Prayer Guild (Monastery)

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Welcome to the Prayer Guild, home to Saradomin Monks. You will find many interesting attractions, from the ground floor of the Monastery to the Guild upstairs.

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Essential Info


  • Skills: 31 Prayer
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.
  • Skills: None.
  • Quests: None.
  • Items: None.

Getting There

Walking or Running

From Edgeville

Amulet of GloryThe closest city to the Monastery would be Edgeville. Some ways of getting to Edgeville are:

  • Rubbing a charged Amulet of Glory.
  • Using Canoes.
  • Using a Skull Sceptre, available to get at the Stronghold of Security, and teleporting to Barbarian Village. Then head north.

After getting to Edgeville, head north up to the Wilderness, then go southwest and you'll arrive at the northern entrance of the Monastery.

From Barbarian Village

Skull SceptreAnother path to the Monastery can be from Barbarian Village. You can get there using a Skull Sceptre. Go through the fence to the east and you should see a forest in the north. Walk through it and soon you should arrive at the southern entrance of the Monastery.

Combat Bracelet

Combat BraceletTo get there directly, simply rub a Combat Bracelet and choose to teleport to the Monastery.

The Ground Floor

The ground floor of the Monastery has a few interesting attractions, and is the entrance to the Prayer Guild above. Although it isn't really a part of the Prayer Guild, it's still an important part of the Monastery where the Prayer Guild resides.

A map of the prayer guild ground floor

(1) Wilderness Ditch

At the northernmost section of the Monastery is a group of Sheep and Level-2 Rams, marking the beginning of the Wilderness. With a pair of Shears, you can Shear the Sheep to acquire Wool, which can be used to make Balls of Wool. Balls of Wool can be crafted into Amulet Strings, or they can be traded with Ned in Draynor Village for Rope. In the Rag and Bone Man quest, they can drop Ram Skulls.


(2) Cabbage Patch

A bit south is a patch of 12 Cabbages, which you can pick and eat, to heal 10 Life Points. They are also commonly used in the Black Knights' Fortress quest, as it is very near the fortress. Surrounding the Cabbages are some red, pink, and white rose bushes, which play a role in Garden of Tranquillity.

The Prayer Guild garden

(3) Courtyard

Continuing south, you will find the courtyard, containing four Fountains and a few Level-5 Monks. You can fill your Bowls, Buckets, Jugs, Vials, and such by using them with a Fountain. The Monks are very popular to fight because they hit low and can heal themselves, causing the fight to last longer. Therefore, you will get more experience points. If you talk to one, you can ask him to heal your Life Points. They can heal up to 150.

The courtyard of the Prayer Guild

(4) East Corridor

There are two buildings to the east and west. The ladders inside lead to the Prayer Guild. In the building to the east is Abbot Langley. You can ask him to heal you as well. He can heal up to 120 Life Points.

Brother Abott

The Prayer Guild

If you have over 31 Prayer, you can go up the ladder in either of the corridors to enter the Prayer Guild, with a few interesting attractions.

Map of upstairs of the monastery

(1) Kharid Scorpion

One of the first thing you will see is the Kharid Scorpion. It plays a role in Scorpion Catcher. If you aren't using the cage from the quest and try to pick it up, it will sting you and deal thirty damage.

A Kharid scorpion is scuttling around the guild!

(2) Monk Robe Respawn

Monk's Robe TopMonk's Robe BottomGo through the door to the east and on the table you'll find a table with a Monk's Robe top and bottom respawn. The top has a +6 Prayer bonus and the bottom has a +5 Prayer bonus.

A monk robe respawn

(3) Altar

Go through the north door again and you'll see a Level-5 Monk. Go through the west door of that room and you'll enter a room with a special altar. It is the only altar in RuneScape, apart from the one you can use after completing Nature Spirit, in which praying at it will heal your Prayer Points and it'll add an extra two, but it doesn't raise your Prayer level, unfortunately. For example, if somebody with 41 Prayer prays at the altar, they'll get 43/41 Prayer points. It doesn't mean that they can use the prayer, Protect from Melee, though.

The prayer guild altar gives a +2 prayer bonus when prayed at

(4) Brother Jered

Holy SymbolIn the room just north of the western ladder, you'll see another Level 5 Monk and Brother Jered. He can sell you a Prayer Cape of Achievement for 99,000 coins if you have a Prayer level of 99. He will also bless any Unblessed Symbols that you have, to turn them into a Holy Symbol . You can make Unblessed Symbols by smelting a Silver Bar in a furnace with a Holy Symbol Mould. Then use a Ball of Wool with it. If you wear it, it will give you a +8 Prayer bonus.

Brother Jered



Abbot Langley

Abbot langley

Brother Althric

Brother althric

Brother Jered

Brother jered




Kharid Scorpion

Kharidian scorpion




Level: 2


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