Bolt of Cloth

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Bought from the Sawmill north-east of Varrock.


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Used to make many different pieces of furniture in a Player Owned House.

Grand Exchange Trends

Grand Exchange Trends
Graph of Grand Exchange price trends.
2-Day Change: No change. Median Price: 1,155 Gp
7-Day Average: 1,130 Gp Standard Deviation: 147 Gp
14-Day Average: 1,138 Gp Lowest Price: 848 Gp
30-Day Average: 1,176 Gp Highest Price: 1,479 Gp
30-Day Change: -98 Gp (-8%) Total Collected Prices: 3577


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Hawk, Merch Gwyar

Bolt of Cloth
"A bolt of ordinary cloth."
Bolt of Cloth
Category: Construction Item
Tradable: Yes
Members Only: Yes
Quest Item: No
Stackable: No
Shop Buy Price: 650 Gp
Exchange Price: 1,127 Gp
Low Alchemy Yield: 260 Gp
High Alchemy Yield: 390 Gp
Alchemy Profit: -1,212 Gp
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