Baxtorian Falls

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Welcome to the Baxtorian Falls area! It can be found to the west of the Seers' Village and plays a big role in the Waterfall Quest. The main attraction of the falls area is the Waterfall Dungeon, which will be explained further in the Waterfall guide.

Area Map

Map of Baxtorian Falls

WaterfallSecond WaterfallAuto Godblessed's HouseGlarial's TombInvisible DungeonSection 6Rasolo


(1) The Waterfall

As said before, the Waterfall Dungeon is the main attraction of the Baxtorian Falls. To get to the dungeon, head to Almera's house at the northern part of the map and board the raft behind the house. You will crash on a small piece of land. Now use a rope with the rock further down the river, and then use the rope with a dead tree to lower yourself onto a ledge. You need to be wearing Glarial's Amulet to get inside.

the entrance to the waterfall

(2) The Second Waterfall

What few people know is that there are actually two Waterfalls. The one that the Waterfall Dungeon is on is often full and many people visit, but there is also a second Waterfall. Where the water that supplies both these waterfalls comes from nobody knows, but what is a fact is that it is a long drop off the side.

Another waterfall

(3) Otto Godblessed's House

On the west side of the lake lives Otto. He can teach you additions to the skills that are "barbaric in origin." The skills he adds to include Firemaking, Fishing, Herblore, and Smithing. In the Firemaking skill, he teaches you how to start a fire without a tinderbox. In the Fishing skill, he teaches you how to harpoon fish without a harpoon. He teaches you how to extract some fish parts to improve some potions for the Herblore skill. Finally, in the Smithing skill he can teach you how to make the traditional barbarian hasta - a one-handed spear.

Otto Godblessed's house

(4) Glarial's Tomb

Right in the heart of the Baxtorian Falls Area is Glarial's Tomb. To enter, you cannot be wielding any Weapons or Armour (includes Runes). The first Ghost in the Ghost Robes Mini-Quest can be found beside the Entrance as well if you are wearing the Ring of Visibility, but if you aren't wearing the Ring you cannot see it.

Glarial's tomb

(5) Invisible Dungeon

Within the picnic area is the entrance to the Invisible Dungeon in which you kill Damis during the Desert Treasure Quest. Again you can only see it if you are wearing a Ring of Visibility. You cannot stand on the square that the ladder is whether you are wearing the Ring or not.

This ladder appeared out of nowhere!

(6) The Ancient Cavern

You must have completed the first Firemaking task (the one where you light logs without a tinderbox) to gain access to the Cavern. Once you dive into the whirlpool entrance, you cannot leave by that way. To escape, you must find a log in the water that you can ride out of the Cavern on. This dungeon is very dangerous, with the weakest monster a level 115. This is also the dungeon that the Mithril Dragons live in. They are level 304 and will occasionally drop a dragon full helm.

Entrance to the ancient cavern

(7) Rasolo the Wandering Merchant

Rasolo is a Wandering Merchant that sells things for more than they would cost if you bought them from the proper shop. It automatically stocks 1 of each item. He also gives you the Ring of Visibility and you can get another one off him if you lose your first one.

Rasolo the Wandering Merchant
Spinach Roll Spinach Roll 2gp
Cocktail Guide Cocktail Guide 4gp
Hat (light blue) Hat 320gp
Dragon Dagger Dragon Dagger 60,000gp
Newcomer Map Newcomer Map 2gp
Bailing Bucket Bailing Bucket 20gp
Swamp Paste Swamp Paste 62gp
Poison Poison 2gp
Papyrus Papyrus 20gp
Machete Machete 104gp
Holy Mould Holy Mould 10gp
Sickle Mould Sickle Mould 20gp
Waterskin (4) Waterskin (4) 60gp
Desert Boots Desert Boots 40gp
Shantay Pass Shantay Pass 10gp
Toy Horsey Toy Horsey 300gp
Sample Bottle Sample Bottle 10gp
Boots Boots 1,000gp
Greenman's Ale Greenman's Ale 4gp
Fremennik cloak Fremennik Cloak 650gp
Keg of Beer Keg of Beer 650gp
Flamtaer Hammer Flamtaer Hammer 26,000gp
Olive oil Olive Oil (3) 52gp
Limestone Brick Limestone Brick 42gp
Instruction manual Instruction Manual 20gp



You will find these characters around the Baxtorian Falls area:









Mysterious Ghost

Mysterious ghost



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