Golden Mining Gloves

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While mining in the Lava Flow Mine, you have a chance of a Liquid Gold Nymph appearing. After talking to it, you will recieve a piece of the golden mining set. You will first recieve the boots, then the gloves, then the helmet, then the trousers, and finally the top. If you recieve another nymph after you have the complete set, you will be given the option to either have your pickaxe gilded or some mining experience.


Requirements to Obtain

  • 68 Mining (0 xp) - You must have completed the King of the Dwarves quest in order to mine at the Lava Flow Mine


When worn, provides a +0.2% boost to mining experience. Wearing the complete set will yield +2.5% experience while mining.

Other Info

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Golden Mining Gloves
"These gloves give me a small boost to Mining XP."
Golden Mining Gloves
Category: Mining or Smithing Item
Tradable: No
Members Only: Yes
Quest Item: No
Stackable: No
Shop Buy Price: 0 Gp
Exchange Price: Cannot be traded.
Low Alchemy Yield: Cannot be alchemized.
High Alchemy Yield: Cannot be alchemized.
Alchemy Profit: Cannot be alchemized.
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