Cities and Locations

RuneScape is a vast land made up of many cities and unique locations which you will discover throughout your adventures. Each city has its own set of features, including quest start points, shops, and NPCs. Many cities also contain one or more banks, and some will feature Activities to participate in. Nearly all cities are also safe from aggressive monsters.

There are also numerous important areas which can be found throughout RuneScape, each with its own features. Unlike cities, however, these locations may be infested with aggressive monsters.

Icon Title Member Status Description
Al Kharid Al Kharid Freeplay The exotic town on the border of the desert.
Ape Atoll Ape Atoll Members Home of the great monkey civilization.
Barbarian Outpost Barbarian Outpost Members This outpost hosts the well-known Barbarian Assault minigame, as well as an Agility training course.
Barbarian Village Barbarian Village Freeplay The village of the proud Barbarians.
Baxtorian Falls Baxtorian Falls Members The great waterfalls of Gielinor.
Bedabin Camp Bedabin Camp Members A mysterious camp in the desert.
Black Arm Gang and Phoenix Gang Hideouts Black Arm Gang and Phoenix Gang Hideouts Freeplay The hideouts of the two illustrious Varrock gangs.
Braindeath Island Braindeath Island Members Yarrrr!!! We be making rum here yo!
Brimhaven Brimhaven Members A tropical city on dangerous Karamja island.
Burgh de Rott Burgh de Rott Members A dreary town under the rule of the dreaded vampires. They could really use your help!
Burthorpe Burthorpe Members At the edge of the wilderness and the troll lands stands this proud town.
Camelot Camelot Members We are knights of the round table. We dance whenever able!
Canifis Canifis Members Town of werewolves and other dark creatures.
Canifis Slayer Tower Canifis Slayer Tower Members A place with many dangerous creatures to test your slayer skills on.
Catherby Catherby Members Town of fisherman and farmers alike.
Combat Training Camp Combat Training Camp Members The training camp for the army of East Ardougne.
Crandor Crandor Freeplay The famous island from the Dragon Slayer quest.
Desert Bandit Camp Desert Bandit Camp Members I wouldn't try talking about the gods to these guys.
Dorgesh-Kaan Dorgesh-Kaan Freeplay The great city of the Cave Goblins.
Draynor Manor Draynor Manor Freeplay The bewitched manor of an evil vampire count.
Draynor Village Draynor Village Freeplay A nice enough village, if not for that sinister vampire.
East Ardougne East Ardougne Members The market, the Servants Guild, the zoo...
Edgeville Edgeville Freeplay On the edge of the Wilderness there rests Edgeville.
Elf Camp Elf Camp Members Camp of the Elven Army.
Enchanted Valley Enchanted Valley Members A truly marvelous valley completely out of this world.
Entrana Entrana Members Home of the peaceful monks of Saradomin.
Etceteria and Miscellania Etceteria and Miscellania Members Two rival kingdoms in dire need of real leadership that only you can provide.
Falador Falador Freeplay City of of white marble and the home of the White Knights.
Feldip Hills Feldip Hills Members Beautiful area, but infested with Ogres.
Fight Arena Fight Arena Members The headquarters of the cruel Khazard army are here.
Goblin Village Goblin Village Freeplay The town of the forever-arguing and fighting Goblins.
Gu'Tanoth (Ogre City) Gu'Tanoth (Ogre City) Members The city of the ogres, I wonder where the women are?
Harmony Harmony Members A small island dedicated to followers of Saradomin with an odd pirate connection.
Hemenster Hemenster Members This small town is home to both the Fishing and Ranging guilds,
Jatizso Jatizso Members Yes it is so! Our neighbors are complete and utterly intolerable people!
Jiggig (The West Feldip Hills) Jiggig (The West Feldip Hills) Members Ogre burial ground, or should I say "dancing ground"?
Keldagrim Keldagrim Members The great city of the Dwarves. Efficiency is what it is all about.
Kharazi Jungle Kharazi Jungle Members An uncharted, unreachable and unhospitable region of Karamja.
Kharidian Desert Kharidian Desert Members A great stretch of dry, dry, dry sand and hot, hot, hot sun.
Khazard Battlefield Khazard Battlefield Members A war is going here between the gnomish armies and General Khazard.
Killerwatt Plane Killerwatt Plane Members A plane inhabited by strange electrical creatures.
Lighthouse Lighthouse Members A beacon to see the ships safely to the shore, but what dangers lie underneath?
Lletya Lletya Members The home of the Elves, a dangerous land.
Lumbridge Lumbridge Freeplay Old and trusty Lumbridge.
Lunar Isle Lunar Isle Members The home of magical Moon clan, look out however because they don't take too kindly to outsiders.
Meiyerditch Meiyerditch Members Home of the Vyerewatch, or rather of their human "cattle."
Mort'ton Mort'ton Members A small town full of sick people who dearly need a hero to help them! But look out for the shades!
Mos Le'Harmless Mos Le'Harmless Members YARRRRR matey, are you pirate enough to go to the home of the pirates?
Mountain Camp Mountain Camp Members An small Fremennik settlement far from the beaten track full of weird legends.
Mudskipper Point Mudskipper Point Freeplay So, i herd u liek mudkipz.
Musa Point Musa Point Freeplay Watch out for the drunks!
Nardah Nardah Members A friendly town in the desert famous for it's dessert.
Neitiznot Neitiznot Members No, it's not at war with its neighbors, they are just complete $*%£*.
Observatory Town Observatory Town Members A small hamlet built around the famous observatory.
Oo'glog Oo'glog Members A spa run by female Ogres, great for relaxing!
Ourania Ourania Members A Zamorak altar on top of an active volcano, but what's underneath is even more special!
Piscatoris Fishing Colony Piscatoris Fishing Colony Members A fishing colony where they hunt for the famous Monkfish but it's sadly overrun by trolls!
Pollnivneach Pollnivneach Members A big city in the middle of the desert.
Port Khazard Port Khazard Members It is rumored that a boat that goes hunting for the big sea creatures departs from here.
Port Phasmatys Port Phasmatys Members A city made up of ghosts. Don't be afraid! They are helpful enough, although they could probably use your help too!
Port Sarim Port Sarim Freeplay The biggest port of Gielinor, here boats depart to all kinds of foreign places.
Prifddinas (Elf City) Prifddinas Members The ancient crystal city of the elves.
Rellekka Rellekka Members Home of the Fremenniks, a proud Barbarian race.
Rimmington Rimmington Freeplay Home of crafters, witches and completely mad maze builders.
Rogues' Castle Rogues' Castle Members In the deep Wilderness you can find this castle of Rogues.
Seers' Village Seers' Village Members You don't have to have clairvoyance to know that this is the village of the Seers.
Shilo Village Shilo Village Members A walled off city in the inhospitable Karamja jungle under attack by the undead.
Sophanem Sophanem Members The right half of the Kharidian Desert twin cities.
Tai Bwo Wannai Tai Bwo Wannai Members A hamlet in the middle of Karamja which could do with a helping hand.
Taverley Taverley Members Home of the Druids, ball-stealing Witches and a large dungeon.
Tree Gnome Stronghold Tree Gnome Stronghold Members The great stronghold of the Gnomes which houses the Grand tree, the home of many Gnomes.
Tree Gnome Village Tree Gnome Village Members A small Gnome village protected by a large maze.
Troll Areas Troll Areas Members Here be trolls!
Tyras Camp Tyras Camp Members Camp of the soldiers from West Ardougne located in the Elf lands.
TzHaar TzHaar Members A city inside a volcano, so it might get a wee bit hot in there.
Underground Etceteria and Miscellania Underground Etceteria and Miscellania Members Under these two nations is a whole other civilization.
Uzer Uzer Members Who knows what secrets can be found amidst these ancient ruins?
Varrock Varrock Freeplay If RuneScape had a capital, this would be it.
Void Knights' Outpost Void Knights' Outpost Members The Void Knights' base of operations. I hear they are always looking for good fighters or commanders!
Waterbirth Island Waterbirth Island Members Home of the Dagannoth royalty, only brave Fremennik warriors come here.
West Ardougne West Ardougne Members A walled-off city infested with a dangerous plague where not all is what it seems.
White Wolf Mountain White Wolf Mountain Members Awwwwoooooooo!
Wilderness Bandit Camp Wilderness Bandit Camp Freeplay Camp of the brigands who make the Wilderness their home.
Witchaven Witchaven Members A nice fisherman's town... or is it?
Wizards' Tower Wizards' Tower Freeplay A place of study for the powerful Wizards of RuneScape.
Yanille Yanille Members A small walled town and the home of the Wizards' Guild
Zanaris Zanaris Members Home of the fairies, and a wee-bit odd.

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