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Welcome to the Champions' Guild! Located a short distance south of the city of Varrock, the guild is accessible to both Freeplayers and Members. Despite its size, this small guild has some interesting attractions, including the most difficult Freeplay quest as well as a Members-only Activity!

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Essential Info


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Getting There

Combat Bracelet (Members-only)

Combat BraceletTeleport directly to the Champions' Guild using a Combat Bracelet (enchanted dragonstone bracelet). This is the fastest possible method, as it teleports you to the guild itself. If you run out of charges, just recharge your bracelet at the Legends' Guild Golden Totem Pole.

Canoe (Members-only)

Canoe oarTake a Canoe to just southeast of the Champions' Guild. You need at least level 12 Woodcutting, as well as an axe, to make a Canoe. Other canoe stations around Runescape include Edgeville, the Barbarian Village, and Lumbridge.

From Varrock Center

Varrock teleportTeleport to Varrock. From the Varrock square, walk to the southernmost entrance of Varrock. The Champions' Guild is slightly southwest of the exit. To cast Varrock teleport, you need level 25 Magic, you will need a Law Rune, a Fire Rune, and 3 Air Runes.

A map to the Champion's Guild

The Ground Floor

Once you enter the Champions' Guild, you will be greeted by the Guildmaster:

Guildmaster: Greetings bold adventurer. Welcome to the guild of Champions.

The Guildmaster is the quest-start for the quest Dragon Slayer, in which you must kill the mighty dragon Elvarg! This quest is arguably the hardest Freeplay quest, and it allows you to wear Rune Platebodies and Green Dragonhide Bodies, along with giving you some Strength and Defence experience. After the quest, or during the quest if need be, you can talk to the Guildmaster to get another Maze Key, which allows you access to Melzar's Maze.

Directly east of the Guildmaster's room is an outside garden containing five chickens. These chickens, like all other chickens, drop feathers (in groups of 5, 10 or 15), raw chicken and bones. You can save the feathers for Fishing or Fletching and bury the bones.

The chicken area

You can also cook the raw chicken on a convenient range, located south of the Guildmaster's room.

A range in the champions' guild

The First Floor

Two NPC shopkeepers inhabit the first floor: Scavvo and Valaine. Scavvo is an eccentric, spiky-haired man.

Scavvo: 'Ello matey! D'ya wanna buy some exciting new toys?

Scavvo sells various pieces of Runite and Green Dragonhide armor, as well as some Rune weapons. However, Scavvo does not sell Rune Platebodies and Green Dragonhide bodies, as these are only sold by Oziach in Edgeville.

Scavvo's Rune Store
Rune Plateskirt Rune Plateskirt 64,000gp
Rune Platelegs Rune Platelegs 64,000gp
Rune Mace Rune Mace 14,400gp
Rune Chainbody Rune Chainbody 50,000gp
Rune Longsword Rune Longsword 32,000gp
Rune Sword Rune Sword 20,800gp
Green D'hide Chaps Dragonhide Chaps 3,900gp
Green D'hide Vambraces Dragon Vambraces 2,500gp
Coif Coif 200gp

The second shopkeeper is a woman named Valaine.

Valaine: Hello there. Want to have a look at what we're selling today?

Valaine always sells several miscellaneous pieces of armor, as well as a blue Cape. She also serves as the Champions' Guild's General Store, as you can sell her items for the same price as you would a regular General Store.

Valaines Shop of Champions
Cape (blue) Blue Cape 41gp
Black Full Helm Black Full Helm 1,372gp
Black Platelegs Black Plate Legs 2,496gp
Adamant Platebody Adamant Platebody 16,640gp

The Basement

If you go down the trapdoor in the Guildmaster's room, you will find yourself in the Champions' Guild basement. Please keep in mind that the basement, as well as its inhabitants, are Members' only. Inhabiting the basement are the "masters" of each Runescape race.

A map of the champions' guild basement

These are the masters of the Runescape races that inhabit the basement:













Doorman larxusChallenge scrollAdditionally, the basement is home of the Champion's Challenge Activity. If you receive a Challenge Scroll from killing a monster, take it to the Champions' Guild basement and give it to Doorman Larxus. He will organize a fight between you and the given champion. Each champion has its own rules, so please see the Champions Challenge Activity guide for more details.

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