High Level Players Interview

Sal's Realm was offered the chance to interview some of the top players in RuneScape and ask them questions about their RuneScape career. Here are their answers to our questions! A big thanks goes to all the players who took the time to participate in this interview!

Published on: September 12, 2009 01:31 AM UTC

Table of Contents

The Interview

High-level players are often seen as exclusive and 'private.' Do you agree with this view of yourselves or do you take part in fansite/RSOF/Clan activities?
Buckeyeman69: I disagree, I surf and post quite often.
Pesty Boy: I communicate with clan members regularly, can't say i bother with much else, more trouble than its worth.
Gypsyo86: I keep to my self but if I see something I like doing I’ll join others.
Lord Bunkie: I take part in a lot of discussions on fan sites. I’m just a normal player. I just skilled more and probably played longer than most people.
Zarfot: I post on RSOF a lot but I don't participate in any clan activities.
Alexmorganis: I don't think this stereotype is true at all. For example, a number of maxed players, including myself, are part of clans. The clan I'm in, Divination, has a dozen maxed players or so. 
Lucipher6: I'm in supreme skillers clan but don't use any other forums/fansites a lot. I like to be left alone so that view suits me.
Deirdrel: I am by nature a shy person. Lately, I’m very busy in real life and have little time to play. When I do play, I often have a set list of things to do. So, what might seem reclusive to others is just me very focused on doing a task. I do belong to one small off site forum. 
Omustardo: I like posting on Zybez question/answer forum but I got banned from there(no idea why..) and it took 6 or so months to get unbanned so I haven't been active there recently. I used to post a lot on the RSOF but I haven't posted much outside of the High Level forum recently. I think that I take less part in community activities now but I don't think it's because I'm maxed.. more that I just play less now. 
Caleddon: I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m in a clan and I post infrequently on RSOF and a fansite forum.
Da Broman1: i do clan activites not really into other 2 
Robertas16: I still use some of the fansites, they're a big help sometimes, you're doing a good job on trying to help all the Rs players, thanks!
Jdelacroix: There's only so much you can do. If you invited your Senator/President/Prime minister/Mayor over to your birthday party, do you think he'd come? Maybe if he knew you well, but otherwise probably not. I'm not saying we're more important than others, just higher profile for the most part. 
Gemini Pro: Maybe to a certain extent, as I'm less likely to talk ingame now because of all the childish comments my levels attract. I do visit several fansites/RSOF regularly, although it's mostly just reading to be honest. I'm in a clan at the moment. SBFU #1!
Killer9038: try to get involved in things but work gets in the way alot nowadays. 
Warlordace1: In a way this is true of a lot of maxed players. Fan sites are nice and I really do appreciate the RS forums but clans have never really been my thing yet I do like going into clan chats sometimes. 
Arwen824: I have to admit I am not much of a fansite/forums person but I am open to questions and discussions in game when I run into people at places such as rogues den. 
Codeski: Well, some high levels are very private, and some aren't. I'm the type to socialize and I am in a clan myself and read lots of cool, interesting stuff on the RSOF.
Osijek: Well I personally don’t like clans but many higher level players are in those so I don’t think we are exclusive or private. It mostly comes naturally that higher level player adds other higher level players because they have more in common. Also some hate to hear same questions over and over and that is the reason some sometimes act or look “stuck up” and are shut down towards newer players. 
Druss4life: taking part in one right now 
Calibanio: I am not currently in a clan however when I was I always attended events. I mainly post on the high level forums on RSOF. Nowadays I tend to keep to myself talking to my closest friends. 
Bratwurst80: I’m pretty private however when I’m around others while training I talk openly. My friendslist is almost never on but its not because I’m a snob, I just find that I cannot keep up with what is going on in real life and what I missed in chat. Maybe someday I will have more time for clans etc. 
Xtreme Azn 1: Im currently not in any clan, And I kind of do stick to myself abit, But its only because I like concertrating on my goals. 
Arce13: I have a strange habbit - I hate posting on forums, either Fansites or RSOF. I do take part in a skilling clan however 
Folk169: . i like to help others if i see someone really is interested in something and gets what i said (its a bit disappointing if you explain something, and the person forgot it a minute later...) but clans are really nothing for me, i prefer to train on my own or with one person together - or against! 
Undead Kenny: I take part in clan activities, only the 'high level' forums of RSOF, don't use fansites. Wouldn't consider myself private or anything it's just that fansites don't have much to offer me. 
Hot Dog 18: High-level players are often seen as exclusive and 'private.' Do you agree with this view of yourselfs or do you take part in fansite/RSOF/Clan activities? - Usualy not looking for new friends,so privates off alot, and ya I enjoy clan activities. 
Dannni Yea: I go to fansites usually everyday, I like the community. 
Windsurf3: I am a Clan leader, have been for many years, and I'm very active in some communities. Mostely national. 
Dwarflord Ma: I'm someone who has tried staying out of the public eye. I'm in a clan in my homeworld and I just play like them. We're no better as people.
Did you wake up one day after playing for a year or so and decide suddenly that you might want to be at the top of the high-scores, or was this your goal from the very beginning when you first found Runescape?
Buckeyeman69: After a year into it is when it was for me.
Pesty Boy: It has always been my goal 
Gypsyo86: I just played for fun, did*’t even know what the high scores were when I started, after skill capes came out like most I wanted one that’s how I got started. 
Lord Bunkie: I never had the goal to be one of the best. I just set out more goals as I progressed, and eventually I came so close that I decided to just get all the skills to 99. It’s a process that started in 2001, and was only just finished this year. 
Zarfot: I never set a real goal, I've just been playing consistently for a long time and gradually getting better. 
Alexmorganis: When I first started playing this game, I had no idea what to do, let alone understand skilling. My brother had to show me how to switch attack styles when I noticed that after of hour of rat killing, my hits weren't increasing. It turned out that I had just been training attack for an hour. Only after I got 2,100 total did I notice that I could actually pull off max total. 
Lucipher6: I never wanted to be a high rank, it just happened. Be nice to lose some ranks and get less attention. 
Deirdrel: It was never my goal to become a top player. I did have a goal of being able to do everything. When I reached that, I started making other goals. Eventually, all 99s was the only goal left. 
Omustardo: Getting maxed overall wasn't one of my goals for a long time after I started. I mainly just went from skill to skill and got 99s until I was relatively close to maxing.
Caleddon: I never wanted to be top of the high scores, and I still don’t, but I did make a conscious decision to max when I realised how close I was (5 skills left all over 94). 
Da Broman1: I said when i started i want to be 1 of the best as a joke lol guess im getting there though realised its possible after i got 99 slayer 
Robertas16: Always wanted to achieve alot in Rs, from the beginning I've started playing the only thing I liked on this game was skilling! 
Jdelacroix: It was a gradual goal. First I wanted to have all skills ranked (in the top 500k, back then), then top 100k, then top 10k overall, top 1k overall, top 250 overall. Then I realized I could hit 2376 without completely nolifing forever, and I did it. 
Gemini Pro: Eh no..It was only when I already had most of the 99s that I started to see 2376 as an option. Later when I maxed I went from rank 75 to 25 and decided to go for front page. 
Killer9038: no goals it just happened and bang all 99s 
Warlordace1: Never cared about front pages and never will. I wish we could play anonymously. 
Arwen824: neither I just raised skills I enjoyed then started with others to get a better total level and ended up maxing. 
Codeski: I never intended to go this far when I first started, but as time went by and my skills got higher, I realized that getting all 99's looked like a real likelihood of happening, and strived towards reaching it. 
Osijek: Neither of those, it just comes through months and years of playing. I don’t think you can have a goal of maxing from the beginning since you did*’t even taste the game properly. You can do that only if that’s your second account, not first.
Druss4life: from the start. 
Calibanio: I think up until the 7th month or so before Summoning had been released I didn't quite believe in myself and my abilities. However when I saw that I was able to keep up with the very best in the race for 99 summoning I realized my true potential and began working after it. 
Bratwurst80: I always knew I wanted all 99’s but watching the way Zezima and others play I knew I would never become number 1. I can’t imagine what my home life would become if I tried to get 200m in each skill.
Xtreme Azn 1: My first goal was 126 combat, Back before summoning... After I attained that I started to skill and just moved around each skill till I had some decent stats, I think thats when I started concerntrating on 2376 when I hit around 2300 total. 
Arce13: The thought about becaming one of the "top" players has developed gradually 
Folk169: i always made little steps, actually my aim for this year 
was all skills 92 or over, now im at all 99 since june 
Undead Kenny: After getting my 4th 99 (agility) I suddenly decided that as I will probably never max all the skills I should rank one of them, chose thieving. 
Hot Dog 18: Small goals to start, Setting goals helps alot. 
Dannni Yea: It became a goal for me after a while.
Windsurf3: I just play little by little. All levels count. And suddently I was maxed. The last 9 skills was planned though, and I got all 9x99 and maxed the same day.
Dwarflord Ma: I started playing with the idea of achieving the highest level in each skill. I just didn't realize how much I was commited to at first.
Like a butterfly flapping its wings on a pond lily in the middle of China, sometimes the tiniest change or update can have far reaching consequences, for you personally, what is the one update that has changed the game in the most radical way over your entire Runescape career?
Buckeyeman69: making to many mini games for fast xp, they revamped old pest control, then introduced other mini's for faster xp in most all skills. 
Pesty Boy: 'X' - cook x fletch x craft x and so on, i miss the times before that
Gypsyo86: Removal of free trade, games been going south ever since.
Lord Bunkie: There are a few things I like in particular. But no update has changed anything radical. They’re all just bits that add up in making this game enjoyable to play, even after all those years. Though I’m particularly fond of the RS HD update, the path finding update this year (I’m a fan of the update year) and the summoning skill. 
Zarfot: Probably the Grand Exchange. It's really affected how I make money. 
Alexmorganis: My English professor would applaud the introduction to that question lol. The release of skill capes in the fall of 2006 really changed how I played because like everyone, I wanted a skill cape (at that point I didn't have any 99s). I loved pushing myself to get my first 99 stat, so I kept picking skills and maxing them after that. If skill capes hadn't been released, I'm not sure I would of gotten into skilling.
Lucipher6: Probably the GE. Makes money making very easy and takes a lot of the annoyance out of skills, I really hated farming/herb with "free trade", each took a week to bank all for 99. Crafting and selling natures were also a lot of hours stood in w2 wasting time. Having the system buy or sell for you saves so much time. It also creates much more of a flow of the market, since all quantities are taken - nobody would buy say 30 herbs alone otherwise. 
Deirdrel: Pest Control I think was the biggest change. 
Omustardo: If I hadn't been nearly maxed when summoning came out it would have been summoning for sure but the removal of unbalanced trades was the biggest update for me. I made a lot of my starting money from merchanting dragon bones on the RSOF and I enjoyed when merchanting dealt with actual players rather than second guessing them on the GE. 
Caleddon: The GE radically changed how I play and I think I still wouldn’t be maxed had it not been introduced… I resented every minute I spent buying and selling things before the GE, I looked upon it as valuable skilling time wasted. 
Da Broman1: The trade laws update was huge but i really just do my thing dont worry about updates much
Robertas16: I think the removal of wilderness was so far the biggest update I've ever seen, I never pked, but that update affected everyone, even skillers. The Rs economics changed dramastically.
Jdelacroix: Introduction of the GE, by far. I know this came with a ton of other changes, like RWT removal, Wildy removal, trade limits, etc., not all of which I agree with, but the bad comes with the good. 
Gemini Pro: Adding Dark bow to Dark Beast's drops! I've spent countless hours killing dark beasts since that day. 
Killer9038: Make x slowed so many things down although most of the time this came after i got 99 in that skill IE i got 99 cooking then make x came out , i got 99 pray alters came out etc.
Warlordace1: The Grand Exchange and merchant clans are making it a horrible thing.
Arwen824: I would say summoning. You can't go anywhere in game without seeing a bunch of people with familiars. 
Codeski: The GE definitely. It saved me (and others) tons of time on buying/selling items, and opened up a lot more free time to train and focus on skills. 
Osijek: Well it was definitely the removal of free trading and introducing *.*. I hated all that when it came, even thought about quiting the first (and only) time so far. Now I got used to it and rather like it, you simply have to adapt to changes and try to change your gameplay to match them but only if it doesn’t mean to give up your principles you might have (for example not playing minigames). 
Druss4life: the "x" option made the game far to easy in my opinion and devalued high levels.
Calibanio: I love the chaos theory comparison! A lot of updates has changed my way of playing the game but I think the one update which had the greatest impact on my gameplay was the grand exchange. 
Bratwurst80: Very well put question. I can’t think of one thing that effected me personally but I can think of something that effected Runescape as a whole and that was when Pest Control came out. It started people doing other things to get high levels faster then the way things have been traditionally done. As I remember back then we were suddenly swamped with alot of 126 level players. I devalued the game alot imo. Unfortunately I see it has carried on to other mini games like stealing creations and sould wars and I really don’t like that trend at all. Not one little bit. 
Xtreme Azn 1: The Grand Exchange for sure, It just made buying and selling things so much more easier.
Arce13: Even though I don't pk much and didn't like staking very much, I had some kind of deprsesion. Now I can only laugh from myself 
Folk169: the grand exchange, no more standing useless around to 
get rid of some stuff, just put in there, and go on skilling <3 
Undead Kenny: I'm gonna have to say pyramid plunder. Even tho I had 26m thiev xp before that I would have never gotten 200m xp without it, also showed me that anything is possible 
Hot Dog 18: Trade limit. 
Dannni Yea: The Grand exchange, it made it so easy to max for me.
Windsurf3: That must be Grand Exchange. Suddently the prices was visible, and known. And buying supplies got lot easyer. 
Dwarflord Ma: The grand exchange is one of the best updates for me. I have never merchanted, and it does have its flaws. It's made everything so much faster though. I'm guessing I've saved more money off the grand exchange, because I had more time to go off and make money.
With some people trying desperately to get you to say something in the heat of the moment so they can edit it and show you in the worst possible light do you feel daily the pressure to keep from interacting with everyone else so you become more isolated, or do you think "to hell with it" and one day decide to go postal in castle wars and kill all your detractors while laughing maniacally?
Buckeyeman69: I say "to hell with it" and visited many times clan wars world ffa to vent some frustration killing anything/anyone that moves .
Pesty Boy: What? - sounds like a waste of exp
Gypsyo86: Lol, I’m free to say what I want but I don’t use bad words, to hell with it from the beginning I’m not going to act differently just because some one wants to get a reaction. Or I stay quiet and wait for that person to blab on they make funny screenshots. 
Lord Bunkie: I have to say that being a high level made me more isolated. People often regard you as someone special, which results in being interviewed for an hour, or just being called a no-lifer. It’s hard to find a decent conversation these days. Though the attention is much less at fansites, so I particularly enjoy in getting myself involved with things there. 
Zarfot: I interact with people a ton, however there are a lot of very immature people in the community so I even have to flip public chat on friends sometimes. For example if I firemake at the Grand Exchange there are often 1-2 people following me saying my name or "omg rank [whatever]" over and over for no particular reason. It gets old, lol. 
Alexmorganis: What has been described has happened to me numerous times. I try to keep in-mind when interacting with people in-game that I need to be an example to others in the Runescape community, so I try to behave with that in the back of my mind. 
Lucipher6: I like to be isolated, I don't need an ignore list to ignore people and usually just laugh at them as they try. 
Deirdrel: If someone is attempting to get me to say something, usually I just turn public chat off. I talk a lot in clan chats. 
Omustardo: I enjoy killing people in Castle Wars normally but I don't get bothered by people ingame very much. I guess the people on the top page would have more to say on this. 
Caleddon: This isn’t my experience. I can be off hand sometimes but then I’ve always been that way and my levels haven’t made me a better person. 
Da Broman1: I just do whatever try to be nice to people unless they're disrespectful then i get angry 
Robertas16: I ignore them, thins like these very pretty funning at the begining, but they got boring fast.
Jdelacroix: Don't think I've ever had that happen to me, although someone once made a demotivational poster with my screenshot in it. I've been playing With public set to "Hide" a lot lately, since I just don't want to hear/see all the inane chatter everywhere I go.
Gemini Pro: I don't really care if they'll do that. From past experience I do know it's best not to say anything when you're in this kind of situation. Politely asking them to leave you alone often results in comments like "Omg he said something!", completely ignoring my request, followed by even more stupid questions. I never really get angry, in the rare occasions that people really go too far, there's always the option to turn off public chat. 
Killer9038: Dont bother to reply.
Warlordace1: I don't really care what people say but I usually have my public chat on friends because I don't feel like listening to peoples' rude comments. 
Arwen824: I tend to talk to people who friendly and not talk to those who aren't. Those that are unfriendly are generally the ones that are trying to stir up trouble. Sometimes, after dealing with those sort i do go postal in castle wars lol. 
Codeski: I try to be a bit more isolated and unnoticed. I'm more of a passive type of guy, even though that may be a bad characteristic at times. 
Osijek: Well I mostly try not to talk back to such people or I answer in a sarcastic or ironic way. That way I won’t insult anyone around me and that person gets what they deserved. Most of them don’t even deserve any sort of interaction so it’s best to ignore them.
Druss4life: can't say i'm famous enough to have that problem lol.
Calibanio: I honestly don't care much about what people I don't know think of me, those who truly matters accepts me for who I am. That does however not mean that I missbehave lol, but if someone thinks I am a complete idiot I tend not to care much at all. 
Bratwurst80: I never worried myself about such a thing. I guess I never felt important enough that anybody would care. 
Xtreme Azn 1: I dont really ignore people, If I get asked a question or someone feels like having a chat I will 99% of the time talk back, Alot of the time us 2376's dont reply back is because we are extremly busy! please dont think we are ignoring you and dont take it to heart. 
Arce13: Sometimes I might be too busy to chat but I always help when someone needs an answer or advice. And massacre in Castle Wars is fun indeed
Folk169: thats where the ignore list comes in handy lol 
Undead Kenny: Lol, probably the killing option.
Hot Dog 18: Killing people in cw <3 
Dannni Yea: Uhm, I guess.
Windsurf3: I am usualy very social. If poeple ask me, I usualy reply. If someone starts to say unpleasent things I just put them on ignore. 
Dwarflord Ma: That's funny. I guess I'm not on the top page so I don't worry about that much. I do sometimes laugh maniacally sometimes - mainly when someone calls me a noob and I show my cousin.
Burning 1000s of willow logs for 99 firemaking or fishing thousands of trout while the spots keep refusing to stay in one place is frustrating at the best of times... How do you center yourself for the long task at hand and get into the frame of mind to just do it?
Buckeyeman69: agreed, I turn on the television or radio, and talk to friends thru pming.
Pesty Boy: I listen to music/watch tv/ talk to people on voice chat 
Gypsyo86: I watch movies while training boring skills or listen to the radio. If I compete with some one makes it easier on my part to get in the zone faster.
Lord Bunkie: I have a dual screen setup, so I can multitask, allowing me to not having to pay attention all the time. Without it, I probably wouldn’t have gotten where I am. Some skills are very tedious (I’ve been cooking all the time while taking the time to answer these questions!). And yes, firemaking is an example. Luckily it’s a fast 99. 
Zarfot: Those were poor examples lol. I burn magic logs and do barbarian heavy rod fishing. But anyway I often multitask and don't really notice I'm training. For example I'm mining as I type this.
Alexmorganis: I'm so determined to meet my goals and push my limits that I train regardless of how boring or frustrating it might be. Whenever I'm skilling I'm almost ways doing something else, such as listening to music, talking to friends, watching a movie, or reading a book.
Lucipher6: I'd never do either willows or non-leaping trout! Getting all 99s I just got on and done it, more recently I've been watching series or playing games on other sites at the same time. 
Deirdrel: I did*’t burn willows or fish trout. It all comes down to making small goals for yourself. Achieve those little goals, eventually the big ones take care of themselves. 
Omustardo: Keep doing it until it isn't boring anymore works surprisingly well.. I also watched a ton of tv shows and animes online.
Caleddon: Chats off, music on, zone out. I think about other stuff, sometimes I do stuff on my other monitor and sometimes I use voice chat. I find that I can lose hours rcing just listening to my ipod and daydreaming.
Da Broman1: willows are you crazy? maples or eucalyptus ftw lol 
I just say hey if i want to improve i gotta do it usually works 
Robertas16: Talking with friends is a really great way to get ride of a boredom, I also listen to music all the time I'm playing (no matter what I'm doing in game) or watching a movie or two..
Jdelacroix: Do it while doing something else, like watching TV or working. It's very very hard for me to just sit and play RS without doing something else at the same time. It's just too boring. As for huge numbers of things - slow and steady wins the race. 
Gemini Pro: Knowing you'll be getting 300k Firemaking XP an hour helps. Then there's fishing which really doesn't require that much attention. If it really becomes too boring, I'll just do something else. Multitasking helps alot when trying to skill for several hours. 
Killer9038: its a mindset thing the goal is at the end of the tunnel as it were i just say its got to be done!!!
Warlordace1: I have an unlimited amount of patience and always stay focused on my goals in life. My will cannot be broken. I just set my goals and achieve them.
Arwen824: I just tell myself once I am done I don't have to do it again for awhile. And taking breaks at set times helps also..example...after I burn x amount logs I will take a break.
Codeski: As I train, I'm always focused enough to keep my mind from wandering. No matter what skill, I never think to myself I am bored, because I'm reading forums and socializing with friends, while still making sure I maintain the needed focus on the game.
Osijek: I mostly talk to other people and listen to music to stay focused. Also with things which don’t require your constant attention like for example cooking you can read other pages, forums, articles, news…
Druss4life: i watch a lot of films while i play ^^.
Calibanio: I watch movies and tv shows no matter what I do, it keeps me relaxed and distracted from the annoyance of doing something over and over again.
Bratwurst80: I rent out plenty of movies and record a lot of television on my DVR. I can’t imagine what it would have been like staring at the screen that whole time.
Xtreme Azn 1: Movies/Caffine/Good friends and will.
Arce13: Chat with friends, watch movies, listen to music, read books, everything that relax and allow me to leave the boring skill in second place
Folk169: erm... i just do it - nah honestly, i cant stay long at 
one skill, every day i train at least 3 different things
Undead Kenny: I guess I'm just that determined to achieve the goal I have set.
Hot Dog 18: only 9,999 more willows, only 9998 more willows, only 9997....ect. Na not really, just set go 
Dannni Yea: Movies, music, skype/vent, forums. Everything that I can do outside rs.
Windsurf3: I changed skills a lot. One lvl in one skill and then another lvl in another skill. To keep me through them. So I can't say that I am bored of a skill yet.
Dwarflord Ma: Lots of ambition to do achieve what you really want. I chose something to do and stuck with it untill I finished.
Do you feel that you've experienced everything there is to this game? Is it possible to do so?
Buckeyeman69: no,not at all, far to much even over time to actually do/visit all, thats why all the updates for more content. 
Pesty Boy: I've experienced all ive wanted to, and alot that i havent, cant say its that hard to experience 'everything' 
Gypsyo86: I haven’t I know I haven’t fought some monsters and bosses my costume room isn’t full yet , I can always find something. And like all MMO’s even the best players will not have done everything there is to do and it always is being updated and changed, its an endless game.
Lord Bunkie: No, not by a long shot. I’m behind on the latest quests, did*’t do a lot of achievement diaries. Missed out on a few minigames. Never been on a PvP server… etc. I doubt there is anyone who has actually done everything (and I mean everything) there is in this game. There is just so much to do, so many small things you probably haven’t even thought of yet. But I have to admit that a lot of things that I haven’t done, is just because I don’t like them.
Zarfot: I just powertrain everything everything most of the time so I miss out on some things. For example I have never even been in any of the boss rooms in the GWD and I have never done Soul Wars, Fist of Guthix, or Mobilising Armies. Also I have barely gone pking. 
Alexmorganis: Personally? No, there's so much to do in this game that I have yet to experience.
Lucipher6: No and doubt it's possible to since a lot of experiences are subjective.
Deirdrel: I haven’t quite. I still have a few mini games I haven’t played. If I ever get around to doing them, I should have all songs unlocked. 
Omustardo: I'd say that I've done just about everything possible with skilling and almost everything with minigames but I'm still not very good at PvP and that's what I've been working on when I'm online now. 
Caleddon: I certainly haven’t and I suppose it’s possible but unlikely that anyone has.
Da Broman1: Yes pretty much everything 
Robertas16: No, I've been playing for 5 years, but never tried pking.
Jdelacroix: Just about everything, and yes, it's definitely possible, unless you define "everything" as 200m xp in all skills, all music, maxed rank in all minigames, fire cape, highest chompy hat, all champion scrolls. The sheer amount of time to do all that is just ridiculous.
Gemini Pro: I think I've pretty much experienced everything I want to experience. There's still a few minigames for example I've never even bothered with, simply because they don't seem like any fun to me to do.
Killer9038: nope theres still things i could do.,iv'e only just got the lumberjack top!
Warlordace1: Not everything yet but I will eventually.
Arwen824: There are still some things I haven't done or haven't done much of and plan to when I get to around to it.
Codeski: I feel I have experienced most that the game has to offer, but I'm sure there are still some things that I have never seen or known about before. 
Osijek: I don’t think you can ever complete this game 100%, but yes I think I experienced almost all of it. There is always something you miss, whether it be the best Chompy Hat, getting all Castle Wars tickets, getting all champion scroll challenges, 99 in some skill...
Druss4life: no there are many things in game i've never experienced eg barrows, pking, barb assault things like that i'll try them one day.
Calibanio: I think I still have some things to yet discover, but there is more to this game than just the game in itself. There are plenty of things to learn about people and relationships and other things not directly connected to the game. 
Bratwurst80: I think it is possible to do everything but I feel I am a long way from that still. There are many champion scrolls to obtain not to mention the many rares of the game that I want to collect. Once I have completed what is important to me then I will move on.
Xtreme Azn 1: Not at all, I learn something new everyday. Just the other day I realised I've lost alot of money doing dark beasts task as thers a rune rock there and I could of been mining it this whole time and sending the ores to the bank with pack yaks scrolls! 
Arce13: Unlike Super Mario Bros or Sonic, this game has no end as there is no way to experience everyhting
Folk169: well a few high drops and a champ scroll are missing (so 
i experienced pretty much all, with one exception: luck)
Undead Kenny: Not everything.. It would take a lot more time than I have spent on this game.
Hot Dog 18: Lot I havent done, will do it eventually 
Dannni Yea: I believe so, I've done every minigame, been to every place and maxed all skills.
Windsurf3: No, that day I start PK No, don't think that exist for me.
Dwarflord Ma: I haven't experienced everything. I've still never been to barrows. I don't think its possible to experience everything. Real world trading gets you banned after all - not an experience most people still playing have had (unless they started a new account).
Do you feel that any skills are underpowered, or that perhaps one or two skills need more content?
Buckeyeman69: with stealing creation mini game, I think some are overpowered compared to when i worked them.
Pesty Boy: I think skills are fine the way they are
Gypsyo86: I’d like to see every skill get new content. As for over powered and under: every skill involved in combat over powered and unbalanced, agility with the run update is now underpowered for higher lvls and over powered for lower.
Lord Bunkie: Skills like firemaking have little use. Though I can imagine it’s hard to update a skill like firemaking. And some skills just don’t have enough for the higher levels. A lot of skills end between level 80 and 90. I’d like something to gain for every level. I’m sure we’ll see that one day. An example of the perfect skill: summoning!
Zarfot: Underpowered is a vague word- you'd have to consider what makes the "power". All 24 skills could be considered useless; it just depends on your opinion on what makes them useful. I think all skills could use more high level content though. 
Alexmorganis: Compared to other combat skills, I think Magic is very unpowered. More content in any skill would be a welcomed addition. 
Lucipher6: I think there's only 1 or 2 skills that don't need more content. That would be smithing/agil. 
Deirdrel: I think a lot of skills have room to expand. I’m not going to get into discussions of combat triangle balance. 
Omustardo: Right now I'd say all skills are underpowered compared to merchanting. Just between skills firemaking, thieving, and smithing are all just about useless.
Caleddon: A lot of skills have gaps at the higher levels… I got quite sick of seeing that “see what you can do at higher levels” message especially when I knew the only thing left to do at a higher level was pick up a cape. Filling in some of the gaps would be good. 
Da Broman1: Mining and slayer (90+) could use more content maybe some other skills too
Robertas16: Some skills like cooking need more content, maybe a new way to train it? Sitting and watching your account doing the same for hours is boring.
Jdelacroix: Definitely. I don't know about underpowered - especially since there are so many people with 99 in all skills. It would be killer to have something that requires a truly non-trivial group effort, like 10 people with 99 crafting, 10 people with 99 smithing, 10 people with 99 fletching to make some super duper dragon crossbow or something. Certainly some skills need more content. Mining, crafting, thieving, perhaps would be my top 3.
Gemini Pro: Well, there's skills like Firemaking that aren't exactly useful. Pretty much all skills need more content.
Killer9038: Firemaking is a waste of a skill also farming could have so much more! 
Warlordace1: I'd like to see some ice lands come out where you need different firemaking levels to access certain areas.
Arwen824: I don't think any skills are underpowered what with minigames making them so easy and cheap to train most skills are no where near underpowered.
Codeski: A lot of skills need to fill their empty gap of new things to do at levels 90-99, 80-99, even 70-99. (Prayer!) 
But other than that, I'd say levels 1-70 are jam-packed with fun and different things to do in most skills.
Osijek: I think that some skills that “end” at levels 75-85 such as Firemaking, Herblore, Woodcutting and Hunter need more high level content. They could be so much more then they are now. Generally I think giving higher level demands to players is what keeps them interested and occupied in this game so Jagex should continue to do so, even at a faster pace then they are doing now. 
Druss4life: i feel wcing and fletching are the most underpowered skills theres just not much variation to them at high lvl. 
Calibanio: I think ranged is fairly underpowered and I would like to see an alternative to melee+cannon+steel titan in slayer and have an equally as efficient way of using a bow and still maintain steady xp in all combat skills, like familiars training attack, defence and strentgh as well as the steel titan trains ranged.
Bratwurst80: Many skills are underpowered imo. If you take a look at any skills that do not have any advantage other then a skillcape from level 90 to 99 then those are the ones I am talking about.
Xtreme Azn 1: Slayer could use alot more items and monsters, Im itching for a 99 slayer creature lol.
Arce13: I don't feel any of the skills is underpowered and the new content is only to fill in the gaps
Folk169: higher agility shortcuts would be real nice, its such a hard skill 
and should be more rewarding, same to mining 
Undead Kenny: Hunter has always seemed kind of empty to me
Hot Dog 18: Few minor things, nothing horribly wrong though.
Dannni Yea: I think firemaking is a bit underpowered, not really much you can do with it. 
Windsurf3: Some skills haven't got any updates for long. Like smith or crafting. New usable updates are always velcome I would like if Winesweeper got an update
Dwarflord Ma: All skills could probably use more content, that's why we're constantly getting updates. Construction just got a new room. Some may be overpowered, but later there will be more content to counter it.
With no levels to gain, is there a lot of competition for ranks?
Buckeyeman69: I think its a mix of 50/50 yes and no
Pesty Boy: Doesnt seem like it but then again im not high enough rank yet to face any real competition, everyone just lays back as i whizz past
Gypsyo86: I have my own agenda grinding away for exp to me is extremely boring. Being maxed out is enough for me.
Lord Bunkie: Yes, definitely. And, I have to admit, it*s pretty fun. It’s the next best thing after gaining levels. I like competition.
Zarfot: Quite a bit it seems, although I mostly just do my own thing and I don't watch the highscores a ton. 
Alexmorganis: There's a ton of competition for overall experience, but I've noticed that many people are taking a more laid-back approach once they max and simply playing for enjoyment and not ranks.
Lucipher6: I don't care for ranks too much - strength/fletching being exceptions, just go for exp goals like 2*99 all. 
Deirdrel: There is for some people. I am not interested in competing for ranks, which is good as I have no time to do that.
Omustardo: Among the top 100 I think that there is quite a bit of competition but I'm not going for ranks(yay) and I don't really pay attention to it. 
Caleddon: I think there may be but I don’t join in all that. When I was gaining levels it was me against RS, gaining ranks is me against other players and I’m not really that competitive. I just do what I want to do now, sometimes that will get me piles of fast xp, sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t mind either way.
Da Broman1: Yes and no some skills can get great ranks in some are getting to the "worser" ranks such as cooking after top 100 imo
Robertas16: I've never went for ranks and probably won't.
Jdelacroix: Oh my yes.
Gemini Pro: Not really, some people play a lot less when they max or even quit. And for the people that keep playing, gaining as much xp as possible isn't that important, at least not in the long run, I think. I had a great time slowly making my way from rank 25 overall to rank 4 now, but I've come to the point where overall rank really doesn't matter that much anymore.
Killer9038: Dont care for ranks mean nothing to me personnely.
Warlordace1: Very much so and so merchanting has become essential if you want to get or stay on the overall front page. I personally do not care but quite a few do.
Arwen824: I don't think it is like that for most people. Most people have personal goals to reach and rank isn't so important.
Codeski: I'm not quite sure how it is up there on the top page but in the ranks of 100-300 I'd say it's pretty laid back.
Osijek: Well yes there is a lot of competition for overall ranks, many people do fast and easy skills. Some choose not to pursue it, some play just for that purpose of gaining ranks and some play for their own goals and if better overall rank comes they won’t mind (I’m in this last group). 
Druss4life: oh yes for me there is and it's very hard to climb and stay there. 
Calibanio: Yes there is, I am however not very focused on it as of right now, perhaps I will be in the future.
Bratwurst80: I believe there is however not for me. I will leave that up to those that have different priorities.
Xtreme Azn 1: I dont play for ranks, they are just a bonus 
Arce13: The only ones who don't compete in ranks are inactive players. Everybody wants, if not to be the first, then to beat a friend, maybe in ooverall or maybe just in a single skill 
Folk169: im usually aiming for 1m xp a day, and still lose ranks, 
many ppl just do cooking or so after the max out to get up, 
i simply train everything i feel like and see where it ends up, 
the 1m / day is no must have, just a target to not stand 
around and chat away all day ^^ 
Undead Kenny: Way too much competiton...
Hot Dog 18: Not watching my rank, playing for fun not ranks now. 
Dannni Yea: Yes, there is a lot of competition for the ranks, that's why I play.
Windsurf3: Don't know, I just play for the fun in the game. But I am sure lots are heading for high ranks.
Dwarflord Ma: I know there is a lot of competition for ranks, although I don't worry about it so I don't feel it too much.
What are your opinions on so-called 'cheat' Minigames, such as Soul Wars?
Buckeyeman69: just like the question, they are "cheats", shortly we will have some lvl 3's wearing slayer capes thru exploiting it. 
Pesty Boy: Let people be inefficient if they want - any combat other than slaying is a waste. 
Gypsyo86: Don’t like playing soul wars, and think it should not give slayer xp. But if people with to play them to level there’s always ways to tell, I don’t really have an opinion for it.
Lord Bunkie: They’re a different form of training, compared to the “oldskool” method. Though I don’t see why it would be cheat minigames. It’s just a different form of training. It still requires effort to gain your levels. Variation is good. I see nothing wrong with it.
Zarfot: Minigames can be a great thing because they can be fun. However they should not be better than normal training- but still good enough to bring in many people. As far as I know Soul Wars isn't worth it for efficient training so it really isn't "cheat" training. 
The old Pest Control WAS too good xp though, so it's good it was fixed. The worst part was that all you needed was a weapon. No other gear or supplies really necessary. 
Alexmorganis: I don't really mind them.
Lucipher6: SW and such all waste time and exp compared to training normally, so don't care a lot about them. They did kill my wish to go for records on things like the runescript tracker though, there's no skill in a record if it only comes from having spent weeks banking things to use in a few hours. 
Deirdrel: I played Soul Wars to get a pet demon. I do not approve of experience factories. People who use a whip to get 99 mage or range, seems illogical.
Omustardo: I think that they are fine. People who do soul wars for exp are getting slower total exp than slaying so it doesn't help really. It is a shame that it makes high level accounts who don't know anything about runescape though. 
Caleddon: I don’t really have an opinion on them, I don’t like skills getting nerfed but it takes ages to get points at SW, it’s faster to just buckle down and train the skill. 
Da Broman1: I enjoy the soul wars game but i dislike the slayer reward
Robertas16: They're waste of time and exp, there are other ways to train skills faster, so no big deal if you ask me.
Jdelacroix: [shrug] Whatever floats your boat. I don't enjoy playing them.
Gemini Pro: Well, actually training the skill still is faster than Soul Wars, but seeing as you don't have to do anything, other than using a bandage on someone every few minutes, it does seem rather unfair to me. Oh and I remember getting 96 Defence level at Pest control, shortly after it's release! Forgive me. 
Killer9038: well its fun for some but not for me i like to grind and feel i deserve the lvls.
Warlordace1: They are not cheats. The xp/hr of every skill must increase over time so new players have a chance to catch up with the veteran players. Without new players this game will die.
Arwen824: I think the game is being made to easy and much less challenging then when I started. Having a 99 skill years ago was an achievement, now it's just common place and not as respected. 
Codeski: These minigames are fine with me, as they are very slow compared to different methods of obtaining xp. Using the word "cheat" just means that you are able to save your xp to cash in a huge amount in a single day. But when it comes down to it, you'd be better off training it normally.
Osijek: I really hate those, it all started when Pest Control came. I don’t like the fact that you can train some skill without actually doing it, that you can simply go somewhere, get points (sometimes without even doing anything in the game) and then get exp even faster then normal methods. Minigames should first of all provide FUN and challenge to players and not the best experience methods.
Druss4life: never used any of them myself but if others choose to thats upto them i will always be able to say i trained the "right" way.
Calibanio: I think very few of them can stand up to the efficiency which being a good merchanter brings so it doesn't bother me at all.
Bratwurst80: I can’t say enough how much I hate minigames that give people fast cheap xp. Although its perfectly legal to do so, I have yet to set foot in any of those type of ones. The only thing that got me over to Pest control was when the outfits were introduced so I did my time there in order to earn them.
Xtreme Azn 1: HATE THEM! 
Arce13: I don't care
Folk169: the minigame itself and its use is okay, but the reaction of 
the market ... i just say smith costs more then double then 
before soulwars, something went wrong, everyone trains it now
Undead Kenny: Cheat - banking xp? well it ruins skillwars in the bankable skills. Or cheat - different training method? as long as it's not extremely fast or even as fast as the original way of training it's fine by me.
Hot Dog 18: Either way it takes time in effort, does not bother me.
Dannni Yea: I don't like them all, makes the records pointless to go for if someone is going to get 13m hp in one day.
Windsurf3: Haven't really tried it. But I am sure Jagex will fix minigames if there are problems.
Dwarflord Ma: 'cheat' minigames, as you call them, may seem unfair to the people who did it the "legitimate" way, but really anyone can train it that way. Soul wars training slayer for instance... A person recieves nowhere near the money you do from training it regularly.
What experience sticks out as the most fun you've had playing?
Buckeyeman69: Leveling 99 slayer (my 1st goal)
Pesty Boy: Leveling thief/magic in classic
Gypsyo86: Can’t pick just one.
Lord Bunkie: My first steps in P2P. So exciting! A whole new world to explore. New items to get, skills to train, places to travel too. I had a lot of fun back then.
Zarfot: Too hard to choose one lol. 
Alexmorganis: I really enjoyed training slayer.
Lucipher6: Probably Zilyana (sara gw) pre-summoning, in the winter holidays spent around 18 hours a day at it for a week before GE came in and couldn't split shares until coinshare came out, where I spent another week of less playing at it. Summoning just makes it too easy and takes the fun I'd had out. 
Deirdrel: Probably playing some castle wars with friends, before the clans took it over.
Omustardo: I liked getting full gold CW armor 
Caleddon: Ah, chatting to a friend in his cc I said something extremely silly which out of context would look even sillier. So of course I messed up with the “/” and said it out loud in Edge bank. I was sat here crying laughing and the “0.0” type responses from people in the bank just made me laugh more.
Da Broman1: Gaining levels doing bosses with friends at times doing quests are all good from time to time.Getting my 1st 99 was a good experience as i knew hey i done it im proud of myself i can do this i can do it all the way to the end
Robertas16: Remember when I was going to get 99 woodcutting, my first maxed skill, used to woodcut alot fit many, many friends at Rimmington willows, F2P. Had lots of fun.
Jdelacroix: Achieving 14 99's in 14 minutes with most of my closest friends to celebrate.
Gemini Pro: Monster hunting. I've spend a lot of time at Barrows, KQ and GWD in the past. Lately it's mainly solo Tormented demons or Corporeal beast with 1, 2 or 3 friends when I feel like monster hunting. Duoing Corporeal beast is quite a challenge, I can tell you that.
Killer9038: Getting the firecape when it first came out was really hard , 2nd day i think.
Warlordace1: Just chatting with my friends. That is when I've laughed the most or been affected the most emotionally is through conversations with those that I interacted with in the game. 
Arwen824: My fave thing to do is range blue dragons.
Codeski: Hmm, probably getting 99 cooking with my friend after such a long time it took to get there
Osijek: There are too many so I can’t really point out one. Most fun and exciting for me is when I can do some goal in a way where I “tricked the system” so to say but not in a bad way. Example of this would be if I can get a lot of exp in some buyable without actually spending a lot of money on it (choosing the right time to buy supplies).
Druss4life: slayer, i met so many new people at the various tasks.
Calibanio: The release of the Summoning skill where I held rank 1 uncountable times and ended up as rank 5 to 99. Possibly being the fastest person to ever max overall, or being one of the fastest; was great too.
Bratwurst80: Just fishing at Catherby and what seems to be endless arguments by lower level players. It’s cheap entertainment I guess.
Xtreme Azn 1: Just generally talking to my friends and achieving my goals.
Arce13: The most fun experience is when your stupidness gets recorded in some way. Once you see the collected material and can't stop laughing
Folk169: 'look into the manual' "who is manuel!?"
Hot Dog 18: My old dag king teammates
Dannni Yea: All the good times with friends.
Windsurf3: I still laugh when I think at the sled ride, in the quest Troll Romance, did that ride a couple of times 
Dwarflord Ma: I like the feeling of accomplishing something while training something so relaxing. I can sit and woodcut, and do homework at the same time, or just sit and chill while talking to people.

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