Yew Shortbow

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Can be fletched by members with level 65 fletching.


This item has no requirements.


Attack: +47 Ranged

Other Info

Shoots faster than a longbow and can fire arrows up to rune. Level 40 ranging is required to wield this bow.

(Requires Two Hands)

Grand Exchange Trends

Grand Exchange Trends
Graph of Grand Exchange price trends.
2-Day Change: No change. Median Price: 412 Gp
7-Day Average: 0 Standard Deviation: 233 Gp
14-Day Average: 0 Lowest Price: 212 Gp
30-Day Average: 0 Highest Price: 1,187 Gp
30-Day Change: No change. Total Collected Prices: 3687


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Crafting Kid

Yew Shortbow
"A shortbow made out of yew, still effective."
Yew Shortbow
Category: Weapon
Tradable: Yes
Members Only: Yes
Quest Item: No
Stackable: No
Shop Buy Price: 320 Gp
Exchange Price: 869 Gp
Low Alchemy Yield: 320 Gp
High Alchemy Yield: 480 Gp
Alchemy Profit: -794 Gp
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