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Dorgesh-Kaan is a small underground town, reached by going through Lumbridge Swamp Cave. It is inhabited by many Dorgeshuun Goblins and can be accessed upon completion of the Death To The Dorgeshuun quest. Dorgesh-Kaan was disclosed to the public before it's release date in March 2007.

Getting There

Method 1 Home Teleport icon

Use the Home Teleport to reach the courtyard of Lumbridge Castle. Walk into the castle and direct your character into the castle kitchen. Climb down the trapdoor and walk toward the southeast corner. You will notice a hole that leads into the Lumbridge Swamp Cave. It is recommended you have a light source to further navigate your way through the caves. Climb through the hole and located the goblin named Kazgar. Speak with him and he will take you to the Dorgeshuun mines. Upon your arrival, work your way south to a set of bone gates. Open the gates to enter Dorgesh-Kaan. This method requires no Magic Level or Runes.

Method 2 Lumbridge Teleport icon

Use the Lumbridge Teleport spell to reach the courtyard of Lumbridge Castle. Follow the same steps as explained in method one to reach the town. This method requires level 31 Magic, three air runes, one law rune, and one earth rune.

Method 3 Mushroom

You can use Fairy Rings to get to Dorgeshuun-Kaan, the code is AJQ. This will put you in the Dorgeshun cave. This is where the new Slayer monster is. You must head north to enter Dorgesh-kaan.

Method 4 Dorgesh-kaan Sphere

If you take one molten glass and two law runes to Orlak, who is a goblin in the city, he will make you a 'moving-place-device'. Basically, this is an orb that, when broken, teleports you into a random place within Dorgesh-Kaan. Orlak will make as many as you want as long as you supply all the materials.

Breaking the moving-place-device teleports you to a random place in dorgesh-kaan

City Map

A map of dorgesh-kaan citySection 1Section 2Section 3Section 4Section 5Section 6Section 7Section 8Section 9Section 10Section 11


(1) The Gate

This is the way in and out of the city if you are going to use the Dorgeshuun mine route. There is a level 26 Goblin Guard here as well if you feel like killing one of the cave goblins.

The gate into dorgesh-kaan

(2) Oldak

This is where you come to get your special Dorgesh-Kaan teleport made. If you bring two law runes and 1 molten glass to him he will make you the special Dorgush-kaan teleport.

Oldak makes the moving-place-device for you

(3) The Bank

This functions like a normal bank and you can deposit or withdraw your items from here.

The bank of dorgesh-kaan

(4) The Fountains

These work like any other place for you to fill up jugs, vials or buckets with water.

A water fountain

(5) The General Store

This is the Dorgesh-Kaan take on a general store. This is the stock amount of items in the shop.

Dorgesh-Kaan General Supplies
Unlit Torch Unlit Torch 5gp
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1gp
Pot Pot 1gp
Jug Jug 1gp
Bowl Bowl 5gp
Cake Tin Cake Tin 13gp
Rope Rope 23gp
Glassblowing Pipe Glassblowing Pipe 2gp

(6) The Market

The Dorgush-Kaan market is a bustling and busy place for any surface-dweller attempting to make a small fortune.

The bustling marketplace

Bartering with the Gourmet goblins is an art in its own right. Before you can sell food to the 'Gourmet' you must gain permission from the council member. This will be explained later on. The best way to make money off them is to go to every single 'Gourmet' and offer a good price. Keep bartering until they accept that price. Remember each price they offer. Once you have gone through each one go back to the one that offered the most. If done right you can sell food for much over its real value, though it can be hard to get some of them to settle on prices. Once you have sold your food it is suggested that you use a new type of food and re-do the process.


The next person in the marketplace, who is worth talking too, is Reldak. He is the goblin, constantly, shouting 'Leather!'. He can sell you frog-skin leather armour. The armour itself is not the greatest, but for price to strength ratio, it is not a bad piece of armour. The stock amount of armour is 50 for each piece of equipment.

Reldak's Leather Armour
Frog-Leather Body Frog-Leather Body 1,000gp
Frog-Leather Chaps Frog-Leather Chaps 900gp
Frog-Leather Boots Frog-Leather Boots 200gp

The stats of the frog-skin armour are:

Frog skin equipment

Another person worth trading with down here is Miltog. She sells lamps, lanterns and the magic goblin mining helmet at a very reasonable price.

Dorgesh-Kaan General Supplies
Unlit Torch Unlit Torch 6gp
Oil Lamp Oil Lamp 37gp
Oil Lamp Oil Lantern 180gp
Bullseye Lantern Bullseye Lantern 600gp
Mining Helmet (unlit) Mining Helmet 900gp
Tinderbox Tinderbox 1gp
Light orb Light Orb 525gp

The other people you will meet around the market are the little merchants who will try to sell you some local merchandise:

  • Durgok: He sells Frogburgers for 10gp, they heal 20 Life Points. Frogburger
  • Gundick: He sells spicy bat-meat kebab for 10gp, they heal 20 Life Points. Batmeat kebab
  • Tindar: He will sell you crispy frogs legs for 10gp, they heal 20 Life Points. Crispy frogleg
  • Zenkog: He will sell you wall-beast fingers for 10gp, they heal 20 Life Points. Wall beast finger
  • Markog: He will sell you frogspawn gumbo for 10gp, they heal 20 Life Points. Frogspawn Gumbo
  • Zurgok: He will sell you green gloop soup for 10gp, they heal 20 Life Points. Green gloop soup

(7) Furnace and Anvil

This is a furnace that many people do not find useful. Nearby, there is a useful sandpit for sand collecting. If you, already, have soda ash, all you have to do is take the ash and a bucket of sand and make your glass. This can only be used for crafting and not for smelting.


(8) The Sandpit

This is a useful sandpit for those who have not yet completed Hand in the Sand. It is relatively close to a bank. With a furnace nearby, you can make molten glass and bank it quickly, if you bring some ash with you.

A sandpit

(9) Range

Here you can find a normal range. This range is more useful when glassmaking, because of the sandpit and furnace in the city. Players can burn their seaweed into soda ash and create molten glass at the furnace. Of course, this range is still useful for all your cooking needs.

A range for cooking

(10) Another Slice of H.A.M.

This building contains Ur-Tag and Ambassador Alvijar. Both of these goblins are the start point for the quest, Another Slice of H.A.M.

Ambassador alvijar and ur-tag allow you to start the quest

(11) Train Station

The attraction with the transportation symbol on your minimap it is a doorway. Players who have completed the quest, Another Slice of H.A.M, will be able to enter this doorway and use the train that transports players to and from the dwarven city, Keldagrim. To use the train, simply walk onto it and wait about 20 seconds for it to take off. This train ride, due to you being involved in the creation, is free of charge.

The train station



There are many NPC's in Dorgesh-Kaan. They range from technicians, villagers and even members of the High Council!

Some of the first people you should go and see are the members of the High Council. When you speak to one of the Gourmet they will tell you that you must seek permission from a certain member of the High Council. You can tell who is a member of the Council because their name begins with 'Ur'. They are located throughout the city on both floors. The locations of the members of the High Council are as follows:

  • Ur-taal - He is normally found in the main complex of the city just South-East of Oldak's room.
  • Ur-zek - He is generally found in the main complex of the city just South East of Oldak's room.
  • Ur-vaas - He is found North East of the market.
  • Ur-meg - She is found in a room that can be found by going South of the market and then West.
  • Ur-lun - He is found in the room South East of the range.
  • Ur-pel - He is located in the room South East of the range.
  • Ur-tag - He is located in a room at the North East of the second floor.

Cave Goblin

Cave goblin

There are two types of cave goblin. There is no distinguishable difference their appearance but one is pickpocketable and the other is not. When you talk to them, they will say 'How can you see with such little eyes' but you cannot respond. To pickpocket cave goblins you must have 36 Thieving. The goblins that you can pickpocket give 40 Thieving experience per successful pickpocket. The items you can pickpocket from a cave goblin are: 20-100 coins, 3 iron ore, swamp tar, oil lantern, Bullseye lantern, Dorgesh-Kaan wire, frogburger, bat meat kebabs, frogspawn gumbo, wall beast fingers, crispy frog legs and green gloop soup



Zanik has been a busy girl since your last encounter. She had been attempting to decode Juna's message and has been persuading the High Council to let 'surface-dwellers' into Dorgesh-Kaan. She is hard to find as she has been helping Oldak. Because she helps Oldak, she has many of his Dorgesh-Kaan teleports. After a while, she will break the device and teleport to somewhere else in Dorgesh-Kaan.



He is the head engineer and mechanic of Dorgesh-Kaan but unfortunately because of this great responsibility he is a bit paranoid. Try not to make him too tense!



He is a bone collector. Barlak will pay 1000 coins for the long straight bones and 2000 coins for the big curving bones. You get these bones from monsters that drop big bones. When you trade him the bones, he will, also, tell you how he uses bones in Construction and will give you some Construction experience, as long as you already have 30 construction. He is not only interested in bones. He, also, wishes to buy your shells. He wants the shells you get from snails and large tortoises. He will buy normal shells for 250 coins and 'perfect' ones for 500 coins. you can find him in a room at the end of the hallway just west of the marketplace.


Goblin Scribe

This is the secretary of the High Council. He writes up the minutes of the Council's meetings. Also, he is trying to write the definitive history of Dorgesh-Kaan. Unfortunately, he doesn't know what happened since the Dorgeshuun went underground. He needs you to fill in the information that he doesn't know. You could be truthful and help him right the definitive history, or you could get yourself written throughout the Dorgesh-Kaan history books. If you wish to be included, then help him answer like this:

Goblin scribe

Ambassador Alvijar

Ambassador alvijar

He has travelled all the way from Keldagrim to meet with the goblins. He tells you that the Dwarves and Cave Goblins are trying to make some trade agreement. He tells you that the only trade problem is the distance between the two cities. He hints towards some kind of system for trading, i.e. another cart system. He is also the person you can talk to start Another Slice of H.A.M.



She runs the Dorgesh-Kaan nursery and shows cave goblins important attractions on a good union. She tries to introduce you to the children, but they do not seem to care. She is honoured to meet you once she realizes who you are.

Cave Goblin Child

Cave goblin child

These little blighters are generally rude to you. They comment on how you look funny, 'all tall and skinny with tiny eyes'. Some, however, are very fascinated about you being the surface-dweller who saved their city.



He runs the power stations. He is near the entrance to the agility area. He supervises all the actions and makes sure the people of Dorgesh-Kaan have enough magical power.

Spit Goblin

Spit goblin

He has the monotonous job of turning the spit roast. When you ask him for some of his roast, he will tell you that it is not ready, and that you should go to the market if you want some Dorgesh-Kaan food.



Level: 26


They always drop bones and their other drops include: 12 coins, tinderboxes, oil lanterns and bone clubs.


Level: 24


They always drop bones and their other drops include: 12 coins, iron chainbody and bone spear.

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