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Welcome to Burthorpe, a fighting area consisting of two guilds, a few quests, and a whole lot of trolls! Burthorpe is currently the starting area for all new players and houses many tutors.

Getting There

Method 1: Loadstone Teleport

From the lodestone interface click on Taverley and you will be teleported after a short time. You must have activated the Burthorpe lodestone to use it.

Method 2: Games Necklace

Teleport to Troll Invasion with a Games Necklace.

Method 3: Combat Bracelet

Rubbing a charged Combat Bracelet will give you the option to go to the Warriors' Guild, which will put you in west Burthorpe.

City Map

A map of burthorpe city


(1) Bank Chest

New player start point

New players used to spawn at this point before the Ashdale tutorial. In the area there is a bank chest and Major Mary Rancour, who is a combat tutor and challenger. You can go to Rancour to retrieve your dwarven army axe. The area is also home to Corproal Boothe, who will sell low level combat equipment. He will also give away a single bronze sword and chargebow for free.

Booth's Armoury

(2) Imperial Guard Quartermaster

The Imperial Guard Quartermaster is located near the new player start point and the bank chest. Speak to him to obtain your daily challenge rewards.

Imperial Guard Quartermaster

(3) Denulth

Denulth is the start point for Death Plateau and Troll Stronghold. Around Denulth is a housing room, an infirmary, and a dining room.


(4) Heroes' Guild

Heroes' Guild entrance

The Heroes' Guild is a guild that can be accessed by anyone who has completed the Heroes' Quest. Outside stands Achietties, who is the start point for the Heroes' Quest. For more information look up Sal's Realm Heroes' Guild guide.

(5) Agility Course

Agility Course

The Burthorpe agility course is a low level course that can be completed by anybody. It is the place for brand new players to train their agility. The agility course gives 80 experience per lap. At the entrance of the course can be found Drill Sergeant Hartman, a fitness guru who would start a workout video the moment he was brought into real life. Jane Fonda's got nothing on him.

(6) Carwen Essencebinder, Apprentice Clara, and Xuan


Carwen Essencebinder and Apprentice Clara reside in a small building east of the agility course. You can speak to Essencebinder for help with runecrafting or for a runecrafting challenge. Essencebinder can also be used to teleport to the rune essence mine. Apprentice Clara can be spoken with to access a rune shop.

Ye Olde Magical Rune Shoppe

To the south of the building is Tam McGrubor, who you can talk to for informaiton about Wicked Hoods. Outside of a tent just to the north can be found Xuan, who you can speak with to access the loyalty shop.

(7) Hild

Hild is a character encountered in the Tail of Two Cats quest. She can enchant your amulet of catspeak for five death runes.


(8) Dunstan


Northwest of Hild's house is a blacksmith. Two people work here. The first is Dunstan, who can be seen hammering a sword on an anvil. He is first encountered in the Death Plateau quest where he spikes Freda's boots. Later, he is seen again in the Troll Romance quest where he makes a sled for your character. Dunstan is also expected to play a major role in the upcoming Sixth Age quests. Maybe. Okay, not really. Dunstan will allow you to use his anvil if you ask and can also repair Barrows Armor. The second person here is Gaius, who can be spoken with to access a two handed sword shop.

(9) Unferth


Unferth is the owner of Bob the Cat and the start point of the Tail of Two Cat's quest.

(10) Burthorpe Castle

Burthorpe Castle

Burthorpe Castle is found just north of the lodestone. The castle has three floors with residents on the bottom, Eohric on the middle floor, and archers on the top. Eohric was once an NPC encountered in the Death Plateau quest but after its refurbishing he no longer plays a role. Now he just tells you information about the castle and the prince, who is currently away from the area. The staircase found in the northwest corner of the ground floor can be entered to access the Games Room, an activity which unfortunately is usually empty worldwide and often forgotten.

(11) Warrior's Guild

Warriors' Guild entrance

The Warriors' Guild can be found in western Burthorpe. It is accessible to adventurers whose attack and strength levels add up to 130. Outside stands the large and fearsome Ghommal. If you have completed While Guthix Sleeps, Ghommal will be replaced by the small gnome Laidee Gnonock, who is an interesting replacement for Ghommal all things considered. After While Guthix Sleeps you will also see two statues memorializing two fallen Warriors' Guild members.

(12) Troll Invasion and New Players' Dungeon

Troll Invasion

To the north of the entrance to the Warriors' Guild stands Captain Jute, who you can speak to to start the Troll Invasion distraction and diversion. North of him lies a dungeon with level 2 trolls of all combat types. This is a good place to train combat for brand new players.

The trolls located in the dungeon are

Name Picture Weakness
Troll Brute Troll Brute Magic
Troll Shaman Troll Shaman Ranged
Troll Chucker Troll Chucker Melee

Inside the dungeon will also be Corporal Boothe, who has managed to figure out how to be in two places at once. Boothe will sell several items down here although the selection is not as vast in the dungeon as it is outside.

Quartermaster 2

He will also buy some items you pick up from the trolls.

(13) Sabbot and Death Plateau pass


You can go west of the wall by walking around it (not through opening the locked gate). The next landmark is Sabbot's cave. Prior to and during the Death Plateau quest Sabbot can be found in the first room of the cave. After the quest he can be found at the entrance of the Death Plateau pass.


The pass can be entered by clicking "Enter Cavern" on the western portion of the wall.

(14) Freda


West of Sabbot can be found his wife Freda. Freda lives in a cottage with chickens and potatoes. Freda is an important character in the Death Plateau quest and can be spoken with to buy climbing boots.

(15) Burthorpe Mine

Outside the mine

The Burthorpe mine is located in the southernmost part of Burthorpe. It is often considered part of Taverley but part of Burthorpe by name. On the surface there are furnaces, anvils, and pottery wheels. To the east is a well that can be used for pottery purposes. There are also three tutors here. Tobias Bronzearms is the mining instructor and will sell bronze pickaxes for 1 coin each. Martin Steelweaver is the smithing instructor and will sell hammers for 13 coins each. The last instructor, Jack Oval, has a vast inventory of crafting items.

Jack Oval's crafting shop

The entrance to the mine itself can be found in the western part of the area.

Inside the mine

The mine consists copper, tin, and clay rocks. Each rock only has a mining requirement of 1 so the mine is useful for new players.

(16) Lodestone


Finally, the lodestone. The lodestone is located in the center of town and is the location you arrive at if you home teleport to Burthorpe. You must activate this lodestone before using the Burthorpe lodestone teleport. You can activate the lodestone by visiting it and activating it.


To the east of Freda's house is a potential Bob the Cat spawn.

Among Burthorpe are a bunch of patrolling guards that will march up and down the town. The guards will occasionally attack nearby trolls. If you stand in their way however they will stop patrolling.

Not so Fast!

The guard will not stay stuck forever. He will eventually magically disappear and being patrolling at another point.

Burthorpe was of course not always this way. It was overhauled when it replaced Lumbridge as the start point for new players.

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