitches

13 - Desert Devils

15 - Net Butterflies

15 - Ruby Harvest Butterflies

19 - Tropical Wagtails

20 - Lay up to 2 traps at a time

23 - Set a deadfall trap (limit of 1)

23 - Wild Kebbits

25 - Sapphire Glacialis Butterflies

27 - Set a Box Trap

27 - Set a Rabbit Snare

27 - Catch a Ferret

27 - Catch a Rabbit

27 - Using Giant Eagles

28 - Larupia Fur Clothing

29 - Set a Net Trap

29 - Swamp Lizards

31 - Set a Pitfall Trap

31 - Spined Larupias

33 - Barb-tailed Kebbits

35 - Snowy Knight Butterflies

37 - Prickly Kebbits

38 - Graahk hide Clothing

39 - Use smoke to mask the scent on a trap

40 - Lay up to 3 Traps at a time

40 - Spotted Capes

41 - Horned graahks

43 - Hunt with a falcon

43 - Spotted Kebbits

44- Wear Spotted Cape

45 - Black Warlock Butterflies

47 - Orange Salamanders

49 - Razor Backed Kebbits

51 - Sabre Toothed Kebbits

52 - Kyatt Fur Clothing

53 - Chinchompas

54 - Gloves of Silence

55 - Sabre-toothed Kyatts

57 - Dark Kebbits

59 - Red Salamanders

60 - Lay up to 4 traps at a time

63 - Red Chinchompas

66 - Spottier Capes

66 - Wear Spottier Cape

67 - Black Salamanders

69 - Dashing Kebbits

71 - Set an Imp Trap

71 - Imps

80 - Lay up to 5 traps at a time




There are 4 main Hunter Areas: Woodland, Jungle, Snow, and Desert.



The woodland area is the more southern part of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony.



The Jungle Area is located South of Feldip Hills near Gu'Tanoth.



The Snow Area is located North of the entrance to Keldagrim.



The Desert Area is East of the River Elid and West of the Ruins of Uzer.

*When you go to the Desert make sure you take Waterskins.

*You can reach the jungle, snow and woodland regions using Fairy Rings.

Woodlands: AKQ

Jungle: AKS

Snow: DKS

Desert: DLQ Note: You will appear South of the Hunting Grounds, so run north but it is still closer then walking from Shantay Pass.



There are 4 primary factors in how well you hunt:

Your bait, Your smell, Your appearance, and the distance away from the trap you are.


Bait -

Certain creatures are attracted to certain bait more than others.

Smell -

When you reach level 39 Hunting, you can smoke the trap in order to improve your chances of capture.

Appearance -

If you are wearing clothing made out of the fur and skins of creatures in that region the more likely they are to fall into your trap, mainly because the creatures have a tendency to be wary around people.

Distance -

Recommended, you stay at least 5 spaces away to improve your capture.




Creatures - Level Required - Experience Gained

Polar kebbit - 1 - 30

Common kebbit - 3 - 36

Feldip weasel - 7 - 48

Desert devil - 13 - 68

Razorbacked kebbit - 49 - 348



Crimson swift - 1 - 34

Golden warbler - 5 - 48

Copper longtail - 9 - 61

Cerulean twitch - 11 - 64.5

Tropical wagtail - 19 - 95.5



Ruby harvest - 15 - 24

Sapphire glacialis - 25 - 34

Snowy knight - 35 - 44

Black warlock - 45 - 54


Deadfall Traps:

Wild kebbit - 23 - 128

Barbtailed kebbit - 33 - 168

Prickly kebbit - 37 - 204

Sabretooth kebbit - 51 - 200


Box Trap:

Ferret - - 27 - 115

Chinchompa - 53 - 198

Red chinchompa - 63 - 265


Net Trap:

Swamp lizard - 29 - 152

Orange salamander - 47 - 224

Red salamander - 59 - 272

Black salamander - 67 - 304


Pitfall Traps:

Spined larupia - 31 - 180

Horned graahk - 41 - 240

Sabretooth kyatt - 55 - 300



Spotted kebbit - 43 - 104

Dark kebbit - 57 - 132

Dashing kebbit - 69 - 156


Imp Box:

Imp - 71 - 450



Rabbit - 27 - 144



Giant Eagle - 27 - -



Required Item: Noose Wand

Required Quest: -


General Tracking: To track an animal you must move around obstacles and search for clues as to where the creature may be. Among these are gnawed plants, moving branches, moving obstacles, and food remains, there are four main tracking areas, snow, north of Keldagrim, jungle, south of Feldip Hills, woodland, south of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, and desert, east of the River Elid, and west of Uzer.


Snow Tracking:

You need to head north of the entrance to Keldagrim and continue going until you come to an icy plateau, continue moving north until you find steps and ascend them. Search in bushes, burrows, hollow logs and snow rifts. If you find nothing look somewhere else.



Jungle Tracking:

Head south of Gu'Tanoth, located southwest of Yanille, and search bushes, trees, and burrows.


Woodland Tracking:

Either walk around Eagle's Peak, or take the boat to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony and head south. Once again search bushes, burrows, and plants.


Desert Tracking:

Go southeast of Shantay Pass, between the River Elid and Uzer. Search plants, bushes, burrows, and rockslides.

When you do not find something you will see this message:




If you find animal tracks, do not go where they lead, look in areas around them:


As seen in the image above the tracks lead to a snow drift, don't search the snowdrift, search other nearby exits to find the next part of the track. When you have completed the track


search nearby areas and you will obtain a message, stating that it seems like something is hiding where you searched. So right-click that object and



Snow kebbit:



Common kebbit:



Feldip Weasel:



Desert Devil:



Razor-backed Kebbit:






To hunt birds, you will need bird snaresimageey2ca4.gif, which can be bought at the Hunting Stores. The main birds you can capture are: Crimson Swifts, Golden Warbler, Copper Longtails, Cerulean Twitches, and Tropical Wagtails. Each one when caught gives you feathers relating to itself.


Crimson Swifts - feather01mx0.gif


Golden Warblers - feather02xd8.gif


Copper Longtails - feather03dd1.gif


Cerulean Twitches - feather04bn7.gif


Tropical Wagtails - feather05ti9.gif


The red, orange, brown and blue feathers can either be sold to the Fancy Clothing store in East Varrock.

The Stripy feathers can be used to capture the fabled Rainbow Fish for which these are the only bait available.


Crimson Swifts are found on the beach in the Jungle region, when you get there with your bird snare(s), lay them and wait for a Crimson Swift to land on one, if you successfully capture it then it will fall over, if it flies off, it has escaped your trap, you need to disassemble it, and then reassemble it for the snare to work.



Wearing camouflage area that matches the reason and staying a distance away also helps capture birds, recommended 5+ spaces away.



This is how your snare looks if you fail:




Crimson Swift: crimsonswiftscaptureze7.png


Golden Warbler: goldenwarblerqk3.png


Copper Longtail: copperlongtailjf7.png


Cerulean Twitch: ceruleantwitchnv3.png


Tropical Wagtail: tropicalwagtailcapturenn5.png



There are four different types of butterflies: Red Harvest Butterflies, Sapphire Glacialis Butterflies, Snowy Knight Butterflies, and Black Warlock butterflies. To capture a Butterfly, you must have a Butterfly catching net, and Butterfly jars which can be bought from the shop. Red Harvest Butterflies are located in the woodlands region, Sapphire Glacialis and Snowy Knight Butterflies, are located in the snow region. Black Warlock Butterflies are located in the Jungle region. When in a multi-combat area you can use the butterflies to boost other users stats.


Butterfly - Image - Stat Boost

Ruby Harvest - rubyharvestjarvg3.gif - Attack

Sapphire Glacialis - sapphireglacialisjarob5.gif - Defence

Snowy Knight - snowyknightjarib0.gif - Hitpoints

Black Warlock - blackwarlockjaryd5.gif - Strength


Butterflies can be hard to spot as they move quickly and appear as specks of color, notice:



While holding a Butterfly Catching Net and Butterfly Jars, you will chase it and eventually catch it and put it in a jar.



Deadfall Traps:

Required Items: Logs and a Knife.



Deadfall traps are used to capture Wild Kebbits, which are in the woodlands, Barbtailed Kebbits, located in the jungle, Prickly Kebbits, located in the woodlands, and Sabretooth Kebbits located in the snow region.


To set a deadfall trap you must find a rock column on the ground.



When you have found a spot select Lay Trap.


It is then advised that you skewer bait onto the sticks..



Step away, and either the creature will get away or


Then check your trap to claim your reward.


Deadfall Bait:

Wild Kebbits are attracted to any raw meat.

Barbtailed Kebbits are attracted to Raw Rainbowfish which can only be fished in Seers River and Barbarian Village using Stripy feathers.

Prickly Kebbits are attracted to Barley which can be grown by using the farming skill.

Sabre-toothed Kebbits are attracted to Raw Meat.


Wild Kebbit - Bones, Kebbit Claws

Barbtailed Kebbit - Bones, Barb-tailed Harpoon

Prickly Kebbit - Bones, Kebbit Spike

Sabretooth Kebbit - Bones, Kebbit Teeth


Box Trapping:

Box trapping is used to hunt Ferrets, Chinchompas and Red Chinchompas. Chinchompas can be found in the woodlands, and Red Chinchompas can be found in the Jungle.

Make sure you buy a number of Box Traps with there being no limit to how many you can set up, and set them up near Ferrets or Chinchompas.


There is no bait for Ferrets, and they can only be hunted once you have completed the Eagles Peak Quest. They require level 27 to catch, and are ONLY found in the woodland region near Nickolaus' tent.



You can bait the boxes with Spicy Chopped Tomatoes for Chinchompas and Spiced Minced Meat for Red Chinchompas.



During a period of time without catches your boxes will fall over and you will need to reassemble them. If you make a successful catch the box will turn a dark color.


To make Spicy Chopped Tomatoes: Have a bowl in your inventory with a knife and tomato. Use the knife on the tomato, then add some Gnome Spice to it.


To make Spiced Minced Meat: Have a bowl in your inventory with a knife and cooked meat. Use the knife on the meat and then add Gnome Spice to it.


Chinchompas can be used as a Ranged Weapon.



Name - Required Range Level - Range Bonus

Chinchompa - 45 - +45.

Red Chinchompa - 55 - +70.


Attacking with Chinchompas

Chinchompas have 3 different types of attack styles: short, medium, long. These determine the length of the fuse. If your a short distance away from your opponent it would deal most damage short, a medium distance, medium would do most damage, and long is for a lengthy distance.



Net Trapping

Quest Requirements: Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril (Green Lizards)

Item Requirements: Small fishing net or Big Fishing Net, Rope.

Nets are used to trap lizards and salamanders, however these reptiles do not appear in the normal hunting regions, with the exception of Orange Salamanders found in the desert region.

Swamps(Green Lizards):


Chaos Altar near Ardougne(Red Salamanders):


Level 20 Wilderness near the Chaos Altar(Black Salamanders):



To obtain the bait for a Salamander or Lizard, you must first gain their related herbs.

Green Lizard - Guam Leaf

Orange Salamander - Marrentill

Red Salamander - Tarromin

Black Salamander - Harralander

Next head to Lumbridge Swamps and collect 15 pieces of Swamp Tar, then use the Swamp Tar on the grounded herb. You will get tar of the related herb.


Now go to the location, for the salamander you wish to catch. You need to find a tree which when you select will allow you to lay a net trap.


Then either just wait, or add the bait, step back and wait. When you capture the lizard or salamander the net will look like:


Check the net, you will obtain the lizard or salamander.


To be able to use your lizard or salamander as a weapon, you need to give it 15 pieces of its related herb tar.


Attack Bonuses


Green Lizard

Slash +10

Range +20

Strength +22


Orange Salamander

Slash +19

Range +29

Strength +31


Red Salamander

Slash +37

Range +47

Strength +48


Black Salamander

Slash +59

Range +69

Strength +71


Required Levels to wield:


Green Lizard:

Attack 30

Range 30

Magic 30


Orange Salamander:

Attack 50

Range 50

Magic 50


Red Salamander:

Attack 60

Range 60

Magic 60


Black Salamander:

70 Attack

70 Range

70 Magic


Fighting with these reptiles:

Scorch will increase your strength experience.

Flare will increase your range experience.

Blaze will increase your magic experience.


Pitfalls Trapping

Quest Required: -

Items Required: Logs, Knife, Teasing Stick

Pitfall trapping are used to capture, the larger creatures, that can't be caught normally with small hunting tricks. You can lay Pitfall traps in the jungle region hunting Larupias, on Karamja, northeast of Cairn Island, you can hunt horned Graahks, and in the snow region Sabretoothed Kyatts.



Once you have laid your traps, you need to lay two in case you don't capture the creature the first time, you need to use a Teasing Stick on the creature you wish to capture, and when it is chasing you, jump one of your pitfall traps. The creature chasing you will either walk on it and fall into the trap or jump the trap, and the creatures will not jump the same trap twice, so if it gets by your first one, jump your second and continue going around until you capture it.



Rewards from Pitfall Trapping:

Larupia: Good Larupia Fur, or Tattered Larupia Fur, Big Bones.

Horned Graahk: Good Horned Graahk Hides, or Tattered Horned Graahk Hides, Big Bones

Sabretooth Kyatt: Good Sabretooth Kyatt Fur, or Tattered Sabretooth Kyatt Fur, Big Bones.



Falconry allows you to use falcons for hunting in order to attack Spotted Kebbits, Dark Kebbits and Dashing Kebbits. To use a falcon you must pay its owner, Matthias for 500gp per time you enter.



You must remove your weapons and any hand equipment you may be wielding in order to use the falcon.


Have the falcon attack a kebbit to claim your reward.

Dark Kebbit:


Spotted Kebbit:


Dashing Kebbit:






At level 71 hunting, you can start catching imps. To hunt them, you need a magic box and beads. Beads are dropped by imps. Take any colored bead and place it into the magic box. Set up the magic box in an area populated with imps. Wait for the imps to walk over the box. If successful, the imp will be sucked into the box. If not, the imp will walk over the box and disable the trap. Simply set the trap up again and try again. If you catch an imp, you can release them or keep for personal use. You can use imps to send two items to the bank.




Once captured you have an Imp-in-a-box(2). The (2 marks that it will take your 2 items to the bank, whereas a (1) would mean you could only use it to send one item or one stack of items to the bank.



Right click on the Imp-in-a-box, and select the bank option which will allow you to ask the Imp to take 2 items, or 2 stacks of items to the bank.

*The Imp will flat out refuse to bank for you if you are past level 30 in the Wilderness.



To hunt rabbits you will need 27 Hunting and a Ferretferretpw9rc5.gif as well as a Rabbit Snare that can be bought at the Hunting Stores in Yanille or Nardah.


Lay the Rabbit Snares out in front of burrows in the woodland region, and send the Ferret in a burrow you didn't put a Rabbit Snare in front of. A Rabbit will eventually get caught in one of your snares allowing you to collect your prize.




Rewards: Rabbit Meat, Bones, and a Rabbits Foot.

The Rabbit Foot can be strung with a ball of wool, to make an amulet that when worn while woodcutting will increase the chances of getting birds nest drops.


*Note: That to capture a Rabbit, you must first capture a Ferret, and to capture a Ferret you need to complete Eagles' Peak.



To use a Giant Eagle you must have at least 27 Hunting and have completed the quest Eagles' Peak. A common misconception is that to use the Eagles you need to wear your Bird Costume that you obtained from the Quest (Fake Beak & Eagle Cape), however you did not. Bring Rope and go past the first Eagle in the Eagles' Peak cavern. There you will find three eagles, a Polar Eagle, a Jungle Eagle, and a Deset Eagle. Each will take you to the places they are named for:



Jungle: If you use a rope on this particular Eagle you will be brought to the Eagles' Dungeon in the Jungle. If you exit this area, you may not turn around because you will fall a little ways from a cliff, that is unreachable unless you have a Thatching Spar obtained from Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup or a Teasing Stick that you can use with the young vine to help it grow, making it able for you to climb back up into the cave.


Polar: If you use a rope on this particular Eagle you will be brought to the Eagles' Dungeon in the Snow region. When you exit this dungeon you will appear on a crevice and must use handholds to get down, and this time you can go back up to use the Eagle again, to return to the Woodland.


Desert: If you use a rope on this particular Eagle you will be brought to the Eagles' Dungeon in the Desert region, however you cannot exit this dungeon unless you have entered it from the desert at a point in time beforehand, and moved the boulder out of the way.




The entrance to this dungeon is located north of the desert pheonix and west of the clay mines of the Ruins of Uzer.




You can use your fur and some gp to have it turned into camouflage clothing. Go to the Fancy Dress Shop in East Varrock, and ask if he can make your furs into clothing.



Polar Camo Top: 2 Polar Kebbit Furs and 20gp.

Polar Camo Legs: 2 Polar Kebbit Furs and 20gp.

Wood Camo Top: 2 Common Kebbit Furs and 20gp.

Wood Camo Legs: 2 Common Kebbit Furs and 20gp.

Jungle Camo Top: 2 Feldip Weasel Furs and 20gp.

Jungle Camo Legs: 2 Feldip Weasel Furs and 20gp.

Desert Camo Top: 2 Desert Devil Furs and 20gp.

Desert Camo Legs: 2 Desert Devil Furs and 20gp.

Larupia Headdress: 1 Good Larupia Fur and 500gp.

Larupia Top: Any one Larupia Fur and 100gp.

Larupia Legs: Any one Larupia Fur and 100gp.

Graahk Headdress: 1 Good Graahk Hide and 750gp.

Graahk Top: Any one Graahk Hide and 150gp.

Graahk Legs: Any one Graahk Hide and 150gp.

Kyatt Headdress: 1 Good Kyatt Fur and 1000gp.

Kyatt Top: Any one Kyatt Fur and 200gp.

Kyatt Legs: Any one Kyatt Fur and 200gp.

Gloves of Silence: 2 Dark Kebbit Furs and 600gp.

Spotted Cape: 2 Spotted Kebbit Furs and 400gp.

Spottier Cape: 2 Dashing Kebbit Furs and 800gp.


Spotted Cape Stats:


Stab: +0

Slash: +0

Crush: +0

Magic: +0

Range: +0



Stab: +0

Slash: +1

Crush: +1

Magic: +0

Range: +2


Other Bonuses:

Strength: +0

Prayer: +0


Spottier Cape Stats:


Stab: +0

Slash: +0

Crush: +0

Magic: +0

Range: +0



Stab: +0

Slash: +1

Crush: +1

Magic: +0

Range: +2


Other Bonuses:

Strength: +0

Prayer: +0



* Gloves of Silence, will make the chances of thieving more successful, however they degrade little by little each time you are caught.

* Spotted Cape will reduce your weight by 2kg.

* Spottier Cape will reduce your weight by 5kg.


Snow Camo:


Jungle Camo:


Wood Camo:


Desert Camo:


Larupia Camo:


Graahk Camo:


Kyatt Camo:




Update: Used Microsoft Word to fix some words.

Speacial change to Special.

soutern changed to southern.

branchs changed to branches.

flys changed to flies.

camoflage change to camouflage

Butterflys changed to Butterflies.

Fixed Spelling for Priest.


If you are having trouble loading the pictures, please refresh the page, sometimes all the pictures work and sometimes they show as IPB reason, unknown why.

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Good luck on this guide! I know you will do well! You might want to list easy ways to get to the hunting areas!

---MaxRide :cheers:

That would occur in a Hunter Help Guide, I am basically writing the guide that says where you go, what you do, what you catch and your xp earned.

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No offence, but you're saying that the other guides are pathetic, and there nowhere near finished! And sorry to say but your guide isnt very detailed. Nor does it have a 'brilliant' layout. And remember, you can't steal anybody elses ideas.

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No offence, but you're saying that the other guides are pathetic, and there nowhere near finished! And sorry to say but your guide isnt very detailed. Nor does it have a 'brilliant' layout. And remember, you can't steal anybody elses ideas.

And if you know me at all, your going to wait a while first :).


I got the pictures I can currently get for Snow, Jungle, and Woods.


I am in the desert now taking pics, then Swamps.


And Actually if you knew something I write it on the forum I test skins on simultaneously :ice:.

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Feel free to use ANYTHING you want from this, or just rip its guts out and rewrite it, I know you will do a good job :blink:


I have taken away the first bracket on all my pictures so that it doesnt take up too much room on your topic, also the maps are decidedly dodgy, pm me with what you require and i will go do it :santa:





It is post 6, and very incomplete at the moment, it was just meant to be somewhere for people to look at and get a general idea seeing as most are allergic to the knowledge database :)


I will just post it all here seeing as that is what people are doing, use what you want :santa:


Anyway...First speak to the guy in the yanille shop to start this skill, buy 1 bird snare and/or a noose wand, once you have this, goto cwars, then walk east then south so you get south of the feldip hills, and then walk around looking for birds circling ahead...click on your snare to set up the trap, then it is simply a case of waiting, if a bird lands on your trap yet doesnt spring it, you will need to set it up again, the same as if it falls over, you cant get anything with an unlaid trap :P


Each creature gives the following exp:



Birds Snare Creatures


Lvl 01 - Crimson Swift - 34 EXP

Lvl 05 - Golden Warbler - 47 EXP

Lvl 09 - Copper Longtail - 61 EXP

Lvl 11 - Cerulean twitch - 64 EXP

Lvl 19 - Tropical Wagtail - 95 EXP



Deadfall Creatures


Lvl 23 - Wild Kebbit - __ EXP

Lvl 33 - Barbtailed Kebbit - 168 EXP

Lvl 37 - Prickly Kebbit - 204 EXP

Lvl 51 - Sabretooth Kebbit - 204 EXP


Boxtracking Creatures


Lvl 53 - Chinchompa - ___ EXP

Lvl 63 - Red chinchompa ___ EXP


Net Trap Creatures


Lvl 29 - Swamp lizard - 152 EXP

Lvl 47 - Orange salamander - 224 EXP

Lvl 59 - Red salamander - ___ EXP

Lvl 67 - Black salamander - ___ EXP


Tracking Creatures


Lvl 01 - Polar Kebbit - 30 EXP

Lvl 03 - Common Kebbit - 30 EXP

Lvl 07 - Feldip Weasel - 48 EXP

Lvl 13 - Desert Devil - __ EXP

Lvl 49 - Razorbacked Kebbit - 348 EXP



Butterfly Netting


Lvl 15 - Ruby harvest - 20 EXP

Lvl 25 - Sapphire Glacialis - 34 EXP

lvl 35 - Snowy knight - 44 EXP

Lvl 45 - Black Warlock - 54 EXP


Falconry Creatures


Lvl 43 - Spotted Kebbit - 104 EXP

Lvl 57 - Dark Kebbit - ___ EXP

Lvl 69 - Dark Kebbit - ___ EXP



Lvl 31 - Spinded Larupia - 180 EXP

Lvl 41 - Horned Graahk - 240xp

Lvl 55 - Sabretooth Kyatt - ___xp

youwill also get bones and raw bird meat, as well as feathers, as far as i can tell these are for use in *edit* fletching?


I havent yet done any others, but once i have the required lvls i will start on those..


Sidenote, Kebbits are way too time-consuming for the purposes of experience or reward when first starting the skill, for pure experience/time start snaring birds, it can be frustrating when they dont land on your snare, yet it is far more so running around for upto 20 minutes looking for those elusive tracks.....


All you need to do is for snaring birds is walk around a bit, and watch where the birds fly...could take a minute or two... and then click on your snare in inventory once you are happy with your positioning, your character will automatically place it on the ground set up and you will take one step to the east, once a bird lands on it, it will either ensnare the bird, or fail, if it fails, you will see the top part lower to the ground and you will have to reset it, same as if you leave your trap for a while, if nothing lands on it, it may fall over, you must reset in this case.


If this is missing anything, i will add whatever you tell me, this is my first time doing one of these while first learning, so i may omit certain things :aware:



When you get to hunt kebbits, goto grab a noose wand from the yanille shopkeeper and then goto the feldip area and inspect a burrow, you should end up with tracks...




Follow them and then search the local flowers and fauna...you may end up with more...




Search a bush if the tracks appear to stop there...If they dont stop there, check ALL the local plants to pick up the trail again...




And there we are! we now have some pelts :aware:


If you want, you can now buy better clothing from the Fancy-Dress shop to be found in the very south east corner of Varrock as you get higher up in the skill, these will give a better chance of catching something without waiting all day,though you will need to supply the materials, four furs and 40 gp for the polar kebbit clothes... i am personally choosing polar clothing, cos it looks cool and i am in that area anyway, i have also moved my house to Relekah for easy access...



This is what I have managed to map at this time, I apologise for the hard to read text, the numbers should compensate :P




#1 Crimson Swift (Snare)

#2 Feldip Weasels (track)

#3 Jungle Wagtails (snare)

#4 Spined Larupia

#5 Barbtailed Kebbit

#6 Gnome Glider (offscreen) *Note* Un-usable at this time but may come into use in a new update.




#1 Sabre Toothed Kyatt

#2 Cerulean twitches (bird snare)

#3 Sapphire glacialis (butterfly netting)

#4 Polar kebbit (tracking)








I should point out, that if anyone wants to get away from the crowded area's with those butterflies, you will be commiting butter-cide...these will instantly disappear when took out of the cold. :ice:


*Edit...Of course by this I mean that if you release them into the wild, not such a good idea, leave them in your jars people :P



Anyways, I have written a small guide to what to bring, this is polar-specific, change as you see fit :s






Ok, First of all you are probably wondering what to bring, I will list for specifically the polar hunting grounds:


Polar Camoflage:

So they cant see you crashing through the snow at them as easily, this will give a better chance of success.


Dueling Ring:

This will allow you to teleport to the bank at Castle Wars easily, and as you need nothing else in this slot, and they are reasonably cheap, these are a good choice.


Teleport Runes to house:

If you set up your house in Rellekah, you only have a short run to make back to the hunting ground, these are a must have if you are serious about skilling up the levels in the fastest time possible.


Butterfly Net & Jars:

How many you bring is upto you, depending on how many furs you wish to collect, I prefer to grab as many as possible, Teleport to Castle wars and then Collect some more, these will give some fairly good bonuses to your comrades in battle, so worth collecting if you are a team player.


Bird Snare:

At Level 20 you can set up 2 at once Yet it is best to bring 4, so that when running after butterflies or tracking you will always have a couple on stand-by if they "disappear" or you forget where you put them.

*Note* Your snares only dissappear if they catch something or fall down and you leave them for a long time, much like anything left on the ground.


Noose Wand:

These are for the Kebbits, You only need one as it is weildable and doesnt disappear after 1 use.


****I will add more as I recognise the need, hope this helps you :s



The best recommended way to train is to set up your snares on the northern reaches on the map, up where the bird are flying around, and then goto inspect a burrow, and follow it, you can leave the trail for a short time periodically to check your snares or reset them, and then return to the trail, it will not disappear as soon as you turn your back, but your snares will fall down that quickly it will seem.


****IMPORTANT You Must Have 3 slots free at ALL TIMES to collect your Furs or Birds.


Low Alch


Bird Snare 2 gold

butterfly net 8gold

polar kebbit fur 4 gold

box trap 12

magic box 240

orange feather 5

red feather 4

brown feather 6

blue feather 6

unlit torch 1

butter fly har 0

stripy feather 8

feldip weasel fur 5

desert camo top 8

desert camo bottoms 8

noose wand 1

teasing stick 20



High Alch


Bird Snare 3'

butterfly net 8

polar kebbit fur 6'

box trap ---

magic box ---

orange feather 7'

red feather 6'

brown feather 9'

blue feather 9'

unlit torch ---

butter fly jar 0

stripy feather 12

feldip weasel fur 9'

desert camo top 12

desert camo bottoms 12'

polar camo pants & top 12each

noose wand 2'

teasing stick 20'

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isnt there already a hunter skill guide already in progress

Don't matter, the best is the one that gets chosen.

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Ahh such a competion for the guide and getting your name on the site.Knowing Cxk I think he'll make it best.He does it slow,but stead (and good)


@ Masterchefsp , a good guide is one that has better info in it.Maybe you just look at the pictures but not in the content :ice:

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Lol, nice guide Cxk! :aware: It'll help since I'm just starting Hunter. :D

Good luck, and people come on I need help, I mean I know I go slow, but thats because I want to make it the best it can be.

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When i posted that they didnt have any pics and i read the thing through twice. I would give advice but i'm doing a guide. lol =P

Edited by Masterchefsp

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Feel free to use any of my materials which are the transparent picture version of the items. I will post them here and give you each one of their codes. Good luck with the guide, too. :aware:




























































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Just PM me with what pictures and mapping you need, or whatever else, you are the leader in this, I need direction...I could've made a guide with what I had posted in the Update forums, but I do not have your experience at it, if you need something, I will supply it, better to be kind of slow at getting a guide out and have it be the best, than rushed and substandard :P

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isnt there already a hunter skill guide already in progress


Ya but the other ones aren't as detailed.


Nice guild though. Can't wait to see you finish it.

Edited by Riku ~Bored~

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Heres a box image;

Thanks, just do you know how it works? Description of telling would help.

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Box Traps: The box trap can be used to catch cincompa (Woodland) and red cincompa (Jungle) by luring these little creatures into an open box trap. First you need to buy some box traps from the hunter stores (Please Note to buy a few of them since you are allowed to have multiple box traps set up without a level requirement). Then you can bait the cincompa with spicy chopped tomatoes and red cincompas with spicy menace meat. After awhile and you still have no catch your boxes will fall over and you will need to reassemble or you may fail to catch a cincompa and you will also have to re assemble. But if you catch one your box will turn dark and you'll need to check on it.


Go ahead and make this a bit more detailed if you wish. Or tell me what it needs and I will redo =]


Also here is the reward.


Edited by Kebkin.

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I am only writing this because the other guides so far seem pathetic.


thats not a real nice thing to say.


but apart from that nice guide i got a pic of a fallen down bird trap if you want it ?

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I am only writing this because the other guides so far seem pathetic.


thats not a real nice thing to say.


but apart from that nice guide i got a pic of a fallen down bird trap if you want it ?



I already have about 20 of those myself :P. And sometimes the truth hurts, so what is wrong with being honest?


Kebkin. you are extremely helpful :P.

Edited by Cxkslei

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