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Earlier this year, Jagex got in contact with us and we began discussing the possibility of some really cool changes (we'll share more info when we have specific details) in the future. Of those changes, they offered us an opportunity to interview them and ask questions related to RuneScape. A few weeks ago, a thread was posted in General RuneScape Discussion asking what three questions you most wanted to ask Jagex. A selection of these questions were sent to Jagex and here are the answers!

Published on: April 25, 2009 12:48 AM UTC

The Interview

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Do you plan to make more outfits that blend in well with certain skillcapes? - Warrior Zynk
That's certainly a suggestion to consider! Certain outfits out there already match fairly well. If you have more specific suggestions (colours, shapes etc.), feel free to suggest!

Are there going to be future updates to a few mini-games such as castle wars, duel arena, fight pits, and duel tournaments which are begging for tweakings? – Keldo
I can't say for sure. Some of those games have already come a long way but are always open to improvements. All they need is the right suggestions!

You stated that this year is a year of improvements. What kind of stuff are you looking at improving? (minigames, skills, general graphics, etc) – Kemosabe
Graphics are actively working on updating the look of the game (check the fairy area development diary) We (programmers) are fixing bugs and giving a buff to what needs it. There'll be improvements to the world map, adding more "quick" options and many other things! And we're also on the lookout for more things to improve, so any suggestions are welcome!

If TT rewards are "random", how do you prevent somebody from getting too many large or small rewards? - Don Florty
Treasure trails rewards work a bit like the drops you get when you kill a monster. It picks a random number, checks a pre-determined table that contains all possible rewards for that number then gives you the result. The only restrictions on there are what objects it can drop, but there isn't any inside balancing mechanism to favour a more/less valuable drop if the last one you had was "too small" or "too large". If someone gets many large rewards, they're just incredibly lucky!

Will the highscores break when the top player gets another half billion experience or so? - Neo Avatars
No. We've thought of that, and the high scores system will cope with anything you can throw at it! Do your worst!

John A
Could you give me a general overview of the development of RuneScript? – Vorgore
The RuneScript scripting language has been continually developing since the game started. Back in the days of RuneScape Classic it was quite primitive, as the long-serving developers who remember those days sometimes like to remind the newer ones. When we upgraded from Classic to the current RuneScape the scripting language was totally re-written. Since then it's had new features added to it continually – not just new things it's able to do, but also structural changes to make it easier to write complex code in it. It's gradually transformed from simple beginnings to a fully-featured scripting language that allows us to do some quite advanced things.

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