Tarn's Diary

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Kill Tarn's two (level-69) forms in the Haunted Mines, south of Burgh De Rott, then go through the door to the north and pick up the diary from a nearby table.


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Use it with a Salve Amulet to enchant it, giving the wearer an increase in Strength and Accuracy of 20% when fighting undead.


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Tarn's Diary
"Tarn Razorlor's diary."
Tarn's Diary
Category: Misc Item
Tradable: No
Members Only: Yes
Quest Item: No
Stackable: No
Shop Buy Price: 0 Gp
Exchange Price: Cannot be traded.
Low Alchemy Yield: 0 Gp
High Alchemy Yield: 0 Gp
Alchemy Profit: No information.
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