Bedabin Camp

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Welcome to the Bedabin Camp - an area located in the Kharidian Desert. The far out camp is home to some interesting people, some helpful shops and is important in some quests! It is situated south west of the Shantay Pass in Al Kharid!

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Getting There

Before you read any of the below, it's recommended you buy some SDTG (standard desert traveling gear). All of it can be bought from Shantay at the Shantay Pass. SDTG consists of:

In addition to these items, you need a Shantay Pass, which can be bought from Shantay for only 5 coins. A few extra coins are handy if you totally run out of gear.

Magic Carpets

The easiest and fastest way to get to the camp is by a Magic Carpet. All you need to do is speak with the Rug Merchant near the Shantay Pass. The journey will cost a total of 200 coins, but if have a Ring of Charos (a), you can charm the Rub Merchant into letting you travel for 100 coins.

You: Seeing as you've reduced it already, how about 75gp?

However, if you complete the Rogue Trader Activity, the price of Magic Carpet travel will be reduced by 100 coins, making the default travel fee 100 coins. You can continue to reduce this to 75 coins if you wear the Ring of Charos (a).

Talk to the Rug merchant

Riding the Magic Carpets used to require that you main weapon hand be free, and players were warned that they might encounter "turbulence" or that they might "hit a nasty flock of birds." This has since changed, and you may now ride Magic Carpets while wielding a weapon.

A flying carpet!

Walking From the Shantay Pass

This is the slowest method. You will also need more waterskins for traveling on foot. When you've bought a Shantay Pass for five coins, enter the desert and walk south southwest for a while until you reach the camp.

A desert wolf!

If you come across some Bandits you will have gone too far, so head north to get to the camp safely.

City Map

A map of the bedabin camp

Rug MerchantsAl Shabim's TentExperimental Anvil TentShantay PassDesert Bandit Camp


Despite the Camp's small area, it has some interesting features.

(1) Rug Merchant Area

This is the place you'll arrive after taking that Magic Carpet. There is the Rug Merchant and the Archaeologist you start the Desert Treasure quest from. Sometimes you'll find a Camel wandering around the area.

Talk to/travel Rug merchant

There is a crate you can search but it contains nothing, and also you can talk to the Rug Merchant's monkey if you have an Amulet of M'Speak from Monkey Madness!

Monkey: Who's an ugly human? Give me a banana!

Also you'll find a Kharidian cactus that you can cut with your knife to refill your waterskins if you're running low.

Cut Kharidian Cactus (Healthy)

(2) Al Shabim's Tent

This striped tent is home to the Bedabin leader, Al Shabim, and some of his Nomads and Fighters. He is a main feature in the Tourist Trap quest.

Al Shabim's tent

(3) Experimental Anvil Tent

The use of this tent is for the Tourist Trap quest, where you smith the darts.

The sacred Experimental Anvil

It is only used once during the quest, and you need permission to enter.

Bedabin Nomad Guard: Sorry but you can't use the tent without permission.

Dotted around the area are some Kharidian Cacti where you can refill your waterskins from.

Bedabin Nomads

If you're stuck in the desert, with no water, and only a few GP, you can refill your supplies by trading any of the Bedabin Nomad NPCs (not the ones you can attack!).

Trade Bedabin Nomad

They offer many desert traveling items.

Bedabin Village Bartering
Waterskin (4) Waterskin (4) 36gp
Waterskin (4) Waterskin (0) 18gp
Jug of Water Jug of Water 1gp
Bowl of Water Bowl of Water 4gp
Bucket of Water Bucket of Water 7gp
Knife Knife 7gp



These are all the NPCs you will find in Bedabin Camp.

Rug Merchant

Rug merchant



Bedabin Nomad


Al Shabim

Al shabim

Bedabin Nomad Guard

Nomad guard






There aren't many monsters around the Bedabin Camp, but you will find the following monstersin the area.

Bedabin Nomad Fighter

Level: 56


Desert Wolf

Level: 27

Desert wolf

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