Imcando Pickaxe Fragment 1

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Obtained from mining a Lava Geyser in the Lava Flow Mine. If you don't have all four fragments already, you won't get a duplicate.


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Needed to obtain the Imcando Pickaxe. To do so, bring a Gilded Dragon Pickaxe (can be on your toolbelt), a Redberry Pie, 1,000,000 coins, and all four Imcando Ancient Pickaxe Fragments to Thurgo (south of Port Sarim).


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Imcando Pickaxe Fragment 1
"The first of four fragments needed to create the imcando pickaxe."
Imcando Pickaxe Fragment 1
Category: Mining or Smithing Item
Tradable: No
Members Only: Yes
Quest Item: No
Stackable: No
Shop Buy Price: Cannot be sold.
Exchange Price: Cannot be traded.
Low Alchemy Yield: Cannot be alchemized.
High Alchemy Yield: Cannot be alchemized.
Alchemy Profit: Cannot be alchemized.
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