The Grim Reaper's Diary

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Tells you what happened to Alfonse, the Reaper's assistant, and gives clues about what items go where.

When you read it, the book is called 'Diary of Death' and reads:

My Diary By Grim

12th Bennath

I had such a busy day dealing out death today. It's not all easy being grim. Realised that Alfonse is such a good servant. He seems to have the house in full working order. I shall have to congratulate him tomorrow. Spent some well-deserved time sharpening my scythe - Alfonse kindly reminded me to put the sharpener back in the cabinet. Such a good chap.

13th Bennath

Went to the Wilderness today. Plenty of foolish people surrendering their lives to me without thought. My back is killing me from all the standing around waiting. Must get that seen to. Got my robes stained from one victim. Simply ruined! I decided to throw them in the fireplace - will light the fire soon. Oh, and I must remember to call mother.

14th Bennath

A tragic day. Alfonse and I were in the garden looking at the state of the spider nest. I patted my trusty servant on the back in thanks for all his hard work. Sadly, my touch of death killed him instantly. Feel quite guilty.

20th Bennath

House is getting into quite a state without Alfonse - things strewn all over the place. Almost trod on the eye of my mentor, eww. I put the eye back on the shelf so he can watch over me and make sure I stay true to his teachings. Went into Varrock to buy some new robes - people kept running away in fear, so it was difficult to find a sale.

21st Bennath

Decided to spend a bit of time tidying today - it really isn't an easy job. In my activities I found my old 'Voice of Doom' potion on the bookcase - perfect for giving people a good scare. Oh, I do love my job.

22nd Bennath

Ordered a new servant today from the agency and got a 10% discount for getting past the 1,000th servant mark. Woo hoo! The agency sent me his Last Will and Testament. Shall have to sit on that for a while.

23rd Bennath

Aquired some bones today. Muncher should appreciate them as a treat the next time he behaves. The problem is there aren't many barriers he can't devour, so I decided to lock the bones up in the chest.

24th Bennath

My plan to make undead fish is going quite well. I managed to obtain a resurrection hourglass today, so have added that to the fishtank to finish off the process. It's so difficult to have pets when everything you touch dies horrifically. I remember having a rabbit once that exploded when I fed it a carrot!

25th Bennath

Got back home today to find Muncher has run around the house creating havok - he even ate the postman! I scolded him, so hopefully he won't do it again anytime soon. All my things are in such a mess. I'm surely going to have to find someone to tidy things up before my new servant arrives. Don't want to seem totally incapable of looking after myself.


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The Grim Reaper's Diary
"Surely this holds many a dark tale..."
The Grim Reaper's Diary
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