Uncut Diamond

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Sometimes mined from rocks; various monster drops; stolen from the Gem Stall in ardougne; bought from the Gem Trader in Al Kharid or the Gem shop in Falador.


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Grand Exchange Trends

Grand Exchange Trends
Graph of Grand Exchange price trends.
2-Day Change: No change. Median Price: 4,839 Gp
7-Day Average: 0 Standard Deviation: 3,720 Gp
14-Day Average: 0 Lowest Price: 2,001 Gp
30-Day Average: 0 Highest Price: 21,100 Gp
30-Day Change: No change. Total Collected Prices: 3686


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Zachary, Power, Knight Haleth, Morty, Golden arm42, Neo Avatars, Damaged500, Hawk, ADIO 10 16

Uncut Diamond
"An uncut diamond."
Uncut Diamond
Category: Crafting ItemGems
Tradable: Yes
Members Only: No
Quest Item: No
Stackable: No
Shop Buy Price: 200 Gp
Exchange Price: 4,843 Gp
Low Alchemy Yield: 80 Gp
High Alchemy Yield: 120 Gp
Alchemy Profit: -5,128 Gp
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