Sinister Key

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A possible drop from Salarin the Twisted.


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Opens the chest near the Skeletons behind the pipe in the Yanille Agility Dungeon which gives you 9 unidentified herbs. These Herbs are: 2 Harralander, 3 Ranarr Weeds, 1 Irit Leaf, 1 Avantoe, 1 Kwuarm and 1 Torstol.

Grand Exchange Trends

Grand Exchange Trends
Graph of Grand Exchange price trends.
2-Day Change: No change. Median Price: 16,200 Gp
7-Day Average: 29,200 Gp Standard Deviation: 18,159 Gp
14-Day Average: 28,357 Gp Lowest Price: 4,978 Gp
30-Day Average: 26,007 Gp Highest Price: 80,800 Gp
30-Day Change: 7,000 Gp (31%) Total Collected Prices: 3581


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Cxkslei, Darren, Rivel

Sinister Key
"You get a sense of dread from this key."
Sinister Key
Category: Misc Item
Tradable: Yes
Members Only: Yes
Quest Item: No
Stackable: No
Shop Buy Price: 0 Gp
Exchange Price: 29,400 Gp
Low Alchemy Yield: 0 Gp
High Alchemy Yield: 0 Gp
Alchemy Profit: -29,872 Gp
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