Elf Camp

By: Sir Sibannac
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Welcome to the Elf Camp, which is located in the northwest area of Tirannwn. Lord Iorwerth is the leader of the Elf Warriors here, and you help him during the Regicide quest.

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Getting There

The Elf Camp is located in the northwest corner of the Elvish lands of Isafdar, and just south of the large Elf city known as Prifdinnas. the Elvish lands can be difficult to traverse, and you may find the map of Isafdar useful in finding your way to this small camp.

Map of Isafdar

City Map

Elf camp map

Main CampFishing SpotsFishing Spots


(1) The Main Camp

Inside the camp there is a useful fire that never goes out (handy for cooking the rabbit and fish you can get nearby). There are also several Elf Warriors that can be killed for Slayer assignments.

In the southern building there is a Loom which is used during the Regicide quest, and which can also be used in the Crafting skill to weave items such as baskets, sacks, and Milestone Capes.

You will also find Lord Iowerth here, whom you may have to talk to for a level 3 Treasure Trail clue scroll. He is also the evil ruler of Prifdinnas and is fighting the rebel Elves in Lletya and their human ally Tyras, who is the king of West Ardougne.

Welcome to the Elf Camp!

(2 & 3) Fishing Spots

Northwest of the camp are 2 Fishing spots for Sharks and Big Net fishing. Nearby are lots of level 2 Rabbits.

The sea

Southwest of the camp are many fishing spots for lure and bait fishing.



Lord Iowerth

Lord iowerth


Elf Warrior

Level: 90
Combat Type: Ranged
Aggressive: No

Elf warrior

Elf Warrior

Level: 108
Combat Type: Melee (Halberd)
Aggressive: No

Elf warrior


Level: 2
Combat Type: Melee
Aggressive: No

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