Guilds are specialized establishments open to players who have reached a certain skill level, completed a particular quest, or who have earned a certain number of Quest Points. Every guild has its own unique features, including easy access to tools and resources in order to train the skill it is devoted to, or shops selling items that are not sold elsewhere.

It's worth noting that Stat Boosters can help players enter a guild with skill requirements.

Icon Title Member Status
Champions' Guild Champions' Guild Freeplay
Cooks' Guild Cooks' Guild Freeplay
Crafting Guild Crafting Guild Freeplay
Fishing Guild Fishing Guild Members
Heroes' Guild Heroes' Guild Members
Legends' Guild Legends' Guild Members
Mining Guild Mining Guild Freeplay
Prayer Guild (Monastery) Prayer Guild Freeplay
Ranging Guild Ranging Guild Members
Runecrafting Guild Runecrafting Guild Freeplay
Warriors' Guild Warriors' Guild Members
Wizards' Guild Wizards' Guild Members

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