Crafting Guild

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The Crafting Guild, located between Falador and Rimmington, provides an excellent location to further hone your Crafting skills.

Essential Info


  • Skills: 40 Crafting
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.
  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Getting There


Boots of LightnessYou can walk to the Crafting Guild at anytime, for there are no requirements or obstacles to get to it.


Magic bookYou can cast a Falador Teleport spell, and walk from there. Note that a Magic level of 37 is required to cast Falador Teleport. You could alternatively teleport to the Falador lodestone as well.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloonThere is a landing area for Hot Air Balloons just by the Crafting Guild, making it an ideal form of transportation to get there.

Note: To use Hot Air Balloons, you must complete the Enlightened Journey quest.

Skills Necklace (Members-only)

Skills NecklaceYou can use a Skills Necklace (enchanted Dragonstone Necklace) to teleport directly to the Crafting Guild.

Note: You need 68 Magic to enchant a Dragonstone Necklace.

Clan Vexillium

Teleport to the clan camp using the clan vexillium (requires that you must be in a clan) and walk southwest.

Armadyl Token

Teleport to the Armadyl tower using the armadyl token and walk southwest.

Map of the Guild

Here is a map of the area surrounding the Crafting Guild. Click on an area to learn more about it!

A map of the crafting guild and the surrounding area.The Crafting GuildThe Makeover MageHobgoblin PeninsulaRimmington Mine

The Ground Floor

The bottom floor holds the entrance to the Crafting Guild. Upon entering, you will be greeted by the eldest of the three Master Crafters.

Master Crafter: Welcome to the Guild of Master Craftsmen
The first floor of the Crafters' Guild

(1) Furnace and Amulet Mould

In the northwest of the room you'll find an Amulet mould, and a handy furnace for hardening any pottery you have made.

(2) Jug and Potter Wheels

Here you'll find a Jug respawn, which, when filled, allows to make Clay into Soft Clay. You can fill the jug in a sink just south of here.

(3) Chisel and Hammer Respawn

This is just a table with a hammer and a chisel on it, which you are free to take.

The Mine

Containing the most plentiful surplus of Gold and Silver rocks, this mine is one of the most crowded. Freeplayers may have to hop worlds several times before finding a reasonably empty world. There are 7 Gold rocks, 6 Silver rocks, and 6 Clay rocks to be mined here. The nearest bank for storing mined ores is Falador East.

The crafting guild mine, filled with silver, gold and clay

The Second Floor

The second floor of the Crafting Guild is very small.

The second floor of the Crafters' Guild

(1) Spinning Wheels

These are two ordinary spinning wheels, which allow you to spin Wool, Flax, and Magic Tree Roots. You can use these free of charge.

(2) Unholy Mould and Necklace Mould

Two more handy crafting respawns, this time being a Unholy mould and Necklace mould.

(3) Ring Mould and Tiara Mould

Another ordinary respawn; here you can find a Ring mould and a Tiara mould.

(4) Tanner

Tanner: Greetings friend. I am a manufacturer of leather.

This tanner will tan any hides for a small fee, including Cow, Snakeskin, and Dragon.

What hides would you like tanning?

(5) Shears

Shears are used to obtain Wool from sheep, and can be found atop this barrel.

The Cow Field

Note: the cow field is accessible to anyone, and you do not need a specific Crafting Level to enter.

The Crafting Guild cow field

(1) Cows

With 10 cows and 2 cow calves, this makes a great place to obtain your hides. When killed, these drop Cowhide, Bones, and Raw beef. You can get your hides tanned quickly by the Tanner in the guild.

(2) Dairy Cows

Although not used in the Crafting skill, 2 Dairy cows have been placed here. By Milking them, you can fill your empty buckets with milk!

Note that when standing in the western part of the cow field, you can safely range or mage the Hobgoblins (Level-28, Level-42) on the peninsula to the west.

Other Attractions

The Makeover Mage

The Makeover Mage likes to raise sheep, so with the shears from the Crafting guild you can easily get wool here! Note that you may need to attempt this more than once, as sheep sometimes get away. You can spin your wool on the second floor of the crafting guild.

The Makeover Mage's sheep

Hobgoblin Peninsula

Another important part of the Crafting Guild; here you can find 2 Snape Grass respawns, and Medium pile of sand. You can fill two buckets with one Medium pile of sand.

Hobgoblin peninsula is home to many goblins!

Rimmington Mine

Although not an actual part of the guild, there are two more Clay rocks here should the actual guild be too crowded.

The Rimmington mine

Crafting Supply Store

In Rimmington, you can find Rommik, who sells a variety of Crafting tools. Some of these respawn in the guild, but others can be bought here. This is a very handy shop for crafters, as the shop is so close to the Crafting paradise!

Rommik's Crafty Supplies
Chisel Chisel 10 14gp
Ring Mould Ring Mould 10 5gp
Necklace Mould Necklace Mould 10 5gp
Amulet Mould Amulet Mould 10 5gp
Needle Needle 10 1gp
Thread Thread 1000 4gp
Holy Mould Holy Mould 10 5gp
Sickle Mould Sickle Mould 10 10gp
Tiara Mould Tiara Mould 10 100gp
Bolt mould Bolt Mould 10 25gp
Bolt mould Bracelet Mould 10 5gp



Master Crafter (Oldest)

The man that greets you when you enter the guild. When you reach level 99 Crafting, you can buy a Crafting Cape of Accomplishment, or Skillcape, from him.

Master crafter

Master Crafter (Adult)

Master crafter

Master Crafter (Youngest)

Master crafter



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